In Thailand, people still worship some Hindu gods. Roughly 21% of the continent claims not to have any particular religious affiliation, especially in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and North Korea. The part of Antarctica, which you have painted red, should have been white too. It was not, however, until the 12th century that the religion began to spread significantly. This fact held true until around the 13th century. Created by, The religious landscape of China in the twenty-first century.

Catholicism, a branch of Christianity, came much later than the other religions. Taoism has origins in East Asia stretching back to the very onset of Ancient China, perhaps even prehistoric China. Below are more detailed maps by region. Dutch influence (missionars). The University of Nottingham's Asia Research Institute brings together our world leading research and expertise concerning the major sustainable development challenges in Asia through engagement with practitioners and our partners in the region. All forms of transportation and communication have substantially improved, with high-speed rails and highways extended throughout China and over 800 million people actively using the internet. More scholarly research is now necessary in order to understand the nature and scale of these religious changes, which could have a profound impact on China’s politics, economy and society as well as globalisation in the future. Asia’s immense size lends itself to a variety of different geographical landscapes, depending on its region. but the majority of the protestants here are not like presbiterian, lutherans and other classical denominations, but pentescostal and neopentesconal, and they are divided equaly in the population etnically speaking. really, you are right, in southern Brazil that’s true. Sikhism is deeply rooted in India forming 1.7% of India’s population and is a minority religion in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Nepal. In Guangxi and Hainan provinces, Protestant churches are the most numerous, and Protestantism is predominant in central, eastern, northern and northeastern areas, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Neimenggu (Inner Mongolia), Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. Setting the dominant atheism aside, we see regional variations in relation to the predominant religion at the provincial, prefectural and county levels, measured by the number of religious sites attached to each of the five religions. Please address the problem by removing references to Wikipedia or to the article as a document. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Boundaries are based on Natural Earth, August, 2011 modified to match provinces in the World Religion Database. Rapid urbanisation has created 74 cities in China with a population of over one million. China and the Strategic Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic, India & COVID-19: Misinformation and the Downside of Social Media. Jainism encourages self-discipline, non-violence, and purity of life. Just put the maps up and keep your leftard gibberish to yourself. Other religions in the South Asian countries include Islam, Christianity, Ahmaddiyya, Kirat, and others. The entire dark blue area in the Balcans should be dark purple instead. And people are Animist in parallel! As it is the largest country in the world, Russia’s territory actually stretches across the entirety of Asia’s border from East to West. The islamic world looks more uniform that it actually is. The Syrian and Arabian Deserts of West Asia count among the world’s largest deserts, as does the Gobi Desert between China and Mongolia, in Central Asia. Opinions vary as to what countries make up the modern definition of Asia and the Middle East. In many parts of Molucas there are also christians. Make sure, where Slovakia is. Islam is the predominant religion in the northwestern provinces of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia. No part of Antarctica belongs to any country and there is no permanent population. Interested students and researchers can explore various aspects of the different religions and regions and contribute their own knowledge of specific religious sites by inputting the information online.

Islam is expected to surpass all the major religions in South Asia in years to come, fueled by a young and enthusiastic population of followers. “…despite right-wing fear-mongering, Muslims do not form a majority in any area of Western Europe.”. This being said, it is important to note that these divided regions do not constitute separate countries or autonomous regions claiming sovereignty (such as the cases of Hong Kong or Palestine). Europe and Asia are technically located on the same overall landmass, and combined the two are referred to as Eurasia. As well as the religious venues that are approved by the Chinese authorities, many temples, churches and mosques are not approved but nevertheless operate in a grey religious zone. On the other side of the continent, the islands which separate Asia from Oceania can also be difficult to delineate. In order to gain an overview of the religious landscape in contemporary China under Communist rule, I have developed a theory of three markets (or spheres or zones) of religious activity – the red, the black and the grey – which correspond to whether particular religious groups, individuals and activities are considered legal (red), illegal (black), or are legally ambiguous (grey). The various climates of Asia also allow it to have many different geographical features, such as mountains, rivers, and deserts. The Online Spiritual Atlas of China can be used as a platform both for teaching and research. East Asia defines the region between Central Asia, Russia, and the Pacific Ocean roughly up to the beginning of the Tropic of Cancer. This is an overview of religion by country in 2010 according to a 2012 Drawing FAKE maps from DUBIOUS DATA is insane!
Hinduism was once so popular that it was the state religion of several Southeast Asian countries. I’d like to find out more? Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, sharing borders with Europe and Africa to its West, Oceania to its South, and North America to its East. Which Countries Are Considered to Be Southeast Asia? East Asia’s religions are foundational to the political, social and educational development to its countries and peoples. Christianity is also fairly widespread, with the majority of people in Armenia, Georgia, and Russia following various Orthodox churches, East Timor and the Philippines adhering to Roman Catholicism, and South Korea largely following Protestantism (though with a sizeable minority of Roman Catholics). It is worth reiterating that these regional borders are as porous as Asia’s continental borders, and some countries can be organized differently.

West Asia is sometimes referred to as the Middle East, with is actually a misnomer since the cultural region we define as the Middle East often included countries outside of Asia, such as Egypt in Africa and Cyprus in Europe.

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