Charlie Barlow (Stratford Johns) and DS John Watt (Frank Windsor) are invited to select their new élite squad, and it introduces viewers to the four patrolmen who are chosen. Star: Brian Cant. Buy this series on DVD at UK (Granada) Drama.

Points were awarded for performance and the two heat-winning couples then competed in a semi-final. -- with some classic one-liners and insults. Josie would appeal to pre-teens, especially girls, although the show had a large male fan base as well. ITV 1977-9; 1986, English teacher Jeremy Brown (Barry Evans) bit off more than he could chew when enrolling as instructor of an evening class for mature foreign students. Nicola Harvester (Ann Sharp) is his publisher, and Sir Brian (Dennis Price), together with his assistant, Ryland (Ronald Lacey) are civil servants who blackmail King (over tax evasion) into working for the Government from time to time. He had been given the chance to retrieve his dodgy reputation within British Intelligence by bumping off an enemy agent, but this was merely a ruse to nail him for murder and so dispose of him. Calling upon a host of talented scriptwriters (including the likes of David Nobbs, David Renwick and assorted Pythons -- as well as Gerald Wiley, a pseudonym used by Barker himself), each show followed a simple format, opening and closing with mock news items. Also in that historic original cast were Annie and Jack Walker (Doris Speed and Arthur Leslie), landlords of the pub, the Rovers Return. The Generation Game was cancelled in 1982 but was brought back, with Bruce Forsyth again at the helm, in 1990.

Brenda (Gay Rose) is one of Rigsby's later lodgers. Gail has since matured into a mother of three, and wed three times. He changed his name to Englebert Humperdink and did rather better for himself. Among their new colleagues are jovial Welshman Sgt. Callan treats Lonely, one of life's perpetual losers, with complete disdain. Though plots were thin and obvious, the in-jokes kept coming -- for 12 years. For all their efforts, the Seven only ever succeed in causing minor problems for The Federation. GEORGE AND MILDRED

A feature film version was issued in 1972. For me, growing up in the early 70s, with the advent of colour television, albeit in a pre-multi-channel world (unless you count three as “multi”), the world of children’s TV was a happy one. Z Cars depicted the efforts of one such patrol team as it roamed the streets of both the old district of Seaport and the modern development of Newtown.

At some time in the third century of the second calendar, the populated worlds of our galaxy find themselves at the mercy of a cruel, remorseless dictatorship known as The Federation. He has been loved and he has been hated, but he is unlikely to be forgotten.

But, although there were instances when our hero found himself at the Gunfight at the OK Corral, among the Aztecs, alongside Marco Polo or at the start of the Great Fire of Rome, for example, the idea was quickly dropped in favour of more popular scary monsters and superbeasts. Another classic was "The Lumberjack Song," a rousing Canadian chorus of machismo which unravelled into a celebration of transvestism.

Chock-full of nudge-nudge, wink wink innuendo, this long-running farce centers on the members of staff in the clothing department on the first floor of Grace Brothers. 6. This was hardly surprising, given the extravagant lifestyle he enjoyed and the outrageous 1970s fashions he favoured. Rate. Personally, I’d love to see Zippy from Rainbow have the Scottish independence debate with Fleegle off the Banana Splits or Windy Miller from Camberwick Green. That all you got?

Returning as a ghost, he helps Jeff bring his killers to book, but, from that time onward, Marty is obliged to remain on Earth (for 100 years), having broken a rule of the after life by staying down here after daybreak. This time the title had been changed to In Sickness and in Health, sadly appropriate considering the obvious illness of Dandy Nichols. The hero is Lin Chung (Atsuo Nakamura), with Hsiao his wife (Yoshiyo Matuso). There were hard-luck stories, too. Modest the hotel may be, but Basil has ambitious plans for his small empire and runs it with great enthusiasm. In the 1950s he branched out into television, appearing in series like It's Magic and winning a run of his own series, including Cooper - Life with Tommy, Cooper's Capers, Cooperama, Life With Cooper, Cooper at Large, The Tommy Cooper Hour, Cooper King-Size and Cooper - Just Like That! Arthur (Tommy Godfrey), Jacko "I'll have a half" Jackson (Keith Marsh) and Nobby Garside (Paul Luty) are their pals down at the Jubilee Social Club. The setting was the fictitious Fulchester Crown Court. When the plug was pulled altogether in 1988, after over 4,500 programmes, there was a huge outcry, but the bosses at Central Television were adamant that Crossroads' day was done and refused to reconsider. But the programme quickly mellowed, introducing more humour and occasional farcical elements. CALLAN Upstairs, long-haired Alan Moore (Richard Beckinsale), a medical student, shares one spartan room with Philip Smith (Don Warrington), the sone of an African tribal chief, and another room is taken by frustrated spinster Miss Ruth Jones (Frances de la Tour), a university administrator. Next door live the Fourmiles: snooty Jeffrey (Norman Eshley), his likeable wife, Ann (Sheila Fearn), and their bespectacled young son, Tristram (Nicholas Bond-Owen), who is constantly corrupted by George. A young person's special, entitled Antiques Roadshow - the Next Generation, has been screened occasionally. UK (BBC) Variety.

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