The name is both unusual and lush and would make a unique moniker for your daughter. The meaning of Hilal is ‘new crescent moon’. Artemis is the goddess of animals, wilderness, hunting and moon. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You can sign in to vote the answer. This attractive Greek name is an epithet of Artemis, the moon goddess. Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo and on of the 12 Greek mythology deities residing in Mount Olympus. Chandrakant is a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘shining moon’. It comes with an appealing and usable nickname Mahru. Mahvash is a Persian name that means ‘moon-like’. This one is a Greek name, meaning ‘the moon’. The word ‘Moon’ derives from ‘moone’ or ‘mone.

Latin as in Spanish or Latin as in dead language? Helene is the name of the moon of Saturn. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Beautiful As the Moon - Bobby Matos & His Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble on AllMusic Lucine is an Armenian name meaning ‘moon’. It has inspired mankind since the dawn of times. This moniker has gone from a cute teenager name to a peppy adult name. Aylin: The eccentric Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon. Arche is the name of a moon orbiting Jupiter. Get your answers by asking now. Marama is a Polynesian mythological name of the moon god. In Greek mythology, Phoebe is another epithet of Artemis. So picking a Hawaiian name for your daughter would make her stand out from the crowd. Hala is beautiful and unique in its own way. Is Germanic easier to learn than Chinese? Need to translate "beautiful moon" to Italian? It’s basically the variation of Selena. Here’s an unusually beautiful name for your rising superstar. This name sounds appealing because of its similarity to the very likable Omar. We love this moniker for its multicultural appeal. Quila is also a stunning alternative to the highly common name Stella. This name is borrowed from the Welsh mythology and is associated with the moon. It’s rare we come across quintessential Scottish names. This name is heard widely in India, Pakistan and UAE. As a name of Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisha is extremely popular with the Muslims and African Americans. Shorten this lovely name to Zel for a different spin.

Mi familia no me apoya para seguir adelante. The name comes from the Geek word for sea. Mona also means ‘moon’ in English. The name was inspired by a Shakespearean character of the same name in The Merchant of Venice. Pensri is a Thai name, meaning ‘full moon’. The name translates to the silver wheel, which is a fitting image for your little moon goddess. Would you select a name that means moon for your child? His symbol is a crescent. So shorten it to Bala if you want to give a familiar name to your child. It means ‘full’. Jaci is a native American name, meaning ‘moon’. Io, the name of the most volcanic moon in the solar system, will make a great nickname if your child is named Antonio, Amelio or Octavio. Is It Safe To Sleep On Your Stomach During Pregnancy? It has the same meaning and pronunciation but spells differently. We hope our compilation helps you find the perfect name for your baby. i know the french and i dont think latin will be far off as french stems from latin, as do most european languages (minus german and english), moon - i think i know this one in latin, it'll be something like luna, star - etoile (dunno if that's like latin though), sky - ciel (i think this'll be similar becasue ciel is like cieling). Aysun: Aysun is a lovely Turkish name, meaning ‘beautiful as the moon’. Nokomis is a native American name, meaning ‘daughter of the moon’. But people might mistaken it for Archie from the Archie comics. Disney favorite Selena Gomez popularized this name significantly. The meaning of this Egyptian name is ‘god of the moon’. q hgo? In the 1800s and 1900s, the name Badru was so popular that some parents started using it even for their baby girls. So if you have a likeness for tribal names, go for Jaci. Add a twist to this name by spelling it as Aisun. If you don’t want the cheesy name Diva for your daughter, try Deva, the name of the Hindu moon goddess. Turkey is home to some of the most attractive baby names. This is a unique and even slightly outlandish moon-inspired name in this list. Goddess Artemis is equivalent to Diana in Roman mythology, but the moniker Artemis is more distinctive and fresher than the latter. In Greek mythology, Elara was one of the lovers of Zeus. Can you paraphrase the phrase "scientific studies of statistically significant samples of people". Pulan is a Chamory name meaning ‘moon’. This name hovered for decades around #100, and was its highest point in the late 1940s. This name traveled from the ancient Sanskrit scribe of the classical names and went on to become a hot pick with the Indian parents.

Meztli is a Nahuatl name for ‘moon’. Shakespeare used this name for his rustic Denizen in the play As You Like It. Ramachandra is quite an old name and is rarely considered by parents these days. Balachandra is a traditional Hindu name, meaning ‘young moon’. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. He even claims that his daughter likes it. Kale is the name of one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. Candra was the incarnation of the Indonesian goddess of Love, Dewi Ratih and her name means ‘glowing like the moon’. The name Astennu was the most popular in 1971 when it reached the #321st spot.

Its spelling variations are Lousin and Louisine. Earth has a single moon, but there are other planets which have more than one. The phrase and the concept (in Latin and in English) caught on: a character in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, written in the late 1300s, wore a brooch engraved "Amor Vincit Omnia." Portia is the name of one of Uranus’ moons. 2005 , Falcon Stow, An Anglo-Saxon Almanac , privately published, page 13: Moon' s Day. 24. You can shorten the name to Poorna.

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