They have each contributed so much to this country and it is a privilege to celebrate my 90th birthday with them.

In one of the night’s funnier moments, former PM Brian Mulroney noted that he had wanted to attend the event in person, but due to a previous commitment in Montreal that he had tried to get out of, he could not come. All the Prime Ministers thanked Ms. Haley and Mr. Kealey and for their meticulous planning and preparation in pulling off such a wonderful historic event. “Bobby, Teddy and I cleaned up!” He shared a story of meeting with Bobby Kennedy just two days before his assassination in June 1968, and how he spoke at Bobby’s funeral.

"John Turner believe in taking the high road. He became leader, then I became leader. permissions/licensing, please go to: Newly-discovered letters obtained by the Daily Mail suggest the late British Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, “nearly married” future Canadian prime minister John Turner.

He noted that both he and Turner sat at the same cabinet table.

John Turner’s 90th birthday party was an historic event. That Canada is greater than the sum of its parts, that we are stronger when united, that we are better when we are civil to each other and that we can all agree to disagree agreeably and still be friends and colleagues. Don Johnston, Hon. John Turner and his two sons all died the first winter in Plymouth. All the speeches by the PMs were interrupted numerous times by standing ovations. He defended the decriminalization of homosexuality and abortion in the 1960s, but also martial law and the suspension of civil liberties during the October Crisis of 1970. I am grateful for my family, some of whom are here to celebrate with you. The official photographer for the event was Mr. Sam Garcia.

Elizabeth Turner, daughter of former Canadian prime minister John Turner, places her hand on his casket on her way to speak during his state funeral service at …

presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution Old warriors, many scars, many battles but still friends.

“I was in my highchair,” he joked. Once dubbed “Canada’s Kennedy” when he first arrived in Ottawa in the 1960s, the athletic John Turner ultimately represented three provinces as a Liberal member of Parliament. Turner first entered politics in 1962 when he won a seat in the Quebec riding of St-Laurent-St-Georges. He talked about the importance of young people being active in their democracy and of participating. “John in 1962 and me in 1963. Mr. Turner’s daughter, Elizabeth Turner, thanked everyone for coming and gave some heartfelt remarks about her father, speaking of his extraordinary career in serving Canada and his commitment to his family.

Turner ran to succeed Pearson in 1968, but lost to Pierre Trudeau, who appointed him as justice minister, a post he used to help create Federal Court and a national legal aid system. Ottawa, ON K2P 1R9, Tel: 613.OTT.LIFE (688.5433) Former CBC parliamentary editor and newsman, the great Don Newman, remarked about Turner’s ability to be congenial and told a funny story about how Turner arranged for him to get a key interview with former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s treasury secretary (and Newman did a spot-on impersonation of Turner when regaling the tale!). I admire him.

He served as solicitor general and justice and finance minister in various cabinets before his brief, 79-day stint as prime minister in 1984. The burial will take place in private and no reception will follow the church service. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Bob Rae, Hon.

He was 91. “In light of what’s happening now in politics, he hearkened to a past that I think we need more of, where public service is important.”. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). Their contributions to making this evening memorable for all of you are appreciated with fondness and respect. To order Bob Nault, Hon. Had he wished to have parliament summoned, he would not have been able to appear on the floor of the House of Commons. They praised the civility, integrity and kindness he brought to politics. From our archives, here is a tribute to The Right Honourable John N. Turner that we first published in June 2019.

Ralph Klein must be rolling in his grave – and not just to grab a new bottle! Elizabeth May, Former Premier Frank McKenna, Dennis Mills, Peter Milliken, Hon. Due to the pandemic, public health protocols — including mask wearing, sanitizing and physical distancing — were followed at the church service at Toronto's St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica. (Turner was a minister in Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet from 1968-75). He got elected in elected in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. John Manley, Hon.

(If you don’t get that joke, refer to the infamous, “I had no option” line from Turner in the 1984 election debate).

Young people respect the contributions of Canadians past and present, and with them as the stewards of Canada’s future, she is in good hands! "He knew we could rise to any challenge, and meet any moment, if we believed in one another and stood together," he said. Still the twinkle in Turner’s eye. They are the stewards of this great nation.

"He handled himself with great grace and dignity. Advertise with us today!

Thank you, JM! Mr. Turner smiled, still with a twinkle in his eye. One of the mourners, Sean Conacher, called Turner a “great Canadian” and a politician worth emulating. I had no option.” The laughter at that line was infectious and the way Mulroney delivered it with his signature combination of blarney and respect was perfect. Andre Ouellet, Former Premier David Peterson, Hon. He recalled how Turner said that democracy doesn't happen by accident. So when Princess Margaret, then 27, met John Turner, two years older, at a ball at the naval base on Vancouver’s Deadman’s Island, rumours of romance were almost inevitable. 301 Metcalfe - Lower Level Paul Martin recalled the kindness John Turner had shown towards parents after his dad, Paul Martin Sr., lost the Liberal leadership race in 1968. Their event was more than just a celebration of Mr. Turner’s 90th birthday. Besides daughter Elizabeth, the couple had three sons, Michael, David and Andrew. CBC is broadcasting special live coverage of the ceremony, hosted by Rosemary Barton, which began at 10 a.m. Harper spoke of both his and Turner’s shared passion for Canada’s North, noting that Turner had probably been in more places north of 60 than any other Canadian.

"Today, more than ever, we need people like John. Ed Broadbent, Marlene Catterall, Mary Clancy, Hon.

Below are highlights of the speech by The Right Hon. Former prime minister John Turner was honoured as a principled politician, a loyal friend and a passionate protector of the environment today as family, friends and dignitaries gathered for a scaled-back state funeral. I make it a point to visit schools and interface with young people in whatever city I visit across Canada. Daughter Elizabeth Turner said her father loved nature and the outdoors, and when people complained about the weather he would ask: "Are you a Canadian or a tourist?". Lots of love in the room for Ed, who was once a formidable political foe on the left for Mr. Turner. There will be no public lying-in-state for public viewing and the church service was by invitation only. Jim Munson, Joyce Napier, Don Newman, Craig Oliver, Steve Paikin, Angelo Persichilli, Lloyd Robertson, Hon.

He set an incredible example, whether struggling with back issues in the 1984 and 1988 campaigns, addressing negative commentary from the press, or dealing with spiteful treatment from his own party members," she said. Douglas Young, Paul Zed. Tonight, he is 90, and eventually I’ll be 90 too …. Herb Breau, Hon. He will be missed.

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