Dean normally hates attention, right?

And where her power to destroy was a projection of man’s feeling of impotence. So much fun! I would not have made the following connection if I hadn’t been in the midst of a re-watch of The Sopranos. and this cannot be taught.

The Old Lady Are you rehearsing something? This seems to be, if I’m reading his comments right, one of the reasons why Kripke wanted to burn down the roadhouse. But it’s not all dark. I had a problem with that episode in general – and it was around there that I started losing hope in the season.

In Queens, Dean breaks into Bela’s flat and manages to steal the rabbit's foot from her. (Now the show features Witch Twins screaming “Abracadabra-KA-POW” and I guess everyone’s fine with it. To see her as a result of a misogynistic culture is ALSO a disservice to the femme fatale. I can count such men on one hand.

Not for once would they underestimate HIM.

Bobby knows more than he tells. Dean is hiding stuff even from himself!! All of this is intimately connected to what he looks like.

It is through the lens of “Femme fatale” that Bela can be understood. These are some of my favorite “Bela moments.” They are unexpected. We need to understand spatial relationships in order for the final moment to unfold properly. Dean’s burlesque act is such a scene-stealer – I try to resist it myself because Sam’s role is equally as important. Ouch. I should be reading and grading some college essays right now. Dean’s little comment in the elevator takes a humorous approach. // But the time he spent setting up this storage facility, which bears some resemblance to a workshop in a garage, and obviously visiting it throughout the years, without ever mentioning it to his 26 year old son and hunting partner. That’s depth of frame.) We are doing an all-female version of Twelfth Night with women playing men’s roles in a reverse of the way in Shakespeare’s day men played female roles; I’m playing Feste the Clown. His clumsiness and sulkiness are golden. I love how the next time Sam falls, Dean doesn’t show the same annoyance. The fact that Dean didn’t assume she’d follow him shows just how much he doesn’t understand her yet.

sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! The uncontained full-bodied excitement of the Biggerson’s man. teams: their chemistry so alive between each other and between them and the camera, and how stable those partnerships were over time. I loved your discussion of femme fatale and Bela. Dean scratches off a couple of Lotto tickets for the road.

We can never know these guys too well. When a short man tumbles to the ground, sure, it can be funny. /Eve and Pandora…are actually empowering. I wonder if “Gerson” is a reference to Max Gerson, a doctor who claimed he could cure cancer through a specific dietary plan. – pulling off her wig and tossing it into the trash, a mischievous and satisfied smile on her face. I’ve thought about the title and what it might mean. Bobby, holed up in his lair at home, is literally filmed as though he’s a magician in a dark cave, Prospero amongst his objects, the camera circling around him restlessly. But you know what is also intimidating? He insists that gender is entirely a socially constructed, ultimately meaningless concept. I got on to see if there were any new Twin Peaks posts, and instead I find this unexpected treat! Thanks so much for your continued hard work and insight! John Marcynuk stepped up to Wanek’s plate in his role as production designer of the episode.
Sam refuses the role models offered to him. Anna — excellent points convincingly expressed! Female characters in classical Hollywood films are traditionally portrayed as weak, ineffectual figures safely placed in the fixed female roles of wives, mothers, or daughters and desperately in need of the male hero’s affection and protection.

I’m re-reading Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae right now and her whole section on the Gothic novel – and Romanticism in general – loops into Burke’s thoughts on the sublime and the beautiful – that terror is akin to pleasure. Quid pro quo. Dean will rise in the next episode, “Sin City,” which features one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. And he has the best FACE.

She meets with an estate planner. I never realised it was her real accent until years later! Seriously! Sam’s bad luck starts immediately, and he slips and falls outside the restaurant. If women want to “take back” these figures and see them as empowering – then that’s only because these images were foisted on us in the first place and were used as justifications for keeping us barefoot, pregnant, dumb, unempowered politically. When he scratches his nose, he does so in a half-hearted spirit of rebellion. — influenced this as well. For what purpose?? So much here.

His is in the context of literature and sociology. This style pleases me so much, aesthetically. They were clearly VERY aware that Bela was going to play an important – albeit peripheral – role, and they went all out in their attempts – 100% successful, in my view – to introduce her into this world properly.) When they decide to use her, they “feel dirty.” She is the darkness that goes against everything they believe in. Men travel in twos in this episode, and there’s always going to be an alpha and a beta in that scenario. Jared Padalecki has everything going for him. With the blue toilet standing watch in the background, poor Sam – in a glorious LEGS moment – waits out his Purgatory. He falls on the ground so badly he rips his jeans and tears up his knees, and all he does is stand there, helplessly, looking at the disaster, confused and injured. Anyone who touches the foot is granted good luck, but will die within a week if the foot is lost. That one bit of business completely changed what would have been a boring scene into a little schtick-y memorable moment. (Without ever highlighting it, the situation in “Bad Day at Black Rock” is a reversal to what has been happening in the two episodes prior, where Dean has “checked out” of the family business, the partnership, to pursue his own goals, leaving Sam alone in the relationship. But that first one ….

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