40 in St. Louis, Missouri were replaced with SPUIs as part of a major highway-renovation project to upgrade the highway to Interstate standards. A point of conflict is the merging of exiting and entering traffic in the same lane, known as weaving. One of the Livingston examples was remodeled in the mid-2000s as part of a public transport project. The objective of a cloverleaf is to allow two highways to cross without the need for any traffic to be stopped by red lights, even for left and right turns. The first cloverleaf in Europe opened in October 1935 at Slussen in central Stockholm, Sweden, followed in 1936 by Schkeuditzer Kreuz near Leipzig, Germany.

Their chief advantage was that they were free-flowing and did not require the use of such devices as traffic signals. The main difference however is that adjacent on and off ramps are shared together by single bidirectional carriageways. The cloverleaf interchange is located at Alandur and intersection junction of four big roads of Chennai the Grand Southern Trunk Road, Anna Salai,Inner Ring Road and the Mount-Poonamallee Road.

To go left (in right-hand traffic), vehicles first continue as one road passes over or under the other, then exit right onto a one-way three-fourths loop ramp (270°) and merge onto the intersecting road.

Road tested to withstand at least 50 hits at 65 MPH!
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In Ireland, a partial cloverleaf set-up exists at the interchange of the N4 and the M50 in Dublin, allowing free-flow movements in all directions.

During 2008 and 2009, four cloverleaf interchanges along I-64/U.S. [1] Any other intersections with merely one, two, or three leaf ramps with outer ramps would not be designated a "cloverleaf" and simply be referred to as a Jughandle intersection. A cloverleaf interchange is a two-level interchange in which left turns (reverse directions in left-driving regions) are handled by ramp roads (US: ramps, UK: slip roads).To go left (in right-hand traffic), vehicles first continue as one road passes over or under the other, then exit right onto a one-way three-fourths loop ramp (270°) and merge onto the intersecting road.

An example of this is the State Highway 23/Interstate 43 interchange in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where the exit/entrance roads on and off Highway 23 are two lanes next to the main I-43 freeway on the north and southbound sides of the road.

Cloverleaf Metal Roofing is a store based in Belfast, New York. Cloverleaf interchanges, viewed from overhead or on maps, resemble the leaves of a four-leaf clover. [2][3] Several cloverleafs were built in the late 1920s; however, it is unclear which was first. The cloverleaf interchange was not implemented in great numbers in the United Kingdom, because of these performance problems.

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