Last week, Kate Copstick got in touch with Karl Warner, Controller of E4, pointing out that the proposed BBC/E4 series “with its curiously, closely similar spoof African dictator will destroy (Benjamin Bello’s) act, his career and his livelihood. However, they share a mutual love of comedy. This would of course be subject to broadcaster and commissioner approval.”, As Copstick wisely says: “As soon as they say best endeavours, they’re really not interested.”, When pushed further, Ben Caudell suggested: “How about this: to demonstrate that we really do want to acknowledge President Obonjo, why don’t we – with your permission – do a video version of your poster idea in our pilot? They could have said they didn’t like ‘President Obonjo’ and had been inspired to create a ‘better’ and different character. DIANE Morgan has seen her star soar since she starred in Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife. At least one (or more) of these conflicting stories has to be bollocks.

He was apparently a tad surprised when Benjamin turned up with the aforementioned Kate Copstick, the most revered and arguably most fearsome comedy critic in the UK. There is a striking similarity in names going on there.

At the meeting with Benjamin Bankole Bello (remember that exact name) and Copstick – speaking in his capacity as a member of the BBC Studios Comedy team – Ben Caudell claimed never to have known about the widely-known President Obonjo character before the scandal blew up – although ‘President Obonjo’ had been performing on the live circuit over the last ten years, had staged two well-reviewed Edinburgh Fringe shows and had had multiple contacts with the BBC over a period of years. Kate Copstick, doyenne of UK comedy critics agrees: “They do have a bit of a rep for being sticky-fingered.”. It is a ‘brand’ and there is a lot of goodwill.

I asked to what extent could sections of the Universal Declaration of  Human Rights, as taken on by the EU’s Human Rights legislation, be used in an Intellectual Property case where the victim has kind-of shot himself in the foot because he has previously sent off ideas to a company. View Ben Caudell's business profile as IT Infrastructure Administrator at T2 Systems Inc. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 16 – “The first of the blood tests begins…”, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 15 – I suddenly get taken into NHS hospital, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 14 – hopeless eyes in the Tuol Sleng photos, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 13 – I feel dizzy and there is a comedy death, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 12 – A Rollercoaster ride in Intensive Care, I watched my father die for over ninety minutes with a look of horror in his eyes, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 11 – 86-year-old’s Lockdown Survival Guide, an amateurish shambles who don’t know anything about the live comedy industry…. His departure coincides with the news that there will be some restructuring at C4 following the … Ben Caudell also detailed how the BBC’s character of an African military dictator adrift in the UK had been developed separately from any knowledge of the existence of ‘President Obonjo’, an African military dictator adrift in the UK.

Let us be clear that the BBC rip-off character was (allegedly) thought-up by BBC producers, progressed after discussion and development with others to the top of BBC Studios Comedy tree without anyone realising there was a President Obonjo act. BBC Studios and Channel 4 risk court case by ripping-off President Obonjo…, My doctor, the COVID notification and the warning – My Weekly Diary No 40, My weekly diary No 39: self-delusion, Scots pronunciation and Janey Godley, Andrew Doyle Part 2: “It’s no longer about Left and Right. The former C4 head of comedy entertainment has been an executive producer in Josh Cole’s BBC Studios Comedy Unit for the past three years. That’s obsolete.”, Andrew Doyle on Titania McGrath’s new book, satire and annoying people, “The Long Good Friday” sequel… God takes cocaine?… Weekly Diary No 38, Lynn Ruth Miller, 87, says: “STOP COMPLAINING! JOHN: My angle is that, even if they didn’t rip it off intentionally – which stretches credulity a bit – the only alternative explanation is that they are incompetent idiots. Who is Ben Caudell? JOHN: That’s the massive get-out clause for all broadcasters ripping-off people’s ideas. Or they will mumble something about “best endeavours”. John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 26 – on Times Radio and pagan fertility rites, There’s more to Richard O’Brien than the Rocky Horror Show’s Riff Raff…, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 25 – COVID in Glasgow, Indians in Moscow, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 24 – A broken shoulder and anal cell-phones, John Fleming’s (second half) Weekly Diary No 23 – I am maybe sick as a dog, John Fleming’s (half) Weekly Diary No 22 – Coughs, teeth, dead surrealists, The death of the second ‘Albert’ – supreme British surrealist entertainers, John’s Weekly Diary 21 – Bureaucracy, the NHS, a cough, a death, a long walk, The Tiger Lillies’ live launch party for COVID-19 Vol II – and Russian fans, Comedian Lynn Ruth Miller’s tips on preparing to ease out of the lockdown, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 20 – The reality of a drive-through test centre, Kunt and the Gang with Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and the Yorkshire Ripper, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 19 – Comparatively trivial, The Tiger Lillies release their SECOND album about the COVID-19 pandemic, John’s UK Coronavirus Diary – No 18 – Stalin, ‘Mr Bedlam’ and I leave hospital. The claim was that no-one at all at any point in the development and commissioning process had ever heard of or seen the President Obonjo character… (Reminder: the previous BBC response to viewing the President Obonjo character: “We like what you do”), “As a gesture of goodwill, we will use best endeavours to feature President Obonjo in some way in an episode of a potential future series.


Which is (a) true and (b) very monetisable. Ben Cauldwell is a Director and works between residential property and private client teams. The general perception of the BBC (and, guilty by association) Channel 4 is that they are either. Since then, Morgan has appeared in Him & Her, Pat & Cabbage, Utopia, Drunk History, Rovers, We The Jury, Mount Pleasant, Motherland, The Cockfields, and Frayed. Famalam exec moves over from BBC Studios as maternity cover for commissioner Alex Moody, Famalam: Ben Caudell exec produced BBC3 sketch comedy. They are going to destroy a career AND… they don’t care! COPSTICK: They really don’t care and also, even if everything they say is true, then what does that say about the attitude of BBC Television Comedy to live comedy? Prior to C4, Caudell held senior roles with Objective Fiction and Zeppotron. What they will do is change his back story. Ben Caudell also detailed how the BBC’s character of an African military dictator adrift in the UK had been developed separately from any knowledge of the existence of ‘President Obonjo’, an African military dictator adrift in the UK. It is not irrelevant that Copstick trained as a lawyer. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Channel 4's Head of Comedy Entertainment Ben Caudell is to leave.He was previously Head of Comedy at Objective Productions and came to Channel 4 in May last year. Worth remembering here that it is a non-broadcast pilot which would not be screened on-air. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Ben is a TV producer. He (Benjamin Bello) is looking at a ten year career disappearing. But I don’t think that’s the case. Ben is highly experienced in all aspects of wills, probates and trusts and residential property transactions. The fucker is that Benjamin sent the BBC ideas and one of them was not a chat show but, from what I’ve read of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, your rights in your own Intellectual Property are your human rights, because your Intellectual Property is seen as an extension of yourself – especially where it’s something like a character. Join Facebook to connect with Ben Caudill and others you may know. COPSTICK: Yes. John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 34 (b) has weirdness, confusion and a witch…, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 34 (a) – My dog clone and a bat swoops down, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 33 – An anarchist’s death, baths and sleep, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 32 – My dreams, con-men and COVID footie, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 31 – Edinburgh cuts, digs, hugs and teeth, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 30 – Edinburgh minus the Fringe and a tooth, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 29 – NHS chaos, online cults, PC linguistics, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 28 – Phishing, MI6, COVID, comedy, Kunt, Anna Smith’s Vag show; drugs kill more than COVID-19 in British Columbia, Anna Smith with Strippers, Prostitutes, JESUS but no Zombies in Vancouver, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary – No 27 – Face masks, new talent and The Iceman. Ben Caudill was well known as a charismatic traveling evangelist throughout Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia, a tremendous asset in recruiting his regiment of 1,100 men. I had thought Ben Caudell might have gone for the My Sweet Lord defence in which George Harrison copied I think note-for-note Ronnie Mack’s country & western song He’s So Fine but said he had not consciously copied the song: it must have got into his subconscious after hearing it. Although Benjamin did not send them a format with the President in a talk show format, by putting AN Other President in the talk show, they have more or less stolen the character as long as there’s enough similarity between the two presidents. I mentioned one case in passing in a 2013 blog in which the Beeb tried to rip-off an idea the late Malcolm Hardee and I had. BBC TV has a track record for simply stealing ideas. The character was considered for the BBC’s own Caroline Aherne Bursary Scheme in 2018 and President Obonjo sketches were submitted to BBC3 earlier this year. Just go out and do it!”, Books, films, songs, big toes and Trump – John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 37, Robert White – The Autistic, web-toed British comedian is up for another prize, John Fleming’s Weekly Diary No 36 – COVID conspiracies, tears and comedy, Adam Wilder on the importance of togetherness, empathy and compassion, Samantha Hannah… A bad day in Australia and a trans-world romance. Long live the backward-walking man! Interestingly, Copstick was later told by another BBC production person an entirely different story of how the BBC ‘innocently’ developed the entirely original character of an African military dictator adrift in the UK. I would welcome the publicity! This part of our discussion might be interesting, remembering that Copstick and I have a TV production background and Copstick trained as a lawyer: President Obonjo and Copstick in Edinburgh. The cynical might observe that, if you are going to tell potential porkies, at least agree beforehand on the same story. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site.

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