And the case can easily be made for this film. First of all, I have to say this film has always been my favorite out of the three that constitute the Omen series or trilogy. In the first of what are many ‘oh hell, no‘ deaths that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, both men are buried alive in sand when the site falls in on them. Nothing grinds a movie to a halt (for me) quicker than some corporate nonsense as the B-plot. PS: LONG LIVE LIBRARIES. It’s a protracted, truly horrible moment, textbook evidence that, at its nastiest, Omen II really is one seriously fucking unpleasant movie. In an absolutely terrific scene, a teacher is brilliantly shown up when he tries to outsmart Damien over the matter of remembering historical dates in class. daggers of Megiddo plunged into his stomach. The first half of this movie, Damien…. It’s that time of year again!

When a class of cadets from Davidson Military Academy were admitted to hospital with chemical poisoning, Dr. Kayne examined them. Damien’s not right, she says. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. But we still have to spend an agonizing hour watching William Holden have to…. It really.. wasn't that scary? We then skip seven years later. Use the HTML below.

Widely feared to be the Antichrist, Damien relentlessly plots to seize control of his uncle's business empire—and the world. When we see it, we notice that the Antichrist-as-child looks an awful lot like a certain child from the first Omen. Damien: Omen II was what I consider to be your standard sequel downgrade.

54 of 56 people found this review helpful. *Freeze frame on Damien's bored expression, roll Bible quote*.

Some of the movie’s unfocused nature might have something to do with original director Mike Hodges (Get Carter, Flash Gordon) being fired during filming and replaced with Don Taylor (Escape from the Planet of the Apes ― you know, the time travel one).

Ann Thorn: What you want them for? DAMIEN: OMEN II Don Taylor, 1978. Format: Sky Cinema. David Seltzer, who wrote the first film only, didn’t do so with second and third chapters in mind.

At 13 years old Damien's future is set to be the next president of Thorn Corporation, after a few more years of maturing via elitist military academy. Of course, unlike the original, this time we’re all expecting a grim ending, and we totally get one, and with a scary twist too. related…. And again, with this film, I have another annoying question as to why Damien would have a British accent, ESPECIALLY considering his AMERICAN parents died and he was sent to live in the U.S. with more Americans at the age…. It’s a really effective showdown, and the only time after becoming all-out evil that Damien expresses vulnerability and the need for a true friend to accompany him on his journey to power. Still, the film's strengths are much more impressive than its weakness, making for an appealing and engaging horror sequel.

When one thinks of the great cinematic trilogies of our time, there aren’t that many that belong to the horror genre.

#teamGod. The film’s biggest and goriest death ― the elevator set-piece ― is amazingly well edited and staged.

Big picture here but also the day to day life of Damien at 13 and the challenge for his supporters of ensuring Damien fulfills his destiny by killing the people who know his real identity, which works pretty well. And that ending, callous!

© Letterboxd Limited. When a 12-year-old girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her. Iconic, terrifying, bleak, just a masterpiece. Everyone around him is at risk as the secret of Damien's birth is under threat of exposure by forces emerging from around the world - and at the root of this threat are the mad depictions painted on an ancient wall that reveal the very face of evil.Jonathon Scott-Taylor gives a commanding and creepy performance as the ultimate misfit son.

I’m surprised she wasn’t listed as Ms. Bullseye in the end credits. Mysterious and violent accidents - linked by the ever-present shadow of a raven of death - dominate this movie from beginning to end. The filmmakers seemingly had no idea what to do with this franchise. It also breaks your resolve as a viewer, maybe even making you wonder why God didn’t get involved at any point during this film. Grave Explorations Recommended for you. So here’s what happens: Damien is instructed to read a particular passage from his Bible by his sergeant (and covert satanic employee) Lance Henriksen. Everyone thinks she’s crazy. Starring: William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor.

Damien running rampant on the White House?? His Oscar-winning music was one of the most vital elements of the first Omen, and thanks to him, the sequel still feels like it’s cut from the same cloth as its predecessor. Damien the Antichrist, now about to turn thirteen years old, finally learns of his destiny under the guidance of an unholy disciple of Satan. Whatever, anyway, this one moved at a much better pace than the first one and the kid who plays Damien does a really great job. Meanwhile dark forces begin to eliminate all those who suspect the child's true identity. Why is that? For a film about the continued progress of the Antichrist's ascent to world domination, "Damien" couldn't be a bigger bore. The 2020 (6th) edition of the list from .

This all takes place in around four minutes of screen time. Unfortunately, the script is nowhere near as tight or satisfying as Seltzer’s screenplay for the first film, tending to focus on less interesting subplots at the expense of what could have turned out to be really meaty material. She’s not. It is actually an obviously silly and unoriginal entry for the most part. For a brief moment we even see his bloody innards. Of course you would.

This second chapter in the horror saga finds Damien, the now-teenage child from the first film, enrolled in a military prep. William Holden Lee Grant Jonathan Scott-Taylor Robert Foxworth Nicholas Pryor Lew Ayres Sylvia Sidney Lance Henriksen Elizabeth Shepherd Lucas Donat Allan Arbus Fritz Ford Meshach Taylor Paul Cook William B. Fosser Corney Morgan Thomas O. Erhart Jr. Sorin Serene Pricopie Charles Mountain Felix Shuman James Spinks Owen Sullivan Ian Hendry Leo McKern, Harvey Bernhard Charles Orme Joseph Lenzi, Mace Neufeld Productions 20th Century Fox, Damien - Omen 2, Damien Omen 2, Damien: Omen 2, Damien - A Profecia 2, 天魔续集, Damien, Das Omen II - Damien, La Profecía II: La maldición de Damien, La maldición de Damien, Damien, la malédiction II, La malédiction 2 - Damien, Damien - Omen 2, Damien Omen II, Ómen II., Omen II: La maledizione di Damien, オーメン2/ダミアン, Омен 2: Дэмиен, La Profecía II La Maldición de Damien, Damien - Omen II, Damien։ Omen II, Omen, the 02 Damien Omen Ii, The Omen II, 107 mins   This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. The filmmakers definitely deliver the goods though; Aunt Marion’s relatively swift death from a heart attack after a late-night visit from the raven is about as merciful as it gets. James W. Jardine Water Purification Plant, Chicago, Illinois, USA. For the most part, the kill scenes are much more over the…, Geoff T's Hoop-Tober 7.0 ChallengeOmen Trilogy #2Damien: Omen II (1978). Maybe I've just seen this kind of premise so many times by now that it couldn't possibly be fresh to me anymore, but it's actually uneventful for the most part.

A young Lance Henriksen has a couple strong scenes, but even his character is left to drop chunks of exposition and character detail through heavy-handed dialog. Lee Grant is appealing as Damien's stepmother, radiating a maternal quality not unlike Mia Farrow in "Rosemary's Baby," but William Holden's consummate professionalism gets lost in the periphery of the busy plot. school and learning of his supernatural heritage, while people pull the strings to…, Hooptober VII: Horror Fanatics are such Easy Prey, “You know me to be a rational man, but what I’m about to tell you is not rational”.

Damien: Omen II was a fairly surprising film. Lee Grant plays his wife. How did Aunt Marion know that Damien was the Antichrist? It’s a fun routine, but it’s definitely a routine. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However whilst the structure and story closely follow the original, the cast and directors do a really good job with the uninspired script that they had to work with. The Omen is one of the all time great 70’s horror films. One involving the above mentioned bird. Damien-The Omen II Bird Attack - Duration: 1:35. The end of the original saw Damien with the president, which is where the original screenwriter wanted to go next. Jonathan Scott-Taylor is perfect in the role of a teenage Damien. For about a minute, then settles in and begins offing his adversaries himself. It has a cyclical, repetitive (and compared to other genres, inexpensive) nature that doesn’t lend itself to the more traditional narrative structure of a trilogy, and even when a film does wrap things up pretty decently (say, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 3: Dream Warriors), they can’t help but carry on. ( Log Out /  The original ended on a note that was admittedly unresolved (evil undefeated) but it was also totally satisfying in its own way.

Frenzied archaeologist Bugenhagen (Leo McKern), who, if you’ll remember, gave the daggers of Megiddo (the only things that can kill Damien) to Gregory Peck’s Robert Thorn, is driving like crazy through the streets of Italy to meet his good friend Michael (Ian Hendry), in order to tell him that they must stop Damien from attaining power.

Elsewhere, there’s a magnificent, minor example of the film’s panicked tone near the end when Richard and the soon-to-be-killed and totally petrified Dr. Warren (Nicholas Pryor) are heading towards the train where Yigael’s Wall is currently residing, and the latter suddenly notices a massive trailer being transported in the air above them. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now.

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