View production, box office, & company info. As it turns out, Alex and Kate are two highly mischievous brats who vie for their often-too-absent father's attention by wreaking havoc in the household via elaborate and rather vicious pranks and booby-traps, with their specialty targets being the nannies he has assigned to take care of them (Alex Sr. is a widower). [5], Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times says the premise has potential but that the film is "needlessly crass and lethally heavy-handed"[6] Chris Hicks of the Deseret News calls the film "a silly kiddie flick that retreads territory better covered by "Mr. It can’t kill him. Who else would kidnap little children? Flanagan (1975)   |   Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012)   |   Doogie Howser, M.D. But Sean manages to track down Thanatos, and with the help of his friends is able to beat the villains.

Apparently, it has information on a gun that can shoot any kind of missile imaginable. Although the cinema version was intact the 1993 UK video was cut by 18 secs by the BBFC to re-edit a scene where Armstrong is electrocuted by the children while taking a shower. From then on he’s occupied more protecting himself from the kids than them from the villain Mr. Nanny 1993 Dual Audio 300MB Web-DL. $1,853,647 NC (voiceover): So he breaks into the place as we partake in the movie’s climax. NC: So that’s Mr. Nanny.

When they arrive in Japan, they ... See full summary ». The 3rd Animated Titanic Movie (Tentacolino),, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Launch, The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs, Critic and Nerd: TMNT Making of Coming Out of Their Shells, New vs Old - LOTR Animated vs Lord of the Rings, Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments, Old vs. New: 10 Commandments vs. (Sean peeks into a room that looks like a scientific laboratory where the kids are working on experiments). Ka-bloom! (Alex, Sr. stands up to leave) Well, can’t fault an overused formula! I should have known. I will survive—(Thanatos swings an axe at Sean, but Sean ducks out of the way for the villain to fall off the roof) Whoop! (Sean arrives at the front entrance gate of his client on his motorcycle). NC (voiceover): So it turns out the kids are devising more traps that even Jonny Quest couldn’t figure out, as they hook up a giant magnet to the ground. Each year, three brothers visit their grandfather for the summer. Directed by Michael Gottlieb. Bad Man #1: (to Bad Man #3 after capturing Alex and Kate from upstairs) What about him? Burt: (counting his money) Nice match, champ! NC (voiceover; as Sean): Neither! View production, box office, & company info, Everything New On Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu And Prime This Weekend, Dave Bautista To Play An Intergalactic Peacekeeper In A Small Town In Brad Peyton’s ‘Universe’s Most Wanted’. I mean, Jesus, kids! Mr. Nanny (1993) A friend persuades the former wrestling star Sean to do a job as bodyguard for the two kids of top manager Frank Mason - someone is threatening him to get the plans for a secret micro chip.

Kate: (gets up to leave as well) I’m not hungry anymore. Hey, you remember A Kid in King Arthur's Court? My penis is numb. (Bad Man #3 takes Sean and tosses him across the room). Alex, Jr.: (to his father) We destroyed the bike, wrecked the room, and almost killed Sean. Santiago's angered assistant, Mason Lee, takes the school hostage where Kelly is teaching ... See full summary ». (Alex, Sr. gets elbowed in the face by Bad Guy #3), (Alex, Jr. takes a remote and starts off a crane that grabs for Bad Guy #3 and carries him away). NC (voiceover; sings like Gloria Gaymor): Oh-oh-oh, I…I'll survive the movie! Security Guard: Are you deaf or just plain stupid? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I can't believe I'm talking to the same Sean Armstrong that I traveled all over this great country with. Channel Awesome is a FANDOM TV Community. That is, unless they consider drowning him in a pool of red dye as using him productively. Wish I was that guy. NC (voiceover): But unfortunately, the father is kidnapped by that average psychotic criminal genius, as Hogan invites Burt over to quote-unquote “double security”. Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times says the premise has potential but that the film is "needlessly crass and lethally heavy-handed" Chris Hicks of the Deseret News calls the film "a silly kiddie flick that retreads territory better covered by "Mr. The vagina-faced guy, who now has a bowling ball for a head. (as Sean) No! Seek revenge on Sean Armstrong and Burk Wilson.Steal and make profits off the microchip of the Peacefinder project (Both failed). I hate kids. NC (voiceover; as Bully #1): Oh, my God, who am I? This accident fractured the top of his skull, forcing the attachment of a steel skullplate and removing part of his afro of which he was so proud. Now the agency won’t send us any more nannies. [7][8][9], "Mr. Nanny (1993) - Financial Information", "Mr. Nanny: Yet another Hulk Hogan disaster of a film, this time with the Orange Goblin being tortured by nerdy children", "Movie : Hulk Hogan Is 'Mr.

No information Crimes You’re an actor! [2] The working title of the film was Rough Stuff, and David Johansen also recorded a song by that name for the film.[3][4]. Mrs. Quickly looks like she is beautiful and nice, but she is cruel and harsh which was shown during her wedding ceremony with Cedric Brown.

I think your hands would be about as healthy as the Skywalker’s family after that stunt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I mean, who else is going to offer you a career? NC (voiceover): Uh, you know, there’s a difference between pranks and attempted murder. Directed by Michael Gottlieb. NC (voiceover): Ohh, just put a bow on her and call her “Precious.” (The movie poster for Precious is shown) N-No, not that Precious, but…that was a good movie. I’m a wrestler, okay? From now on, you're going to act right! I was the perfect age for Mr. Nanny when it hit home video, and I remember watching non-stop one weekend. He was portrayed by David Johansen. (Cut to Thanatos) This guy. NC: Oh, Lord. A former professional wrestler is hired to be the bodyguard/nanny for a couple of bratty kids whose inventor father is being stalked by a rival. Is it me, or is this sounding like a story a ten-year-old boy would come up with? Mr. Nanny is a 1993 romantic comedy film starring professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. ‘Cause nothing’s more threatening than a black Yosemite Sam.

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