He dares even to look on the floor. In a recent case, objects which disappeared from a house would be seen much later falling to the ground outside. Farrow laughs as Dr. Lesh starts to fold up the napkin containing the stones and jewelry. The CAMERA are all set up. Pat his holding back, not knowing what to do. He reaches out for the necklace, but as he does, the light becomes blinding. Yeah and, our pool will be alive with a thousand guests. CLOSE ON SEATON-THE SPOON enters frame. I can lead you into the light! The images collide! Poltergeist III is a 1988 American supernatural horror film co-written and directed by Gary Sherman, and starring Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, and Lara Flynn Boyle, with only Heather O'Rourke and Zelda Rubinstein reprising their roles from the previous films. Above, a publicity still for a scene already in the film. TEAGUE Outside in! What? Looky, looky, looky-loo.

I'm still trying to determine the authenticity of this script (hopefully I'll be able to puchase a copy of it soon), but so far it seems authentic.

Looky, looky, looky-loo. Well I like it. Oh, I swore on television. A lonely Pop Up sits on each plate. The STAIN HAS GROWN. It was however, featured in the shooting script, and apparently filmed. Yea, he's coming by at 9. Carol Anne. No. No. BRUCE Helen smiles knowingly to herself, and exits.

Diane drags her children down the stairs and toward the front door. This scene would have come right before the sequence when Kane walks up the driveway) I received the following information from Scott Smith, who was one of the editors on P2: She's in Acapulco. ROBBIE! Anthony Farrow is twenty years older than Dr. Lesh, which puts him into his early eighties. Dressed to travel with little suitcase in hand. The intense cold begins to crack it. The rig begins to tremble and vibrate as Pat struggles to hold onto the rope. Remember the scene where the evil Scott tears at Donna's face? I'm still working my way through it as I only got it on Monday but I have stumbled upon a homage to the first 'Poltergeist' movie in it.

He chases after her. She says it tastes like dirty dishwater. May all we believe be true. CAROL ANNE I don't want to stay here any more. Lesh is exhausted.

Right before the Freelings are shown knocking on the door at the Tuthills' house, Steve Freeling would have gone into the crawl space under the house in an attempt to find some explanation for the chairs moving around on the kitchen floor above. Recently a fellow P3 fan on the IMDB message boards claimed that he'd bought a copy of a draft of the script dated January 23rd, 1987. Their bodies are partially frozen and he attempts to leave with them. I think we should keep this thing in the family. According to actor Martin Casella, a scene was filmed but deleted showing him being lifted up into the air and bitten by the Beast outside the children's bedroom door. Hello. Students mill about between classes. Ectoplasmic mist wanders aimlessly, passing under tables, chairs, circling lamps. Carol Anne rolls her eyes as if to say "Oh yeah." STEVE Where's supper? ( to Diane) The crawling mass coming down the stairs resembles a giant hand down its plaster hand on his arm, digging into his flesh. Mary approaches. DIANE It's likely that some are scenes which were never shot; others probably were filmed but didn't make the final cut. ...and for bringing serenity back to our home. The front door opens and Tuthill steps into the bug light. CLOSE ON-KANE-The ax connects with Kane's neck, but rather than slicing through, Kane's neck shatters like dry plaster. As Dr. Lesh watches the videotape of the ghosts, she says "There are hundreds," and later Diane is shown screaming "That thing is in there with my baby!" Here are the scenes in the script which didn't make it into the final film: Int. The shape moves in front of the CAMERA and we see what could be an OLD MAN looking over his shoulder with a suspicious expression, and then walking past a little girl, not Carol Anne, holding a ball. Look around us. LESH Okay, pops! ANGLE-BRUCE-Pat is behind him still pounding on the door and screaming. DR. LESH FLASH! We can get to them...Come on! Diane slips her hand down to the doorknob. True Hollywood Story: The Curse of Poltergeist, Oliver Robins/Martin Casella panel discussion, http://www.wbshop.com/Poltergeist-BD/1000019050,default,pd.html?cgid. I shot J.R. Ewing! DR. LESH (O.C.) Martha, my dear. SEATON[pausing, assessing the taste, then pompous] It pulls away from the curb. His face is stony, his eyes staring off unfocused. So who's to say an artist shouldn't step back from his easel to admire the sum of his parts. No manifestation makes contact with any other. My mom always makes her instant...she just adds cinnamon and Aunt Trish...sorry..PAT never knows the difference.

ANGLE-DONNA AND SCOTT-Scott is searching for what she saw. In the film, the shot where Diane sees the Beast amongst the other spirits on the videotape was cut. TANGINA The statue this time comes alive and as Bruce fights with it, skeletal bone is revealed underneath and alas it is Kane. Sure. DR. LESH She pushes him back. Can you make my face look bigger? Come on, I'll get you something.

DIANE As she disappears there is a burst! Right. Bruce's cries of pain can almost be heard amid the howling wind as Pat fights to her feet, the rope pulling her about the rig, slamming her against the building, against the back of the rig. CAROL ANNE Don't remember this scene? Slaming into a wall and sliding along the icy floor. Have you ever heard of the term "teleportation"? Outside in! . According to an issue of Cinefantastique magazine, this scene from the kitchen sequence was also cut: Some of [Michael] Wood's kitchen effects ended up being cut. Tell Grandma to call the very second you walk in. DR. LESH AND A SENIOR ADVISOR, ANTHONY FARROW. Bathroom-Gardner Apartment-Day Dust rises off the bed and Diane SNEEZES.

You can maybe squeeze in a half-gainer, jackknife into a swan, twist back, tuck, splash. Suddenly the freezer door flies open. Int. Farrow picks up a beautiful brooch. She says that she is all he needs to 'go into the light'. Pat hates instant coffee. Beside her is a good-looking, normal-sized man in his early thirties.

Pat holds on to the trembling rig as she fights the icy wind and attempts to lengthen her safety cable.

Later Writer/Producer Michael Grais did confirm this: "Yes, I do remember something like that...it was a great scene. Diane is fighting all this time when everything suddenly stops. Steve starts to follow, reaching out to help with the bag. Diane calls it Vanity Point. LESH Boys to the left. As much as she wants to, Diane won't go in. Deleted Scenes. *******************************************************. Looky-loo. FARROW

At his side is E. BUZZ on leash. Temperature's dropping. "We rigged it so she hit the wall wearing a breakaway helmet and stuck her head through a breakaway wall.

Call us. She's finally pulled forward and down onto the floor of the rig as she struggles to hang on. HELEN Patricia glances askance at Donna, then rips open her packet of vitamins, pops them in her mouth and starts to take a sip of coffee. FARROW Spielberg felt it reduced the intensity of the sequence. DIANE

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