We take great pride in welcoming you to ManagerLeague and our 150th season! Enjoy! There is certainly a lot to be experienced in this game, and we are very proud of it!

It's time to hit this market by building your own zombie mart! 'Sold to XXX') or any kind of status (i.e. We will NOT move teams from correct leagues into the International league. Farmerama is a great online farming game. Virtual Manager is an online football manager game, where you take the reigns as manager of your own football club. Build your own farm and upgrade it to make it great! Manage your own Popcorn Booth! As you strive for the gold and advance up the leagues, you will gain friends and rivals among the thousands of other players. Raise chickens, cows and crops and maximize your revenues.

Learn the intriguing trade of the innkeeper and manage a lovely hotel, built in a beautiful island.

It has everything you could want in a football game.

Grab your shield and sword and Conquer the land! 3: User is responsible for any and all actions committed through Users account, and may not use provoking language, provoking names or bother other players through means of messages or forums or other forms of communication. Soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, horseracing, boxing, football, cricket, cycling, motorsport, formula 1. Selling players to other than the highest bidder due to some agreement, Placing artificially high bids to drive up the price or move money between teams, Accepting artificially high bids to move money between teams, Buying players for real money / goods / services. An original management game! Build your stadium and choose your sponsors.

Manage your brand new Hotel. Hourra Manager Football is the best tactical oriented football manager game !

Start off with a modest motel and earn enough to construct your own luxurious mega-hotel! FS strives to ensure a live vibrant community and will purge inactive members on a regular basis. puzzle. Play … girl. Play Motorsport Manager Online - Create your very own motorsport team and compete against real managers from around the world in 10 person multiplayer races. Should the User obtain account-information about any other account, User must report this to FS as soon as possible, through a support-ticket. Start a retail business, earn money by operating shops and upgrade your business to achieve wealth. Email address.

sport. - The name must not be offensive in any way Any account is regarded strictly personal and may not be sold or given to any other person. Sign in.

Earn money by building and operating the network of shops as you upgrade and sell your buildings. 9: Any legal complaints will be settled in the court Byretten in Oslo, Norway. Thin you have what it takes to run a Carnival? Serve your customers quickly and perfectly to increase earnings in this fun management game. Nor would you!

Always wanted to manage a restaurant? It's fast, action-packed and certainly demanding, sometimes outright annoying. Rise your city and make it a mega metropolis. Manage your workers and keep the money flowing. 4: User may not create or access more than 1 account, whatever the reason. And we wouldn't want it any other way! 5: If two or more Users access ManagerLeague from the same computer / IP-Address, they are never allowed to interact with eachother in terms of transfers or credit-donations. Buy products, hire workers and achieve maximum profits on your way to business prosperity. 1: This document defines the relation between the end-user, User, and the content provider Fifth Season AS (FS), for the service named ManagerLeague (ML). Use your mouse to ... Zombies gotta eat too! You can also run a hospital, where your speedy decision-making and fast fingers could mean the difference between life and death for your patients. Managing a hotel is not easy, but extremely rewarding. Lately, we have been coding like mad in order to finish implementing youth leagues. 12: If your team is removed from the game for inactivity or violation of these rules, all unspent credits will be removed instantly. FS hopes all Users will contribute to making ManagerLeague a fun, friendly and welcoming place to be.

Manage a successful farm and run 10 different factories! Once in, you take charge of your own team, buy and sell players, train your players to improve in the areas you wish to focus on, send them off on training-camps so that you can focus on upgrading your own stadium. This isn't like "any other football-manager game", it's different, and some times VERY different.

Recruit the best players, train and equip them and win the tournaments, cups and championships. 8: Manager acknowledges that any funds are non-refundable, in example, but not limited to, any purchased and unused credits. The day has finally come where youth squads have become a regular part of the game. This means you may not trade players with colleagues, family-members, classmates etc. Create your ultimate bugs, feed them, entertain them, and clean up after them, can you become the bug king? Can you collect everything around the pool area to make it a... Delve into the history of the world and start building your own empire!

What is considered foul or provoking is at the sole discretion of FS, FS staff, or the volunteers selected to handle such work. Have you always dreamed of managing your own business?

Names like '#$! If you haven't joined yet, do so now, and if you have joined us already, go on in! We will allow teams to play here. Such emails can be regarding system changes, scheduled downtime, technical problems and important events, related directly to the ML website, services and affiliates.

If there is a natural league for you: Teams found in other leagues can be moved without warning. Test your skills now! Do you have a talent for leadership and management? Can you run a bed and breakfast? More games. Build your own retail empire! Play our Management games for free online at BGames. Français English. OK Forgot your password ? A fun management game. Unleash your players and watch them perform against your competitors in thrilling matches throughout the day. The exception of this rule is the International League. If you for some reason think you should be allowed to donate credits to a Users who falls into this category, you need to ask, and receive permission in a support-ticket. Buy ingredients, decide on prices and try to maximize the revenues. Build malls and fill them with shops and attractions on your way of becoming a wealthy tycoon. Join us in this free online game and try to become the best manager of the world ! ManagerLeague is an online Multiplayer football manager game for thousands of players from the whole world. '5-star player') Build and manage your own hotel. Soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, horseracing, boxing, football, cricket, cycling, motorsport, formula 1. - The name of a player shall not be changed to represent transfer-status (i.e. Good luck!!! Play Management Games at Free Online Games. If no league exists matching your location, you should play in the International league, but you will not be moved should you play somewhere else. ), good match-sims and bad match-sims. Whatever you choose, the goal is to keep everyone happy!

Work well and keep the costumers happy and maximize revenues. Manage your own Wedding Shop and keep the happy brides satisfied. In these fun management games, you can manage stores, restaurants, shopping malls, companies, airports, and much more besides!

- The name must not advertise for any product, website, service or organisation I agree to abide by the rules in the user agreement. If any content is uploaded that FS deems unsuitable for any other user, the responsible account will be closed and deleted immidiately. Once in, you take charge of your own team, buy and sell players, train your players to improve in the areas you wish to focus on, send them off on training-camps … Rising Cities is a great city management game.

strategy. Eat, sleep, study and earn a respectable job on the second installment of the game of life!

You will buy and sell players, setup amazing tactics, train your team, manage the finances of the club, and much more. I like it because it's challenging. Directory of best online sport manager games.

Did you know that we have simulated more than 500.000.000 matches to date?? The best online football manager in the world. At the end of the day it all comes down to your skill and cunning. 6: FS will do what they can to ensure a stable and entertaining service, but offers no gurantee in regards to downtime, technical problems etc. Virtual Manager is an online football manager game, where you take the reigns as manager of your own football club.

racing. Immediate success is near impossible. An online football manager game filled with fun, football, frustration, enjoyment, surprises, hate, love, shock, wins, losses, untrustworthy systems, rubbish referees, terrible gains, good gains, fantastic transfer-deals, not-so-fantastic transfer-deals, friendlies, league-cups, department-cups, Champions League, The Super-Cup, great youngsters, not-so-great youngsters, forum-fun, forum-spam, friendly messages, outright spam, terrible injuries, lawyers wasting money (surprise! A fun management game that allows you to breed monsters, mate them and sell the offspring! Your uncle George left you with his neglected farm. Any kind of spam and repeated messaging is a violation of this agreement. Senior squads now have room for 22 players, like in... As you know, this week was first season in the new youth leagues. cooking. Football Champions 2 Witchy World Tasty Tale Nova Raider. Serve orders to customers at right time and make them happy! 'For Sale'), agreed deals (i.e. 10: By completeing this registration you accept this agreement, and understand that FS will close and delete any account which looks guilty of violating this agreement. 14: For any element you may name or describe in the game (including but not limited to Players, Teams, Managers and Profiles, the name must comply to the guidelines below: A fun Strategy Game. Use your business and farming skills to turn the old farm into a business success!

If your team is forcibly moved due to point A, we will not move you to International but to your natural league. Build rooms for your guests, and provide them with the best amenities money can buy. This service is meant for pure entertainment, and entertainment only. Realistic simulation with a 2D game viewer and transfer market with negotiations. Password.

After everybody had a great time at the pool, it's time to clean everything up! shooting.

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