That incident ignited a race riot that would go down in history as one of the country's bloodiest, and least-known, to date.

Broken furniture is strewn about the front yard.

", "These current Karens believe that they are defending their families and their communities, that they're these moral vigilantes," Mathieu said. "It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, looking back 100 years later, that the response to the violence perpetrated upon African Americans in the wake of the incident at the beach wasn't aggressively prosecuted or even investigated after the fact," says John Russick. That was 1919, during what would later be coined the "Red Summer," when communities across America were reeling from white mobs inciting brutality against Black people and cities were still wrestling with a third wave of the so-called Spanish flu pandemic that emerged the previous year. A group of men and armed National Guard in front of the Ogden Cafe during the race riots in Chicago, Illinois, 1919. Erik Ortiz is a staff writer for NBC News focusing on racial injustice and social inequality. What about now?

She was just enjoying some of the excitement of being in a really big city. It's unclear what this summer might hold and if the large-scale chaos that echoes the bloodshed of 1919 will materialize amid an ongoing racial reckoning. So pressure was building, and Eugene Williams' tragic death at the beach was the final straw.

Historical accounts also described how white military members, who had returned to Washington after the end of World War I, seized on sensationalist rumors of Black men assaulting white women, which was amplified in D.C.'s newspapers. 100-year-old Timuel Black Jr. is a historian, educator and activist who has lived most of his long life in Chicago.

Armed National Guards and African American men standing on a sidewalk during the race riots in Chicago, Illinois, 1919. There was fierce competition for the existing apartments and homes, even though many of them were substandard. hide caption. In Chicago, Eugene Williams' death was what sparked the city's riots, but kindling for that fire had been building for at least a few years. "What does it mean to have the story of Eugene Williams, 17 year-old black boy, which then becomes the story of Emmett Till, which ten becomes the story of Laquan McDonald?" An estimated 200 black people were killed by white people, according to. Free shipping BOTH ways on red summer shoes from our vast selection of styles. "These are moments of extreme precariousness, where people are suddenly uncertain about their fate, economic prospects and the social order," said Geoff Ward, a professor of African and African American studies at Washington University in St. Louis who has mapped out historic incidents of racial violence. James Weldon Johnson, an NAACP leader who organized peaceful protests that year, began using the term Red Summer to describe the bloodshed. Red Summer is the first narrative history written about this epic encounter. But Ward said the anti-racist movement of today coupled with the effects of COVID-19, which has disproportionately affected Black communities, only means the struggle continues for substantive civil rights and policing reform and the assurance of equality for all in their daily lives. she asks. But they weren't just fighting against the violence. The commission members, six black men, six white men, looked at the root causes behind the riot and concluded, as would the Kerner Commission Report 50 years later, that racial inequality was a major reason for the violence. "What does it mean for us to be constantly living this recurring nightmare?".

Red Summer: 100 years ago, white mobs across the country attacked black people. It was during the summer months when the violent assaults began spiraling in major cities like Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Chicago, places where African Americans were migrating in large numbers for opportunities that didn't exist in the South.

They were staying with relatives until they found their own place. The South Side neighborhoods to which black Chicagoans had been traditionally relegated were bursting at the seams. In Chicago, some 1,000 black homes had been burned down.

They were also fighting back against false media reports that blacks were the ones inciting violence and also fought for justice in biased courts. "At the time, people in Northern cities—especially Chicago—saw it as an invasion," says John Russick of the Chicago History Museum. And it wasn't just Chicago: more than two dozen cities throughout the country had their own Red Summers—in Washington DC, Houston and Charleston all experienced racial violence. The drivers made no stops and dropped all the passengers off at the end of the line, her granddaughter, Claire Hartfield, remembers her saying years later.

The Omaha Bee reported that a ".

Black Americans standing up to societal structures in unpredictable ways. In July 1919, white veterans were galvanized by a rumor that the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., had released a black man suspected of sexually assaulting a white woman. Anger escalated on the black side of the beach when it became apparent that no arrest would be made. When you look at history, white women were foot soldiers in some of these riots and women 100 years ago were just starting to flex their muscle within the Klan.".

A mob runs with bricks during the race riots in Chicago in 1919.

Jun Fujita/Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum That was 1919, during what would later be coined the "Red Summer," when communities across America were reeling from white mobs inciting brutality against Black …

"The white police were a tool of white supremacy in Chicago at this time," he explains. Stay cool when the weather heats up with Summer Dresses.

An estimated 40 people were killed that July in the nation's capital, with hundreds of federal troops deployed to stamp out the unrest. hide caption. There were seeds back then, she said, of issues American society is still grappling with today.

None of the white participants in the riot ever faced consequences for their involvement.
"I remember how afraid my mother was, how afraid my aunt was," she says. In this July 13, 1919 image provided by the Library of Congress, Daniel Hoskins stands with guns deposited at Gregg County Courthouse, in Longview, Texas, following race riots during Red Summer. hide caption. What would come to be referred to as the country's Red Summer was a series of race riots that occurred for several months in different places around the country. We're still struggling with how to get along with each other.". (CNN)Thelma Shepherd was riding back to her Chicago apartment on July 27, 1919, when her streetcar came under attack. This weekend, there will be services, lectures, even a walking tour of some Red Summer sites, in an effort to learn from--and not repeat--this chapter of the city's history.

Jun Fujita/Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum Thirty-eight people were killed, 23 of whom were black, and more than 500 were injured, the commission on race relations said.

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