[117], Election night was covered extensively by three of the Australian free-to-air networks, from the National Tally Room: ABC Television, the Nine Network and the Seven Network.

The morning after the election, Peter Costello, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, and long regarded as Howard's natural successor, stated that he would not run for Liberal leadership. Andrews defended the system of having refugee quotas against the opinion expressed that intakes of refugees should be variated on the basis of global needs .

Both sides, however, claimed victory.

Australian Federal Election 2007: a CNET.com.au guide This Saturday's federal election promises to be the most exciting in at least a decade.

With a majority being 39 senators, when the new Senate met after 1 July 2008, the balance of power was shared between Xenophon, Family First's Steve Fielding and the five Greens.
"[129] In October 2007, Howard "admitted breaking a promise to keep interest rates at record lows".

Given John Howard's personal defeat, the Liberal Party began the process of choosing a new leader.

The story led to claims of major splits in Cabinet.[72]. Kevin Rudd argued that the Liberal Party was being influenced by the H. R. Nicholls Society to make further reforms to industrial relations, citing Nick Minchin's speech at the Society's 2008 conference where he told the audience that the Coalition "knew its reform to WorkChoices were not popular but the process of change must continue",[60] and that "there is still a long way to go... awards, the IR commission, all the rest of it..."[61] In response to the Liberal Party message that 70 per cent of Labor's front bench was made up of former union officials, Rudd said 70 per cent of Liberal Party ministers were either lawyers or former Liberal Party staffers. [97], On 7 November, Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey and Labor's Julia Gillard debated industrial relations including WorkChoices at the National Press Club in Canberra. Election results are transmitted to the NTR from every divisional office around Australia via the computerised election night information system. The prime minister of the day chooses the election date and requests the governor-general to dissolve the House and issue the writs for the election.

In 1 library. At 11.05 pm, Kevin Rudd delivered his victory speech.

[19], On 29 November, Rudd named McKew as a parliamentary secretary (assistant minister) to be appointed on 3 December,[20] and on 1 December, McKew claimed victory. John Howard became the second prime minister to lose his seat as well as the election. Three other Howard ministers were defeated – Mal Brough, Gary Nairn and Jim Lloyd.

The morning of the election announcement, a special Sun-Herald Taverner survey of 979 people across New South Wales and Victoria had been released, indicating a Labor 2PP of 59 per cent, with the 18- to 29-year-old category voting at 72 per cent.

Rudd secured a 5.4% two-party swing.

Future Prime Minister Scott Morrison and future opposition leader Bill Shorten entered parliament at this election.

3 videodisks (126 min.) As of 2020[update], this remains the last time the Labor Party has won a majority at the federal level. The largest 2PP election result for the ALP in its history was at the 1943 election on an estimate of 58.2 per cent. Coalition percentage total equals the sum of the joint ticket (30.68%), Liberal-only ticket (8.77%), National-only ticket (0.17%), and CLP ticket (0.32%).

ABC Online election analyst Antony Green noted the Coalition's numbers were similar to what Labor had polled before losing power in 1996. The Labor caucus met on Thursday 29 November 2007 to confirm the First Rudd Ministry, which was sworn in on 3 December. CLIMATE CHANGE CURE MENTAL ILLNESS. According to Labor Senator Penny Wong, all Labor's candidates were eligible to stand, and that the Liberals had obtained the information from outdated websites. Rudd ran a presidential-style campaign with the slogan, Kevin07. In response, the government said the proposals had been cancelled, and that WorkChoices would not be expanded upon. The ALP was led by Kevin Rudd, who had been elected a year earlier in place of Kim Beazley. The results are displayed on rows of computer terminals that are available to the media and members of registered political parties. On 14 October, Howard announced a 24 November election.

Beazley, in turn, had replaced Mark Latham, who resigned three months after the 2001 election. [31] Newspoll's subsequent polling saw new Newspoll records set, at 70 per cent for the best rating for preferred prime minister, to 9 per cent for the worst rating for preferred prime minister, with the next poll results revealing another record of 73 to 7 per cent. It accused the Howard Government of being "irresponsible". [134], Rudd advocated four-year fixed terms for federal parliaments if elected. According to Green, this was a nearly exact reversal of the run-up to the 1996 election. Joyce stated that his party would no longer necessarily vote with their Liberal counterparts in the upper house.[35][36].

A Newspoll sampling 1,700 voters taken over the weekend prior to the leaders' debate reported a swing to Labor, increasing their two-party-preferred lead to 58 per cent, a rise of 2 points.

[7], Western Australia went against the national trend, with the Liberals suffering only a 2.14-point swing against them – lower than all except Tasmania and the ACT – but yet gaining one net seat. Howard won four elections (1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004) and left office as the second-longest serving Prime Minister since Federation. [145] Halfway through the campaign, with no overall change in the polls, saw Centrebet odds for Labor shorten to 1.29, with the Liberals on 3.60. The following table indicates seats that changed hands from one party to another at this election.

The Lyne by-election resulted in independent Rob Oakeshott being elected, reducing the total number of Coalition seats to 64.

Under the plan, primary school students would have been eligible for $400, while secondary-school students would have been eligible for $800. The debate audience was 400, with the Coalition and Labor each selecting 200. On 14 October, John Howard gained the agreement of the governor-general, Major-General Michael Jeffery, to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold a general election for the House and half the Senate on 24 November 2007. Howard claimed Labor's policy "imposes too many additional costs to industry". A new two party preferred record was also set, at 63 to 37 per cent Labor's way. Under the provisions of the Constitution, the current House of Representatives may continue for a maximum of three years from the first meeting of the House after the previous federal election.

Howard's two-party majority was four percent, putting it right on the edge of seats that Labor would likely take in the event it won.

This kept the roll open for three days, during which 77,000 enrolment additions were processed.[48]. It is highly likely that whichever party wins Bennelong will also win government. The 2007 Federal Election brought to end nearly twelve years of coalition government under the prime ministership of John Howard.

As a result, the Nine Network's feed was cut part way into the broadcast, which Nine then replaced with Sky News's coverage. [69], Figures released on the Tuesday, showed a stronger than expected underlying rate of inflation of 3 per cent. [103], The Labor Party released footage on Thursday 15 November to Lateline, showing Tony Abbott addressing a room of people, stating "I accept that certain protections, in inverted commas, are not what they were" in reference to WorkChoices legislation. [135] In mid-October, Howard said that if re-elected, the government would hold a referendum on the inclusion a statement of reconciliation in the preamble of the constitution.[136]. The Howard government had before used the race card in an election year to distract the voters from its other failures. At the end of the debate, Roxon suggested to Abbott that he "could have arrived on time" if he had "really wanted to", to which Abbott replied "bullshit".
[37] It compares the election results with the previous margins, taking into account the redistribution in New South Wales and Queensland.

The election-eve Newspoll and Galaxy poll reported the ALP on a 2PP of 52 per cent, Roy Morgan on 53.5 per cent, with ACNielsen on 57 per cent. [65], The Nine Network, which broadcast the debate as an extended edition of 60 Minutes, used 'the Worm' in its broadcast despite prior objections from the Liberal Party and action from the National Press Club to cease its video feed.

The intriguing prospect at the 2007 election is that the 15th seat is Bennelong, the seat of Prime Minister John Howard. However, Andrew's actions were applauded by the former One Nation politician, Pauline Hanson. At one point, Peter Costello was asked to cease interjecting. This took the 76-member Senate total to 37 Coalition, 32 Labor, 5 Green, 1 Family First, and 1 Independent.

[62] On the same day, Peter Costello admitted when questioned that the 70 per cent figure was in reference to union members rather than union officials.

On 7 June in a speech promoting the government's handling of the economy, Treasurer Peter Costello recalled the learner driver slogan of the 2004 election: "This [the economy] is like a highly engineered racing car and I tell you what, I wouldn't be putting an L-plate driver in the cockpit at the moment". [148], Peter Day, a journalist (ex-The Australian), stated two days before the election that, if the Coalition were re-elected, it would be "the biggest polling embarrassment in any developed country since Truman beat Dewey in 1948".[149]. At 8.00 pm, the first personality to call the election was former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke on Sky News.

The Seven Network failed in attempt to access the documents under Freedom of Information. [53], The Liberals slogan, "go for growth" was launched after announcing the largest tax cut in Australian history. From the beginning of 2007, Howard’s government struggled and it became clear that the electoral cycle was turning. A uniform swing would see 18–25 seats fall to Labor, The Australian said. | Qld | WA | SA | Tas.

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