But, you know what?

Okay, all done? He’s easily the man who best matches Fleming’s on-page physical description. Moreover, Dalton’s performance was met with both praise and hesitation, as his take on the character was as serious as the novel version. It’s just too much, Sir Sean.

Just like George Lazenby and Barry Nelson, David Niven is a lesser known version of 007. His suavest line: From The Spy Who Loved Me’s opening sequence. Here are 20 facts you never knew about the superspy…. The space race heats up as Bond and Blofeld fight on opposite sides of starting World War III, and John Barry’s score only ratchets the tension to a higher degree. He wasn’t penning some of these horrors. We can only imagine the pressure of following in the footsteps of such a giant as Connery! Whatever, this is a Bond who also dressed as a clown, so our point is that he can’t be taken top-three seriously. You got his number. He looked the part more than Lazenby did for sure. The very first James Bond film in the EON Productions canon, DR. NO introduced the world to 007’s adventures like a brick through a plate glass window. If his face doesn’t ring any bells for you, it’s because he only played the emblematic agent once in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and never again after that. The more traditional Bond movie formula works like a charm with Timothy Dalton’s reserved but still dangerous suavity, dealing with Cold War defectors, rogue army colonels and a mysterious sniper who may not be as dangerous as she lets on. His physique sits between no-muscle Moore and superhero-bodied Craig. Connery’s fights with Robert Shaw’s Red Grant are some of the best in the series’ earlier days, as they’re impressive, hard-hitting brawls for supremacy. His chemistry with both Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd and baddie Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen, adds tons of character-building for a new Bond, which just makes the superb action gel together all the better. Despite his good looks and acting talent, the handsome Aussie didn’t really enjoy the shoot and apparently had beefs with two co-stars as well as the powers that be. He set the gold standard for playing that part. Seriously — check out his odd take on eveningwear in The Thomas Crown Affair for proof. Sure, it borrowed all the character names from the source material, but that's about it. Where will NO TIME TO DIE fit in these rankings? And throughout the whole film, James Bond’s quest for vengeance is executed by stealth action, double crosses and manipulation of his enemies. Ranking all 26 films from worst to best. His suavest line: After villainess Elektra tells Bond he could have had the world, he responds: “The World is Not Enough”.

6, made a real meal of it and then exited again. GOLDFINGER gave the world memorable imagery, with those infamous scenes involving lasers and a gold-painted woman still burned into the iconography of the series. Not only is the plot more of a personally driven exercise, with Carole Bouquet's Melina seeking vengeance for her father's death, but Moore gets to be his most ruthless in his part of the action. It shows he’s a rougher, more rugged Bond — but that his funny bone remains unbroken.

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