Octave a tenté de convaincre le Sénat que c'était un piège, mais Percy a juré sur sa vie que rien de mauvais ne se produirait. Jason also has power over air currents and can fly. Apollo is released by Meg after the revelation of her alliance with his enemy. Mais il prend la fuite, à la consternation du Cyclope. Surgissant à ce moment accompagné de Grover, M. Brunner, le professeur de Latin, lance à Percy un stylo-bille qui se transforme dans sa main en épée. As he has been residing in Camp Jupiter for no more than a year, Frank is initially considered a probatio, or rookie, of the Fifth Cohort.

Les sang-mêlés décident d'emprunter la porte d'Orphée pour se rendre aux Enfers.

Periclymenus's descendants were sold into slavery in China, and migrated to Canada many years later. Aiding Percy and his friends Malheureusement, un monstre du nom de Thorn surveille les deux enfants sous la forme du principal adjoint du collège. He is an excellent mechanic and at one point repairs a bronze dragon running wild in the camp's woods, which he names Festus (meaning "happy" in Latin).

Zia Rashid is a magician from the first Nome who was born and raised in Egypt. Percy then made the connection that Tyson was his half-brother. She has also inherited her father's ability to shapeshift into animals such as a horsefly or lion; however, shapeshifting makes her uncomfortable, as it causes her to become more like her father. He was the one who saved Zia after her village's destruction and, sensing that she holds the power to host Ra, arranged for her confinement in an underwater prison under the watch of Nephthys while creating a shabti of her to protect Carter and Sadie, both of whom also hold the potential to become hosts of gods. He becomes the host of Horus in the first novel, and often collaborates with and receives advice from the god. A cause d'Héra, de la Prophétie des Sept et de Gaïa, il a raté sa première, alors il travail beaucoup pour aller à la l'Université de la Nouvelle-Rome. The second time is when he, Percy, and Hazel travel to Alaska to free Thanatos. Artwork by Viktoria Ridzel licensed and used with permission. Il se différencie ainsi de Luke, le premier amour d'Annabeth. Malgré leurs aventures, Percy et Piper ne sont pas proches l'un de l'autre. Sally demande à son fils d'aller se mettre à l'abri dans l'enceinte de la Colonie mais celui-ci refuse de laisser sa mère.

Tyson has also fixed Percy's shield, which has been broken by a manticore, Dr. Thorn in the third book. Par la suite, Percy est agacé par les questions incessantes de Nico sur l'Olympe et ses dieux, et par les comparaisons avec le jeu Mythomagic. Il le retrouve alors au Camp Jupiter, mais affirme ne pas le reconnaître. Percy et Annabeth se rendront compte bien tard qu'ils se déplacent sur le corps de Tartare! The next time he is seen is through the mist of the hearth on Mount Olympus. In The Lost Hero, Hedge falls in love with Mellie the cloud nymph (assistant to Aeolus) and marries her; by the time of The House of Hades, Mellie is pregnant with a satyr boy. Rainbow the Hippocampus asks for Tyson when he comes to take Percy to camp. Percy fait diversion et tue notamment un crabe géant.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

When they return to the mortal world, Clarisse returns to camp on a plane.

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