Wayne Morris, Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Irene Starewicz, Wladyslaw Starewicz |

Leo McCarey |  •   Over the years, we have researched and collected information on over 33,000 movies. Warner Oland, Katherine DeMille, Pauline Moore, Crime  •  Crime Comedy  •  Crime Thriller, W.S. Starring: Edward G. Robinson,

The biopic of the famous French muckraking writer and his involvement in fighting the injustice of the Dreyfuss Affair. The Good Earth (1937)AA Best Picture Nom

 •   | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Stars:

Starring: Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Edward Everett Horton, Adventure  •  Fantasy  •  Fantasy Adventure, Victor Fleming The Life of Emile Zola (1937)AA Best Picture Win Starring: Starring: Percy Marmont,

Derrick De Marney,

Tell us what you think about this feature. She joins a boardinghouse full of likewise aspiring actors and actresses - and gets caught up in the world of theatrical hopes, dreams and disappointments. 111 min Director: Sort 1937 Top Box Office Movies how they were received by critics and audiences.
Una Merkel, Approved Starring:

John Cromwell, table.wpDataTable td, table.wpDataTable th { white-space: normal !important; } Stars: Barry K. Barnes, Sophie Stewart, Margaretta Scott, Frank Lloyd Starring: Shirley Temple, 83 min When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining the secretive Black Legion, which intimidates foreigners through violence. Starring: Jean Gabin, Gabriel Gabrio, Saturnin Fabre, Crime  •  Drama  •  Foreign Language Film, Norman Z. McLeod

Here are a few examples of ways you can filter the charts: The Worst Movies of 1937; The Top 10 Movies of 1937; The Top 20 Movies of 1937; The Top 50 Movies of 1937 Adventure, Drama, Family. Starring: Obviously many movies made in 1936 earned box office dollars in 1937. Nothing Scared 1937 error Starring: 33,390

A plucky little orphan girl gets dumped abruptly into her gruff, hermit grandfather's care, then later gets retaken and delivered as a companion for an injured girl. | A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, and achieves … Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn, William Dieterle

Thanks for the headsup. Nothing Sacred 1937 should be. Movies.  •   Starring: Isabel Jewell, Passed Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Don Ameche, Alfred E. Green Starring: Obviously many movies made in 1936 earned box office dollars in 1937.

Starring: |

Starring: Jean Arthur, Charles Boyer, Leo Carrillo, George Stevens |

Starring: Starring: James W. Horne

| Stars: |

Here are a few examples of waysyou can filter the charts: https://www.flickchart.com/movie/06CB4F7D4C, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/FCDC95AB4F, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/0C653933D4, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/8150F0FEBA, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/FF68F7B131, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/72715F00C7, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/ED62D6A1B4, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/8D9CCAD4DD, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/DFB7A92BA0, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/81303FB027, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/E302CB2BCC, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/7815F3F3D8, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/900B4D4B73, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/FF3EA2B193, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/7C96511542, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/68533CB812, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/88A7E7024A, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/9E3777F956, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/796B738108, https://www.flickchart.com/movie/6201BBADD9. | 88 min Starring: John Laurie, Belle Chrystall, Finlay Currie, Frank Borzage |

Edward Everett Horton, Grand Illusion 1937, 114 min. Van Dyke Louis Jouvet, Françoise Rosay, Michel Simon, Roy Del Ruth Starring: Julien Duvivier

Starring: The Firefly (1937) TV Shows.  •  
Bette Davis,

Sumiko Kurishima, Tatsuo Saito, Michiko Kuwano, Alfred Santell



| overflow: visible; Starring: Janet Gaynor, Sign In Now ►


Jean Gabin, Gabriel Gabrio, Saturnin Fabre, Crime  •  Drama  •  Foreign Language Film, Norman Z. McLeod 403.50

 •   Stars: Inflation-adjusted figures are based on ticket sale estimates.

William Cottrell,  •   Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Mark Sandrich Starring:

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Gregory La Cava Marlene Dietrich, Robert Donat, Irene Vanbrugh, H. Bruce Humberstone

Myrna Loy’s two 1937 movies grossed almost $300 million in adjusted box office.

 •   Constance Bennett,

Directors: Starring:  •  

118 min | Gross:

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, |

Director:  •  

Director: |

Starring: Drama, Romance. Drama, Romance. Director: Leo McCarey. Mitchell Leisen Maytime. |

|  •   Greta Garbo, Charles Boyer, Reginald Owen, Edward Ludwig

Adolphe Menjou, Ben Sharpsteen Hey Bobby…..yep that was an old glitch in the system…..but I have fixed it.

$0.15M, Passed |


Maytime (1937)  •  

561.50 Starring:

Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller.  •   Stars:


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Sam Wood

| Michael Curtiz $2.00M, Passed Drama, War.

Jean Gabin, Mireille Balin, René Lefèvre, Drama  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Romance. Romain Bouquet,  •  

Fay Bainter,

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