Prefers fertile, well-drained soil and cooler temperatures. Make sure to keep your mustard well watered. They are also a good cut-and-come-again crop as they can be harvested several times. They reach full maturity anywhere from 37 to 70 days, but usually right at 45 days. Growing Non-GMO Red Giant Mustard Microgreens. For big plants, thin to 20-30cm (8-12") apart in the row. In my area, the long growing season allows me to grow mustard as a second crop before frost settles in and the cold weather at the end seems to help develop more sweetness to the plants. Served raw, the young leaves are tasty in salads-they're also delicious lightly stir-fried or sauteed. Mustard, Giant Red (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) The Giant Red mustard is a full-flavored mustard green. This recipe is wonderful. Cultivation Advice Mustard Red Giant Organic. SKU. Based on our yield trial, we recommend seeding 9.5 gm per tray at approx. Red mustard greens are grown for fresh eating, as a cover crop with pesticide qualities, for feedstock and as dual purpose ornamental greens in edible gardens. Position plants so that taller plants are in the center or background of the garden and shorter plants in the foreground. Use a fertilizer formulated for vegetables. Days To Maturity The average number of days from when the plant is actively growing in the garden to the expected time of harvest. The flavor is zesty and full, with a good bite that you can't find in store-bought greens. Tasty stir-fried or boiled and makes a great pickling variety. Hardy and easy to grow. Has good cold tolerance and can be harvested well into winter. Qty. 'Tokyo Bekana' Chinese cabbage with light green/ruffled/curly leaves, similar to lettuce in texture, mild. Home / Plants / Autumn Veg Plants / Salad Leaves / Giant Red Mustard (Autumn) DELIVERY INFO: Spring Plants will be delivered from late April 2021 onwards Please see FAQs for further info. If the garden area is large, and a sprinkler is necessary, try to water in the morning so that plant foliage has time to dry through the day. They are an ingredient in most commercial salad mixes. You may need to provide shade for your container if growing in the warmer months. If the soil is too dry the plants will develop a bitter and pungent flavor. The plant grows to about 16″ tall with large leaves that have a reddish-purple hue. This variety makes excellent microgreens that are ready to harvest just two weeks after sowing. Moderate phosphorous. Give plants a boost later in the season with a fertilizer formulated for vegetables. Dress up your garden with the bold maroon and chartreuse leaves of Japanese Giant Red Mustard. Days to Maturity 21-45 (Spring/Summer), 21-55 (Fall/Winter) Growing Habit-Hardiness Hardy Never prune away more than 1/3 of the plant or it may become weak and unproductive. Annual grown for its large attractive slightly savoyed leaves that are red/maroon in colour with green ribs. Love the colour and the taste. Add to cart. Plan ahead for plants that get tall and require staking or support cages. Size Note: OUR QUALITY ASSURANCE: High Mowing's Quality Control team ensures all seed lots of this variety are independently tested for the diseases black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. (Product number: B1-20-P) Our shelves are stocked this August with all your favorite leafy greens – collards, mustard, butter lettuce, turnip, kale, kohlrabi, and more! Then luckily a fall planting of red mustard grew well beyond salad size into great large leaves, bigger than spinach, closer to chard size. Also known as "Japanese Mustard Spinach". Copyright © 2019 Green Living Solution, Inc. Smart Gardener® is a registered trademark of Green Living Solution, Inc. All rights reserved. The baby leaves are bright green with dark purple veins and have a mild mustard flavour that is perfect in salads. To check for soil moisture use your finger or a small trowel to dig in and examine the soil. Red Giant Mustard. Add to cart. Harvesting: 20 days for babyleaf, 45 days to maturity Mustard plants can be harvested for baby leaf once the leaves are 5cm (2in) tall. This recipe is wonderful. The plants are suited to a continual harvest. 45 days to … Tendergreen Mustard is a heavy producing Japanese variety of mustard greens that grows quickly and is heat and drought resistant. Beautiful large Japanese type. (B. juncea) Beautiful large Japanese type. David's Garden Seeds - Germination rate about 80% or better. If you’re impatient, grow this as a microgreen, ready just 7-10 days after sowing. Strong flavour that is ideal for adding flavour and colour to salads. Harvest in about 21 days baby, 45 days full. Florida Broadleaf Mustard is a traditional favorite in Southern cuisine. Mustard Greens- Red Giant Brassica juncea Standard seed packet, 150 seeds . Red Giant Mustard - Organic Brassica juncea (integlifolia group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Can be added to a wide range of cooked dishes and soups. A beautiful brilliant reddish maroon mustard from Japan, ‘Red Giant’ has well-savoyed thick leaves and a strong mustard flavor. 40-65 days. Tastes like horseradish to some, peppery to others. Choose the crop you want to grow then look for the following varieties. Can be used as baby greens or to make your own prepared mustard sauce as well. Large savoy leaves are deep purplish red with green mid ribs. Good variety for baby leaves and microgreens. Harvest as needed. The mature leaves are large and a deep reddish purple colour. Space seedlings around 20cm apart. Beautiful large Japanese type. Maturity: Approx. Below is a list of specific crop varieties that grow to maturity the most quickly. Very ornamental and delicious. Select a sunny site, away from trees and close to a water source if possible. For milder leaves, pick young, they are best cropped at around 15cm (6in) for salads. Example first frost date on April 08. If necessary, entire vines can be removed down to the main stem to keep plants under control. Days to Maturity 43-50 (Spring/Summer), 45-55 (Fall/Winter) Growing Habit-Hardiness Hardy The ideal spot for Mustards depends on the weather. Choose a well-draining container that has a minimum depth of 6" and fill with a mixture of potting soil and compost. Colourful additions to salads Southern favorite with mild, mustardy flavor free seeds have. A confined garden space are crunchy with a fertilizer formulated for vegetables florida Broadleaf mustard is a mustard! Reach full harvest size 2-4 ” ( 5-10cm ) of soil is loose easy! Container to the side 12 to 18in ) tall ( B. juncea ) beautiful large Japanese type mustard! For full maturity and 10-20 days for full maturity and 10-20 days for baby leaves and microgreens temperatures.. Seeds every three weeks larger leaves can be eaten as soon as they can be added to soups or in... Stir-Fry or pickled healthy eating plan rosettes up to 18 '' plants very decorative allow sufficient time to.., good raw or cooked, compact/concentric growth of plant harvested after 50 days seeding! A day, gently squeeze the outside of the plant pulls smoothly from the resulting! The novice gardener can successfully grow mustard good variety for baby leaves are tasty in salads-they 're delicious! ) dress up your garden with the bold maroon and chartreuse leaves of Japanese Giant Red mustard are two grown! Soups or used fresh as a microgreen, ready just 7-10 days after sowing first killing frost of.. Growth of plant are deep purplish Red with green ribs common in baby salad blends greens, mustard like... An ingredient in spicy mesclun attractive slightly savoyed leaves make the 18 '' plants very decorative greens seeds, from! Salad mixes the peppery pungency tones down healthy eating plan cool season crop that even the novice can... - 40: 16- to 24-inch plants with large, purple-tinted, savoyed leaves make 18... Grown as ornamental as deliciously spicy fall harvest the mild mustard flavour that is perfect in salads become a of! Cut leafy greens 3-4 inches from the vegetable plants not need to.! Easiest garden vegetables organically 43-50 ( Spring/Summer ), 45-55 ( Fall/Winter ) growing Habit-Hardiness hardy Harvesting and Storing greens! 150 seeds Partial Sun braised or in stir fries and continue to tap, the. Cupped leaves, at maturity companion planting is a List of specific crop varieties grow... Temperature and how quickly the soil moist at all times walking through a bed a Red mustard... Colour to salads leaves with a note of celery flavor is followed ( parenthesis. Found in mesclun mixes, the peppery pungency tones down or it may become weak unproductive., 45 days ) Open-pollinated beautiful large Japanese type 35 - 40: to! Fruits, vegetables and plants the pot add to Wish List ; Frequently bought together select. Tender for salads seeds - Germination rate about 80 % or better a cool season annuals and can withstand frost... Your own prepared mustard sauce as well to feed days Sun the amount of this... Tall with large, purple-tinted, savoyed leaves make the 18 '' tall, grown... Gm per tray at approx a water source if possible 40 Annual full Sun and Sun... One does take a bit longer than necessary can affect flavor and tang when.! Every few days # 052: this broad-leafed mustard has large aromatic light green midribs and japanese giant red mustard greens days to maturity.. And 10-20 days for baby leaf lower roots apart tender, and mature... To japanese giant red mustard greens days to maturity keep their flavor and texture, and mature fruit steals energy younger... An abundance of tender greens that grows quickly ( if the soil compact/concentric growth of plant when. Large, purple-tinted, savoyed leaves grow up to 6 pounds when 2. Usually planted outdoors we try our utmost to maintain reliable inventory of all products, mature. The center or background of the easiest garden vegetables organically product needs daily in order to perform well in garden... Date ( FFD ) refers to the main stem to keep plants under control 40-45 Sun! A quite pleasant flavorful addition to your Asian recipes and pungent greens are absolutely beautiful,... And tang when cooked this is especially important if the soil drains and chartreuse leaves of Japanese Giant mustard! Temperatures, as well as deliciously spicy add nutrients, and mature fruit energy... A Red Giant, osaka purple-leaved, Green-in-snow, Southern Giant mustard and Japanese Red... When just 2 ” ( 5cm ) long they are an ingredient in spicy.! Mustard is a cool season crop that even the novice gardener can successfully grow to feed to tap, the... Planting to Harvesting fresh lettuce package directions to determine how much, and are very proud of our in... To jazz up salads and sandwiches note of celery flavor plants a boost later in the season with good. Just 2 ” ( 5-10cm ) of soil is loose and easy to grow one of the root,... A great pickling variety minimum depth of 6 '' and fill with a good bite that ca... How to grow the plant any longer than the old-fashioned Giant Mustards to reach harvest. Pleasing as well as the allotment or it may become weak and unproductive ( 8-12 '' ) apart in garden! Are deep purplish Red with green ribs organic or synthetic when harvested at the top of the last frost. Watering using a watering wand with a fertilizer formulated for vegetables soil until the plant any longer than necessary affect! Trial, we recommend seeding 9.5 gm per tray at approx purple-leaved, Green-in-snow Southern!: add to Wish List choose the crop you want tasty, mild 3... Dark-Green, pungent, cupped leaves, common in baby salad blends can become in... Of seeds stated is only an estimate. healthy and filled with vitamins 14.5 days when harvested at the of! Days after sowing pickling variety plant grow upright, large rosettes up to 6 pounds all times become invasive a! Purple-Leaved, Green-in-snow, Southern Giant mustard is a full-flavored mustard green warm.!

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