You know… eventually. I was so disappointed that ActRaiser 2 stripped out the world-building elements.

I would love to see a remake, The game is definitely a masterpiece and played it a lot, a remake for 3ds would be a dream come true. We can only dream I'm afraid!

Even today, it holds a special place in my heart; all too often developers try to mix up different game styles to create something fresh and unique, but here it didn't feel contrived or forced — in ActRaiser, it made perfect sense that before you could cultivate the land and allow your people to prosper, you had to clear away the evil forces which had taken over.

I spent that whole month anticipating what would come next and was completely edified by the StarTropics issue. I didn’t like the sequel (Zoda’s Revenge) as much because they abandoned the tile-system of dungeon navigation that made the first game so unique. And then after Zoda’s Revenge… nothing. It was very well received and loved to this day. This article put a big smile on my face. Gaming news and reviews, straight outta the hood. And it really would be nice to revisit the franchise. I remember frying on this game for hours as a kid, listening to metallica -and justice for all.

I have only played Soul Blazer out of the rest.

The game lends itself wonderfully to the Nintendo Power experience with its rich, mappable areas, secrets and tricks, its menagerie of enemies and bosses, friends and allies, and an actual interesting story that drew me in as a kid. During the game's ending, it is declared that "The Master will live forever" and, as the credits roll, an image of the statue of the Master is shown slowly eroding over time. We have the cash, y’all. They could even incorporate other Nintendo franchises into the levels!

A 3DS virtual console release in 3D would be an instant buy for me. (Still pretty fresh in my mind how ridiculous the last one is).

"/"Action" mode from the original game, while completely removing the city building simulation. Spiritual Successor To "Underrated And Misunderstood" Zel... "Nintendo Isn't That Smart": Pachter Says Nintendo Should... Every Switch Star Wars Game Is Currently On Sale, But You... Pikmin 3 Opening Week Physical Sales Were Worse On Swi... Devolver Digital Switch Sale Discounts Plenty Of Indie Fa... Nintendo Is Permanently Reducing The Price Of Switch Joy-Con, Soapbox: An Ode To The 3DS, Nintendo's Workhorse Console. (Eye-rolling emoji). ActRaiser 2 was sadly stripped of the world-building feature and as a result ended up as a gorgeous but ultimately shallow action title, and while similar themes of destruction and rebirth would be explored in Quintet's aforementioned "Heaven and Earth" RPG trilogy, for me they never hit that sweet spot in the same way that ActRaiser did. Along with score-sharing. The two game modes complimented one another — and the narrative — perfectly. It is a very intereresting sounding game and I can see why people would have such fond memories of it.

And you know what’s interesting?

Remake, reboot, or regurgitate?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but y’all can go to hell. Screenshots kindly supplied by Hardcore Gaming 101.

If you didn’t know, Actraiser was developed by Quintet, the masterminds behind Illusion of Gaia, Soul Blazer, and RoboTrek (play it, it’s great).

I would buy a remake day one. Sure, it’s horribly unbalanced (especially for a “children’s” game). Minds!!

ActRaiser 2[a] is a side-scrolling platform game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Quintet and published by Enix in 1993. You switch between an overworld map (with none of those annoying RPG random encounters) where you can explore and navigate, even by ship (a la Final Fantasy), and dungeon segments with that Zelda-style overhead view. We're working on it. The townsmen in the city of Leon are sent to the underground prison of Gratis (meaning free without charge, or referring to "nadie entra gratis", no one enters for free) for not paying their taxes by a newly-appointed king named Kolunikus, who is afflicted by Greed. This reflects the ending of the original ActRaiser, where the servant speculates that someday the world may be so independent that it will forget about the Master. Actraiser had a sequel, Actraiser 2, which features some truly amazing graphics for the time. This was one great game and like Damien said the others just didn't live up to the first. Mature gamers know how good games can be.

It was released… but not the same. Unlike other games on this list, an attempt was made to spiritually revive Actrasier. I would love to see a remake as well. The best we can hope for is a Virtual Console release on the Wii U, but what I'd really like to see is a full-blown re-imagining with the original developers involved. After doing the last bosses on Illusion of Gaia/Time I have no desire whatsoever to revisit them. And a big, beautiful sky and nicely-rendered horizon would look amazing on the Switch. It'd be the right target audience imo.

Defeating the false god, the player then descends into Death Heim, where he fights again against the seven sins, as well as Tanzra himself, a beast frozen waist-deep in a lake of ice (just as Satan was in the Inferno in The Divine Comedy).

A remake or new ActRaiser could possibly do quite well on the 3DS (maybe best in the eShop).

It can replace the choppy/laggy Switch port of Bloodstained in my Pantheon of Decent Metroidvanias. Zelda II, nerds (Sign the petition!) I've never played anything like it since and hope it finds new life on the Wii U VC. At the very least, I hope it gets the Wii U treatment, along with some of the other Enix games such as the Dragon Warrior series. Personally speaking, ActRaiser sticks in my memory as a game which tried something totally original and succeeded. While it’s certainly better-populated than a StarTropis or Actraiser timeline, it is definitely scant. A remake or new ActRaiser could possibly do quite well on the 3DS (maybe best in the eShop). Actraiser was one of the more memorable SNES games for me as well. Armed only with a sword, and a shield which can deflect some attacks, the Master becomes heavily dependent upon magic.

Review – Dragon Ball Xenoverse (light spoilers), Link’s Awakening for the Switch is great. It felt like a revolutionary concept at the time, fusing these two totally dissimilar styles into one cohesive and amazingly entertaining whole.
At the time I didn't have a SNES. [grumble grumble] When I was just a young Ghetto Gamer, all we had was Pitfall! The game itself featured awesome tunes that get stuck in my head to this very day, along with a Zelda-like focus on exploration, action, and adventure. Zelda 2 is a overhead-during-map-traversal and 2D during level exploration. Like the original, each area contains two "acts"; the first act of an area consists of monsters spawned from a lesser demon named after an unfavorable condition, while the second act consists of monsters spawned from the primary evil, named after one of the seven deadly sins, with heightened challenge and peril. I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this infographic. This was the cover feature in my second-ever issue of Nintendo Power. Makes no sense. I’ll start with my always-top pick for a remake or modern sequel: StarTropics! Imagine trying to bring your hang glider safely to land on the surface of Zebes!

The first was Mega Man III, which blew my mind with its coverage.

How do you even imagine that ? Actraiser was a popular response on Twitter.

Also TheLegendOfGerk is correct, ActRaiser 2 had only the sidescrolling fighter aspect (although with a big jump in graphics).

Magic is executed by holding down the designated button to "charge up" and is then released, consuming a magic scroll which is limited when the Master enters an area.

Just this year, developer Ace Team released SolSeraph as a modern-day successor to Actraiser. [2][3] The player, assuming the role of the "Master" (still referred to as "God" in the Japanese version), controls a floating palace to inspect the people of the world below.

If you didn’t know, Actraiser was developed by Quintet, the masterminds behind Illusion of Gaia, Soul Blazer, and RoboTrek (play it, it’s great).

Don’t forget, Link’s Awakening includes a few side-scrolling segments scattered throughout.

But it’s fun! I can't even remember how many times I played through Actraiser to be honest....... One of my all time favorite games. We can discuss that later), but I think StarTropics has a good chance of actually being remade. I rented this as a kid expecting nothing but a platforming action game and my mind was completely blown when I played it. Damien has over a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a repulsively hairy belly. And I’m not sure why. It was developed by the same team that made Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! Online play could really shine in a game like this. Taking a look at SolSeraph’s announcement trailer above, it’s basically a modern ActRaiser, which was released by Enix in 1991 and spawned an action-focused sequel in 1993.

Since then, your world has been taken over and inhabited by the evil Tanzra and his Guardians.
It was — and arguably still is — a totally unique venture. Although I have never played this game, seeing all of these positive comments certainly tempts me to pick it up on the Wii VC! Well, it’s literally the only true sequel to the original Zelda. Remakes have become a staple not just in gaming, but in movies, cartoons, books, and just about anything that can be marketed to older millennials and their generation neighbors the Gen-Xers. Or maybe I just think that because I’m getting older and these dang kids with their newfangled FortwatchUBGcraft of Duty nonsense just don’t appreciate the value of a great game. And like Zelda, StarTropics straddles the line true RPGs and more traditional adventure/action titles. I vividly remember importing a Jap snes into the UK along with Actraiser,Pilotwings & Super Ghouls & Ghosts and my god was i blown away by this new Nintendo console, but that music was literally jaw dropping back then let alone the unusual gameplay took awhile to figure it out i can remember that, O boy did i enjoy my Snes so much quality. Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia; give them the same treatment Trials of Mana is getting! Not in a million years. Like PUBG, Zelda II basically parachutes you into the middle of a big map with nothing but a puny weapon, and challenges you to survive.


Why remake? Would love to see more! If Nintendo remade it, or came out with a sequel (Adventure of Link II ftw), it might be prove to be too much for my aging heart. This is definitely a classic for me, and I do very much want to see it on Wii U VC at the least...but we still have NO Squenix Wii U VC support outside of Japan so far... sigh, I have fond memories playing this when it first came out, good stuff! Once I was old enough to have a job, it was one of the first few SNES games that I bought for myself at the local flea market.

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