"Moonraker" falls apart in the final 30 minutes, but Drax is a great villain. Fox in Kill Bill: Volume I. Vernita Green, aka Copperhead, is slain by Uma Thurman’s The Bride early on in Tarantino’s gore-fest, but not before giving her a serious run for her money. The horned villainess smirks as she spins a destructive spell around the small Aurora. Setting race aside, Graves is extremely badass and gets most of his charm from the wealth and gadgets he deploys — fancy cars, ice palace, and then finally Icarus, a laser beam weapon in space. Grant is a physical specimen for 1963. Goldfinger participates in all kinds of illegal schemes — everything from cheating his gin partner out of a few thousand bucks by the pool to gold smuggling. There are many aspects to a great Bond film, but consider the villain and/or the henchmen as one of the most important parts. She wishes to take the land of Narnia for herself, but the mighty Aslan stands in front of her.

Even though he's not technically in charge, Le Chiffre remains one of the best villains of the series. He's the first to seek global domination, which is a central theme among all the villains in the first two decades of the series. Similar to Le Chiffre, Largo doesn't really pull all the strings because he's No. His death also leads Bond to his wife, Lucia Sciarra, who is important in the series' history as the first "Bond girl" over the age of 50. In the very first episode, she is seen in an inappropriate relationship with her twin brother, Jaime. The audience later learns that man is Mr. White. Dent can't keep track of the amount of bullets in his gun either. Gobinda possesses a strong liking for antique weapons and is loyal to his master, Prince Kamal, to a fault. The spurned lover, Alex Forrest, decides to destroy her former partner Michael Douglas and his wife after realizing she was simply a weekend fling for him. Nick Nack seems innocent, and the heroes don't take him seriously because of his height, but that enables him to catch his enemies by surprise. "License to Kill" has several henchmen, but Dario is the right-hand man in Franz Sanchez's billion-dollar drug enterprise. For the sake of the series (and all of Bond's women), maybe she's actually a hero? With the film "Jaws" becoming a blockbuster in 1975, the 007 series created it's own shark-like human. Oddjob is responsible for Jill Masterson's death, painting her body gold and suffocating her skin. Caught in the act by a small kid, Cersei doesn’t bat an eye when Bran is pushed off the tower to protect her secret. Nevertheless, her sheer disrespect to every living thing is slightly off-putting. "Octopussy" is filled with several different villains and henchmen, which is great on one hand, but it's also hard for any one of them to stick out in the viewer's memory. In one particular case, she goes off on her own, endangering her teammates’ lives as well as herself. After the win, Bond gives his wife, Solange, a ride to his villa and uses her to find out where Dimitrios is heading next. Because of the battle in the opening scene, Zao's face is left scarred, leaving diamond pieces engraved in the right side of it. Koskov tricks the British into believing he really was defecting and manipulates his girlfriend, Kara, into believing Bond is a bad guy. After her parents are brutally wiped out, she is orphaned at the age of 11 and starts training to become an assassin. From Le Chiffre's encounter with Bond in the original Casino Royale novel in 1953 to Raoul Silva's scheme to exact revenge on M in the 2012 film, Skyfall, Bond's foes have been one of the most important reasons for the book and film series' continued popularity. Every little kid who was terrified of their stepmom can perhaps root it back to Lady Tremaine. He costs an astonishing $1 million to hire, but maybe the most memorable (and ridiculous) characteristic about him is his third nipple. Officially No. Even to this day, there have been few black women in the Bond series, so her presence as an African-American Bond girl remains a major deal. . 11 inside the "Spectre" organization, Brandt is one of the most famous Bond femme fatals in the 1960s.

We can work together to define details and price. Zorin ends his affiliation with the KGB and enters the microchip market and then devises his own scheme to cause a super earthquake in San Francisco to destroy his American competition in Silicon Valley. But he's so dislikable, which has vaunted him ahead of some of the other major villains. . She even attempts to manipulate her foster father but fails and proceeds to take his life. Stamper continues to attack Bond even after his boss dies because things are personal between him and 007. Any villain capable of crushing Thor’s hammer with one hand is definitely iconic. Madison was known to be a great fighter and even received a Nobel prize in astrophysics. To get him to kneel before her, he tricks a teenage boy into thinking that she’s the well-wisher while the others are “freaks.”. He returns to haunt 007 again in the 21st century, as he is behind the scenes in "Casino Royale," "Quantum of Solace" and "Skyfall," but he comes to the forefront in "Spectre" and will again return in "No Time to Die." Elle Driver goes by the name California Mountain Snake and is a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. 40 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes 50 Menu Items Fast Food Workers Say Never to Order 30 Best Foods to Eat for Diabetes Foods to Stay Away From if You’re Watching Your Cholesterol Finance. On top of that, Kristatos attempts to manipulate Bond into believing his business rival, Columbo, is the true villain. Yes, Bunt is responsible for keeping Bond a bachelor. She's one of the few villains to redeem themselves before death. Speaking of insensitivity, the creepy "Spectre" sidekicks, Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint, are controversial today because of their homosexual portrayal. 49th greatest villain in Hollywood history. In another rare occurrence, "Octopussy" features a scene with another 00 agent (009) without Bond present on screen. Bond Girls Famke Janssen Goldeneye Xenia Onatopp James Bond Women Bond Series Female Villains James Bond Movies Actors Thing 1. That turns out to be his downfall, as Kamal orders him to fight Bond on top of a plane. Even when Bond gets the better of him during the golf game, Oddjob comes across as intimidating by crushing a golf ball with his bare hand.He's practically an invincible bodyguard, but fortunately for Bond, he sees an opportunity to grab a couple of severed electrical cables and electrifies Oddjob through his hat. Lola Larson is an actress, known for Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

Played beautifully by Christopher Lee, Scaramanga is an assassin for hire who can kill anyone with one golden bullet. Here, British Vogue revisits some of the best portrayals of female villains in Hollywood history. All the frills and pastels might fool anyone at first glance, but Dolores Umbridge would lose to Bellatrix Lestrange as one of the best villains of the Harry Potter franchise by a small margin. Tee Hee tells Bond he lost his arm to a crocodile while he sets up 007 in a crocodile pit, one of the more memorable traps in the series' history. After the release of the next three films following "Casino Royale," it's revealed that Le Chiffre is a smaller pond in the giant Quantum crime organization and takes orders from Blofeld. This article needs … 007 closes the window and throws Tee Hee out it with the arm staying attached. James Bond is one of the greatest heroes in Hollywood history, but he'd be nothing without his villains.Over 24 films, there have been plenty of them. Columbo gets the last laugh, throwing a knife into Kristatos' back to kill him. Largo's master plan is also classic Bond, as he steals a nuclear bomb to blackmail the United States. While future villain sidekicks have become stronger, smarter and more menacing, many of them were created with him in mind. Formerly The EvilBabes Wiki, this wiki is devoted exclusively to female villains (i.e. He has a giant private villa, as many Bond villains do, and he's the first antagonist of many in the series who loves sharks. Ourumov meets his demise shortly thereafter when Bond kills him to save Natalya. Because he's already been shot in the temple, Renard has lost his sense of touch. Moving to America in the 1980s, she modeled for Chanel in New York. Yes, she isn’t technically the villain as the demon does take over her body, but it’s still enough to give anyone nightmares. Then Roger Moore delivers one of his classic cheesy puns: "Just being disarming, darling.". Well, her reason isn’t that invalid, but it’s still wrong. TV Shows.

There isn't a better example than Tee Hee, who has a metal arm. She physically berates the children and can also be seen literally throwing kids around, courtesy of her former Olympic shot putter life. Let’s be honest, women do villainy better. The girlfriend of vampire Spike, Drusilla is deranged beyond limits. The ultimate epitome of a psychotic, cold-blooded villainess, Cersei Lannister has become one of the most hated characters in all of silver screen history. This stunning former model became best known for her screen performances playing a sinister femme fatale.

The gene therapy Graves undergoes to change his race from Korean to Western European is odd, but it's also a clever way to convey the idea that terrorism comes in all kinds of faces. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. The diamond skinned Emma is an evil version of Charles Xavier and the right-hand person of Sebastian Shaw.

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