Michael arranges for a CardioArm to be donated to the Royal Genovian Hospital and sends Midori to teach the surgeons how to use it.

Answer Save. II: Princess in the Spotlight, The Princess Diaries, Vol. Despite her father not being present in her life, Mia often received a gift and a letter from him every y… Michael is going on the Housing for the Hopeful trip to Hominy Knob, West Virginia. Mia considers asking Michael to bump Genovia to the head of the line for a CardioArm and Mia attends the donation ceremony.

After talking with her father Mia realizes that she has to try and talk to Michael so she and Lars rush to the hospital in a cab, but due to traffic they arrive at the airport just as Michael's flight leaves. Michael reveals to her that he was actually the one selling the poster so that he could have enough money to get something great for her.

He requests that he not be around when Mia tells Lilly she doesn't plan to step down, then picks up their food and delivers some to Lars, who is sitting at the other end of the restaurant. He is hinted at feeling the same way, though Mia doesn't realize it. 9 of 18 Attribution: Instagram. Michael shows up at the school after Mia wins the election and takes her to a pizza place to talk. Michael dutifully gets on the phone and talks to his mother and Mia leaves, sending him an e-mail from the limo. Michael agrees to lunch but suggests a very romantic restaurant in Central Park.

[14], The continue to e-mail a few times a month back and forth. Michael later asks Mia if she can get him in to Aide de Ferme so he can meet his hero, Bob Dylan. They take the babies to an appointment on the morning of Olivia's birthday and they give her a pair of skis as a birthday gift (plus a new iPod and Genovian truffles from the twins). Mia texts Michael to see if she can thank him over dinner and he texts back that he only sent the arm to help Phillipe, which he knew would make Mia happy. The Drs. im confused. [14] Michael helped to design the AEHS website.

She asks him why he is there and he asks why she thinks he's there, so she asks how long he was standing there and Michael tells her he was there long enough to be nauseated and tells her she made a nice move by calling the lawyers before imitating her telling J.P. to call Stacey Cheeseman. Michael tries to take responsibility for the break-up, but Mia tells him he did the right thing as they both needed a break. Mia goes to the party with a new look, which surprises Michael. Although she is eager to find him, she realizes it could cause a scandal and cost him the election. She suggests that instead Lars should take the rest of the night off and she and Michael should go back to his place. He tells her sorry they have to have the conversation over the phone but he thought about it during his entire plane ride and thinks they would be better off if they went back to just being friends like they were before they started dating. He asks her to e-mail him back as he would love to hear from her. He asks to read her senior project, which he believes to be about Genovian olive oil pressing, but she just stops e-mailing him back as she does not want to reveal the true nature of her project. Michael assumes she means sex and tries to arrange that, but Mia clarifies that she just wants things to be simple like they used to be when they all went ice skating and she just wants to have a romantic dinner with him on her birthday. In the supply tent they find Mr. Wheeton and Mademoiselle Klein making out, who make Michael and Mia swear not to tell. Having recovered from wounds received in a failed rescue operation, Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is handed a new assignment: Protect the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father -- a government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains in the kids' house. Spying her ring, Michael asks if she and J.P. are engaged, but Mia tells him it is a friendship ring. But because Anne Hathaway's character was brought out with a lot of strength, all these minor faults seemed invisible. [10] Before Rocky's first day of school in Genovia he throws a shoe at Michael while throwing a tantrum and Michael throws it back at him, which Mia tells him is not something a Prince Consort should do.

Mia was born in San Fransisco and raised by her single mother, Helen Thermopolis. Rocky (Maternal Ucle) Other than that, I can't remember much about the plot :P. I would suggest reading the books, or just following the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Princess_Diaries_... How do you think about the answers? Michael reveals that he planned with Phillipe, Helen, and Mr. G to plan an ice skating party for Mia with all her friends.

Back at the Plaza, Michael joins Phillipe talking to Rick and Catherine O'Toole and Bill Jenkins. He says he would never and kisses her.

They go out the next night to do all the last New York things before Michael leaves and Mia tells him not to make plans for the next night as she plans to surprise him with a hotel room for them to have sex.

Michael agrees but tells her he didn't think she'd get engaged in the meantime, which shocks Mia, but Michael laughs and tells her he didn't expect her to wait around. (2001). [5], Mia and Michael begin dating, but Mia immediately leaves for Genovia. [15], After realizing all of J.P.'s lies, Mia breaks up with him at prom and calls the Royal Genovian Lawyers, but as she hangs up the phone she sees Michael there. Both of their parents are psychoanalysts and they grew up in Greenwich Village.Michael was on a Pee Wee Hockey team as a boy, before he decided that team sports were a waste of time as their success was not dependent on the skill of the individual. Mia again asks Michael why he's there and he tells her that Lilly told him to come to the Waldorf around midnight on prom night because Mia might need him and asks why Lilly might think that.

The Princess Diaries, Vol. [3], He has a sheltie named Pavlov. Michael begins actually doing inventory rather than making out, which Mia believes is because she smells from not being able to shower. Michael tells her that's not what he wants but he assumed she wouldn't want to see anyone else because he doesn't plan on dating anyone else, but asks her if that's what she really wants. Mia and Michael sleep together and in the morning return to the loft, where Helen is thrilled to see they have gotten back together. The story is mine, but the characters belong to amazing … He asks if it will be by the end of the decade and she says definitely.

[6], Boris keeps an eye on Mia for Michael and updates him about her life, as they have been friends for a while.

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