A thing is (exclusively) its parts — in this solution, the ship of Theseus is exclusively the planks out of which it was originally made. The captain decides that the trip by sea is too arduous and that the ship would likely sustain damage on the high seas.

Remember, in Hobbes’ version, the riddle does not describe a process of plank-replacing on a single ship. In Hobbes’ version, the second ship slowly assumes the identity of Theseus ship over time. In HTML, for example, one may link to a web page, but there is no way to link to a particular version of a web page. How can two things that have nothing in common be the same? Identifying it as a pattern is helpful. Over the years they replace the planks one by one as they are affected by rot. However, Lumpel and Goliath have different properties. Examples of real-life changes to computer programs that may lead to direct parallels with Hobbes’ riddle are: As in Hobbes’ riddle, multiple answers may be given to these questions, and which answer is the best is highly contextual. Your email address will not be published. When such a distinction is properly made, the paradox disappears. This is the more pressing an issue, because in many cases the only thing our tools and languages allow us to talk about are the things across all of time. By doing so, we imply that it is somehow relevant to the question at hand. Goliath, being the form of the clay, is destroyed. Is it still Theseus ship? when rename in function, does it acquire a new identity. By this very formulation, an identity across time is implied: the thing whose planks are replaced is something we can talk about, all the way up the last plank. In such videos the final part of the riddle is invariably modeled as the morphing of a long series of ships into 2 unequal instances of such ships). Nihilism argues that there are no such things as objects, there are only collections of atoms. We are, in short, dealing with the opposite situation from the original problem. However, this account fails to take properties into account. Examples of those are everywhere in everyday computing: files, web pages, rows in databases, variables etc.

If you accept the Nihilistic position, then the problem of the transitivity of identity is a non-issue because objects do not have an identity because there are no such things as objects. →. In many programming languages, all variables are references to mutable objects. Which of these ships is Theseus ship? When doing The Ship of Theseus chapter from The If Machine make the puzzle visual by assembling a model of the ship on the floor with some identical pencils and a piece of paper for the sail. Each time a plank is replaced, we end up with a fully new ship, the previous one having been destroyed. We might ask then: Finallly, we might want to consider what to name this ship.

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