(Wear the chap on your left leg if you're left handed.) We sell a variety of balled and burlapped evergreen and hardwood landscape trees that are all grown locally on our 50+ acre farm in Kingfield, Maine. Pines are pruned from the time they are 2 to 3 feet tall (about two years after they are planted out), while spruces and firs can usually wait until they are about 4 feet tall. If you read the list of problems that can plague Christmas trees, you'd probably never try to grow them. We grow all of our trees here in the mineral rich, well drained soil of Thorndike, Maine in hardiness zone 5a. I spent some time each July pulling these out of the trees. I have since read that this is a viable way to get Christmas tree seedlings just as the frost is leaving the soil, since the soil is saturated with water then and the seedlings lift very easily. We grow all of our trees here in the mineral rich, well drained soil of  Thorndike, Maine in hardiness zone 5a.

Contact Aqua Heat, 8030 Main St., Fridley, MN 55432, Tel. Having two kids and nonfarm jobs has limited the time for such escapades.

If you need to apply potassium and raise the pH, wood ashes would be a good material to use (but use them carefully because a little goes a long way). "… A good rule of thumb is that one predator is needed for every 10 spider mites to provide control. In the spring, remove mulches when night temperatures are consistently above 30 degrees. VisPore Tree Mats, likewise, are 3'x3' weed barriers that are permeable to water and oxygen. If you want to collect seeds, try to find a place that has been logged and collect them from felled trees. By the time the trees were six or seven years old, it was difficult to get between them to prune and impossible to mow between them. Don't mulch too early (or leave mulches on too late in the spring) or you'll promote diseases.

I cite these recommendations not to encourage you to use chemical fertilizers, but to encourage you to add any needed lime and phosphorus before planting, and to give you a guide as to when trees need which nutrients. Grasses and other plants have well developed root systems that can compete strongly with small trees, especially during the first three years in the plantation, by using most of the available soil moisture, competing for nutrients, and shading Christmas tree seedlings. We currently produce approximately 100,000 excess transplants that are for sale to individuals and other growers. We planted the last of the first on May 6, a date I remember because on the next day, May 7, our daughter was born. All Rights Reserved. 294 Crosby Brook Road, Unity, Maine. Hence, the shears. The existing vegetation can indicate whether the site is suitable or not.

The plantation provides a place of scenic beauty, a place for picnics in spring, summer and fall, a place for wildlife, a place where neighbors race their snowmobiles. Pines usually do well when planted out as seedlings, but short-needled species usually do better as transplant stock. of Maine Coop. The ideal seedbed will be well drained, well prepared and weed free. While some growers do make money with Scotch pines – selling them out of state or to large retailers such as Wal-Mart, I believe – I would not recommend them for local, cut- your-own markets. The maximum benefit from mowing comes in spring and early summer, when weeds are lush and growing.

Jim Rockis provides high quality Christmas Tree seed. One foot evergreen trees in one gallon pots; Own Your Own Evergreen Tree; Bestsellers.

Leave the shade on until late September. Some trees should receive the ultimate pruning at this time: complete removal. It will be much easier on your heart and less sticky on your hands. According to NCAP, aphids and spider mites, serious threats to Christmas trees in the Pacific Northwest, are best controlled by beneficial insects. He keeps the grass down by mowing with a riding lawn mower. "Use soil and foliage tests to refine fertilizer applications after the second growing season.

For the past few years, my daughter has helped me prune – just a few trees at first, but more each year. So says a North Carolina extension publication, and this is where we have put most of our time. The initial cost can be high. Title is also manageable from widgets as well. We have established a pleasant summer routine in which I write and edit for a couple of hours in the morning, prune trees for an hour or two, then take the kids to the beach. Email Us.

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