Counseling, Certified Courses & Classes


The orientation of my courses is based on the principles of love and forgiveness.

I chose a spiritual college that based its curriculum on A Course in Miracles. I have been certified in facilitating two 8-week courses- Healing Inner Child and Spiritual Awakening. I am also certified to facilitate 16 mind healing courses within the Spiritual College curriculum.

Individual counseling is available. I will guide you to acceptance of all aspects of yourself. Through acceptance healing can begin. You deserve love. If you are not at ease or if events or people trigger emotions of distress,then there is lack of peace. Let me help you find your peace.

The courses and counseling are experiential. This means you are guided to experience the process through meditation and dialogue. It takes it beyond an intellectual endeavor. This twofold method will increase your awareness of what causes your lack of peace in everyday life. Forgiveness will transform your outlook. It is a gentle process but very powerful. You are ready. You have everything you need to begin. All services can be provided in person, by phone at  +1 (512) 680-5319, or Skype.