Perry returned as Madea for a Christmas episode of the show on December 5, 2007. In the episode "Sad, Sad, Leroy Brown (Part 2)", when the Paynes tries to kick Brown out of the house, Brown claimed that Curtis broke his back, but Curtis knows the truth that Brown's back was not in pain, and he only faked it to get the Paynes to let him stay with them. She is one of Curtis' arch enemies. Born on 24th April 1992, Larramie Cortez “Doc” Shaw is an American actor and rapper. Curtis, bored, wants to volunteer at the Help Center and causes mischief. Curtis and Ella decide to intervene when they see Janine and Roland at dinner until C.J. In the test run, Ella and Curtis were originally C.J. 6: Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Movies & TV", "House of Payne DVD news: Delay for House of Payne - Volume 9 -", "House of Payne DVD news: Announcement for House of Payne - Volume 10: Episodes 193-212 -", Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings, NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, Funny or Die Presents: America's Next Weatherman,, 2000s American comedy-drama television series, 2010s American comedy-drama television series, 2020s American comedy-drama television series, American television series revived after cancellation, First-run syndicated television programs in the United States, TBS (American TV channel) original programming, Television series by Lionsgate Television, Television series by 20th Century Fox Television, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ella Payne (née Ella Williams) (known as Ella Williams in the episode "Til Payne Do We Part") (. The sitcom ran in first-run syndication for 10 episodes during mid-2006 on the Atlanta-area broadcast of WPCH-TV, along with nine other broadcast outlets across the country, as a limited run, with additional episodes to be available for national distribution on TBS in June 2007. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), House of Payne revolves around the Payne family who resides in the suburban Atlanta.

He appeared from Seasons 1–2. C.J. CJ hires Calvin, but Calvin's job performance fails to impress. It was revealed that he had a date with Kiki prior to working at the barbershop. In what appears to be the most dragged out reveal, Malik (Doc Shaw) finally reveals to his parents CJ (Allen Payne) and Janine (Demetria McKinney) that his stripper girlfriend Lisa is pregnant.

Payne on Tyler Perry's Television serial House of Payne from 2007 to 2012. Lisa's comic timing is the usual stripper talk, the normal caricature, that we see in every film and television show, so there's nothing else to say on that front. Meanwhile, Jazmine and C.J. Moreover, there is also no evidence to prove that speculations. Miranda and Calvin's condo was added. Calvin is allowed supervised visits; Ella's friend Felicia visits. In 2006, he earned the role of Malik Payne on the TBS sitcom, Tyler Perry's House of Payne.Shaw's character, Malik, is introduced as a witty preteen whose antics often get him in unintentional trouble. After six years of hiatus from acting Allen Payne is back on his famous role of Clarence James (C.J.) Deshawn gets a lesson in the negro baseball league. Miranda's new client hits on her while the family honors Curtis.

In the episode "Sad, Sad, Leroy Brown (Part 1)", when Brown's house burnt down and he gets kicked out of Cora's best friend's house. Larramie Cortez "Doc" Shaw (born April 24, 1992) is an American actor, singer and rapper.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Miranda are moving on up-they hope to move upstairs, stirring up household tension in the process. Husband & Family, 'Z Nation' Star Details. In the episode "Weeping May Endure for a Night", Brown, Cora, and Will come by the Paynes' residence after Pop Brown's funeral. Find out if the Malik from House of Payne is sick. finds multiple fire code violations, while Curtis has Calvin at his beck and call for denting his car. Find out if the Malik from House of Payne is sick. In the 20 odd years of his fame, the secret of whether Allen is gay or not has sparked the curiosity of many fans and continues to do so. is left to look after the twins during the big game. While Curtis bonds with Miranda over man-centric activities, C.J. The young man is the spitting image of his beautiful mother. The episodes serve as a backdoor pilot to Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, a spin-off of the film and play as well as House of Payne. decides to run himself. The pair remarries again at the Calvin and Miranda's wedding and stays in love.

Meanwhile, Curtis gets his tonsils pulled and can't talk. The pair remarries again at the Calvin and Miranda's wedding and stays in love. Calvin has nightmares about being shot and is uncomfortable at home with Miranda who is overwhelmed with caring for an ailing husband, two kids, a career and home. Floyd con. 0. I’m not saying anything is wrong with him but the same things y’all said about Chadwick y’all are doing to Doc Shaw who plays Malik on House of Payne.

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