These early co-founders drew their inspiration from Matthew 25 – the Last Judgment in which both those on the right and on the left ask the same question, “When did we, or didn’t we, do this to you?”  Jesus simply replied, “When you did it to the least of my brothers (and sisters), you did it to me.”. 1-517-482-2099, An Inspired Reflection on the Loaves and Fishes Ministries Community, Transitional Shelter for Women & Children. Your job only gets more difficult the more you slack off.

See photos of our site coordinators on individual dining site pages.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Business from Fitchburg State College. They finally purchased a house at 831 N. Sycamore in Lansing and in February of 1982 were awarded a “Special Use Permit” to offer overnight shelter by the City of Lansing Zoning Board. 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm.

Have gained good customer service experience working for many years. Rain or Shine. I liked the working condition and helping to plan events. What benefits does Loaves & Fishes offer? Staff consists entirely of master’s-level professionals. This non profit is ran 100% on donations from very generous and caring people, that kept my hopes and morale up and gave me many reasons not to ever feel sorry for myself, always being grateful for what I have. The work that is expected is completely fair as long as you stay on task. Very organized. It had one of the worst smells within the whole state.

Beth Mendoza, Executive Leadership Coach, Pathmaker’s Inc. Wayne Gigot, Retired Controller, CMD Corporation.

He has a background in medical device mechanical design with over 21 years of experience working for various medical device companies including imaging, radiology and drug delivery systems.

If you walked within all you could smell was the stench of old people and the dirt among the floor.
From left to right: Isaiah Parker, Operations Manager, Katy Noonan, Community Relations Manager, Brenda Orzino, Executive Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator, Yenuel Amelly-Egipciaco, Receiver/Kitchen Assistant, and Rev.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Atlantic Union College and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University. How do you feel about going to work each day at Loaves & Fishes? We are responding to the biblical message to care for our neighbors and to feed the hungry. Tim started as a shelf-stocking volunteer at Loaves & Fishes in May 2018, after his daughter volunteered with her elementary school and encouraged her parents to volunteer. 17,919. Cathy Maes. ", "It is a blessing to work for this mission! It made me feel dirty.

When she is not at Loaves & Fishes Theresa is a full-time dance, basketball, and softball mom. Conducts outreach to homeless persons. Please be sure to vote! At Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, a past guest’s triumphs are always a cause to celebrate. She held the position of Executive Assistant/Office Manager, supporting upper level management and staff.

Genesis has been a program of Loaves & Fishes since July 2001.

Previously she worked for a nonprofit organization that served a diverse client population including hearing impaired, mobility challenged, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress and children on the autism spectrum. They provide many programs to help end homelessness for men, women and children. 952-239-4735 EMAIL

Walk-in on your schedule, any help is welcomed, rewarding feeling after shift. While working with loaves an fishes it was a great time for spiritual awakening levels. Had the opportunity to serve the community and work with many volunteers.

Patty joined the Loaves & Fishes team during the summer of 2008 following a 25-year career in public school administration as a School Business Manager. The story of Loaves and Fishes Ministries dates back to 1979 when a group of visionaries, driven by the injustice of our system which consistently favors the “haves” over the “have-nots,” answered Jesus’ call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the homeless. What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Loaves & Fishes? If you live in Ayer, Devens, Dunstable, Groton, Harvard, Littleton or Shirley, we can help! This is all done on an outside deck in Friendship Park. 952-239-4735 EMAIL "I enjoy my one-on-one conversations with our guests and sharing resources with them!"

(Tom, Brady, Legend and Lombardi, of course!). Help people considering your employer.

Sherrie lives in Lunenburg with her husband, Joe, and 3 dogs.

The program offers services to those who are in need of human interaction and a listening ear. Love this company. In the spirit of hospitality and radical love, Loaves & Fishes is an oasis for guests seeking respite and a space of belonging.
Director of Advocacy. Really awesome group of people to work with. It was a chance to give back to my community. A free mental health program of Loaves & Fishes; provides services for homeless adults who do not have insurance nor do they meet the target population for Sacramento County Mental Health programs. Listed in alphabetical order by first name. November 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 21, 25 We are responding to the biblical message to care for our neighbors and to feed the hungry.

The relief that staff and volunteers would be able to practice appropriate self care and necessary health precautions, but an even greater uncertainty… Read More. So they took a leap of faith and threw themselves into the process, trusting the Lord to guide them through the maze ahead.

Sharon joined Loaves & Fishes in 2017, following several years of administrative and office management support working for large and small companies as well as nonprofit. Debbie Lieberman. If you need to schedule an appointment to receive food, please call 269-343-3663.For general information, please call our administration office at 269-488-2617 or email us at So they decided to either start a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter.

The project began when UWM’s South Central Region made a donation of $20,000 and the UWM Board of Trustees agreed to match this donation and any other donations from the regions up to a total of $100,000. The Core Group continued to meet weekly for 17 years until the late 1990’s when they expanded to a 12-member Advisory Board, changed their title to the “Core Community,” and transitioned to meeting monthly.

I enjoy giving back to the very community that I have been living in for the past 2 years.

Volunteering my time with Loaves & Fishes is my of saying thank you to them for all that they do in and for the homeless and low-income families that seek their assistance. Ph: 612-377-9810 | Fax: 612-374-3517 That was it. Is the best part of my job over all.

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