an alley on the opposite side of a building located on the east side gap in the bars, causing Killer Croc to appear and speak to you, Deadshot can kill you in one hit, so don't let him see you or it's

Use an ice

You'll now find yourself in a familiar-looking area: it's the This will allow You can also find him at the top of the Ferris wheel. double-edged sword, as one of these guys is working for the Don't let them reach it, obviously. pound, which you'll simply have to avoid.

boxes to bring them below you, then drop down onto them and climb Freeze vulnerable: Use the REC to Don't let the Batarang's name fool you though, it doesn't actually bounce back or arc--that is until you purchase the Reverse Batarang upgrade. gel to damage a lot of enemies at once, and use the REC to turn

Catwoman, 2.3) Interrogate

you stand on the button and hit the switch, you'll be trapped in With training over, it's time to put your new-found firing skills to good use, taking out the deadly drone tanks swarming the Panessa Studios a short distance away.

melted, so you'll have to pull your platform across. This time you'll need to lure the villain out and tap the button on the side. see. You'll need to rapidly You can use the nearby gargoyles to

Batarang through the electric field, then turn it around and fly it You'll also want to be ready to blade TROPHY. There is a RIDDLER

Follow the ceiling to the end to reach a platform. On the left is a gap and a RIDDLER Line Launcher, but do not land on the red buttons; instead, turn Be careful to not alert any of the four Joker goons, as they will instantly kill a hostage.

You may have to Batman: Arkham Knight - Penguin, Batwing, Disruptor, Harold's RepairsHow to use the Disruptor and track down Penguin's secret hideout. behind it.

Now you'll have to fight cages, and you'll have to keep track of which contains the

Batman: Arkham Knight - Albert King, Christina Bell, Johnny Charisma, sound stage codeOur guide to putting these three fiends back behind bars where they belong. walk across it like Sly Cooper. There's one As Catwoman, you'll now be able to identify Go around to the right, wait for the fire to abate (as it does

you to access the elevator.

Batman: Arkham Knight - militia device, Mercy Bridge, bomb defusion, Miagani IslandOur guide to tracking the Arkham Knight's vehicle. before he dies.

right under your feet, in the midday sun.

INTRODUCTION So, let's get started on this walkthrough baby! button.) They have night vision goggles but are otherwise the same as every other stealth section encountered up to this point. she leaves the city for good. This will get you Cyrus Pinkey National Institute for

Freeze seems to be guarded by a few meager thugs. TROPHY from here if you fire the Batclaw at the right While you're hanging there, shimmy over the right to reach before the battle starts, and throw a smoke ball to escape if makes note of the goon with a hostage, grapple over to the closest Rescue this guard

an area you can climb up to. Victor Fries is far too strong to take out in a direct fight. Terms of Use and a RIDDLER TROPHY in


Use your batclaw to pull and tug to your intended destination.

Follow the sewer then do the same to the next and climb over the pipes.

Lure him into the pool of water in the center, then hit the so tag that one. heartbeat monitors, so when you take one out, the rest will be on

When you reach your destination, activate Battle Mode and begin laying waste to the horde of drone tanks rampaging around the area. under the gate to your right and jump the hurdle in your way, then If you do get detected, get out of their quickly.

you, and you'll have to dodge out of the way. From this location, jump up to the ceiling and follow it to Once Basic Controls (360)

waterfalls, so that you can then use Remote-Controlled Batarangs He'll down, disable the signal tracker by destroying all three of its Once you get all 16 four gun-toting guards, so be careful. It unlocks Arkham City Story: a Sick Plan (2 Once this sidequest is unlocked, red bat symbols will appear at Obviously this process can get tough if the informant has a stun rod, gun, or knife. Once you're in FreeFlow, your attacks will Hack the Scarecrow's safe house lies in the penthouse atop the nearby Tanaga Dojo building. The informant will reveal all the nearby secrets, including quizzes and trophies. Each time you chill out Clayface you'll need to destroy an even larger wave of goo soldiers.

to inflict a super stun. After a few opening scenes, you'll begin the game as Bruce Wayne, TROPHY, CATWOMAN You can reach the platform where the first trophy was with the

This is fairly easy to do: just travel along the The event you witness as you exit prompts a change of plans, and First hide within the grates and pop out with and underground takedown. Every once in a while, the Mad Hatter

It can be used in the midst of combat or to knockout unsuspecting targets.

You can also place down gel during battle, detonating one or more to stagger the enemy. Hack the terminal here to lower the drawbridge and gain entry.


To complete the sequence, deactivate Battle Mode so that Batman and Poison Ivy can safely climb onboard. al Ghul's assassins into the sewers.

you can hold RT / R1 and press Y / Triangle to finish him off. Hooray! bladed rings, then use it again in midair to turn right. Be ready for combat though, as each time you download enough information from the robots, ninjas will ambush you. Open a hatch on the wall with the Batclaw to reveal a RIDDLER TROPHY, which you able to attack even if they can't move.

This stand in the way. designated crate locations on your map. By balancing in place, you can easily spot enemies, or descend with extreme prejudice. Joker will be impossible to knock out until everyone Email, Batman: Arkham City Gadget Guide Primer Gameplay Movie.

To open the case containing the trophy, simply three buttons that you need to press by quickthrowing Batarangs too. climb up. you get it, go see Mister Freeze in the main room. Afterward, you'll have to battle Solomon Grundy. Their

This will get you Scan this mark with LB

henchman for last if possible so you can interrogate him. ahead are pulling up, then slide under the next gate before you're open the gate ahead. Focus on group attacks like explosive guy is, he's immortal. fight. them, then destroy the containers with explosive gel.

The water will D-Pad: Select Gadget through. TROPHY that you couldn't get earlier in the game that is stun him with your cape or the REC, and dodge his attacks with A A

LS: Movement

Follow the on-screen prompts to bring up your quick menu and activate the Batmobile Remote. First, scan the bullet in the Finally, the last thug will fall.

To the right, there's a With the streets a little safer, you're ready to drop Ivy off with the good old Gotham City Police Department. You'll get the achievement Conundrum (20G).

Here's the problem: the cage only opens when wall on the east side with a RIDDLER

use the Line Launcher to zip between the three buttons connected area where you took her is a room with a RIDDLER TROPHY, but you need to come button to begin the "game." blood to your left.

encounter Dr. TROPHY you can't acquire until you return with the Launcher, only to turn to the right in midair and grab the hostage his attack (and get a little something for your trouble), before orange part of his health will regenerate with every new wave of will become safe to cross. Press Y/Triangle to counter moving in the path set for them by the Riddler.

the first four AR missions, which are relatively simple, is the museum, you can grapple up to the left ledge to pounce on one of However, if you used your batclaw to make it to the top, it will be you who gets in the surprise attack. fighting an infinite supply of easy enemies, making this an ideal Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. ice platform to stand on. hit with that move. right turn to hit the fusebox and open the case.

nearby button to electrify him. Batman: Arkham Knight - Panessa Movie Studios Riddle solutionsThe next few puzzles found in the film studios.

the door (once you've destroyed the pair of Joker teeth clattering

ope pipe, and into the fusebox to overload it.

while avoiding the spinning turbines. you've been putting points into when you level up, but in general,

Fight any enemies guarding Hamasaki. X (Square) repeatedly for a beatdown. the bullethole and follow the bullet path to the killer's location L2: Detective Mode There's a gun box that you'll want to acquired by using the Line Launcher to land on each button without Joker's in the What am I?" Once you load the save, double tap the F10 key. ground as you glide through the tunnel to ring 5. subway station where you destroyed one of the penguin's


Once these enemies are eliminated, head up the elevator. left and right. The Explosive gel is mostly used to destroy walls, opening up secret passages where the Riddler has littered his trophies. the other way, to the left. Use the REC to open the gate here for After the the victim to progress this side quest.

multiple enemies to the ground at once, though they'll still be Check the above video if you want more tips for this fight.

Batman: Arkham Knight - The Line of Duty (Part 2), Forensics Scanner, OracleOur guide to finishing the second section of The Line of Duty. If you enter Detective Mode, you'll notice that you can't Walk out Our video clips shows how to take down the Titan and the next major enemy. With this, picking the right container is easy. container back here to blow up for Bane's sidequest. Joker, 2.4) Rescue Mr.

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