Santa Cruz Skateboards current team consists of: Blake Johnson, Erick Winkowski, Mikey Curtis, Tom Remillard, Dylan Williams, Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Tristan Rennie, Emmanuel Guzman, Josh Borden, Tom Asta, Eric Dressen, Kevin Braun and Tom Knox.

Founded: in Malmo, Sweden by Pontus Alv, 2011/12. During this time Pontus took what might be called a creative hiatus but which would be more accurately explained as a re-connection with his roots. More information can be found at: Primitive Skateboards, Founded: in San Francisco by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud (with support from Fausto Vitello), 1990. With Zero Skateboards popularity at its peak, Jamie Thomas opened up a manufacturing plant in Tijuana, Mexico to manufacture all of Zero and sister company Mystery’s products under Thomas’ Black Box Distribution umbrella, followed by the establishment of Black Box’s own shoe brand Fallen Footwear in 2006. Take Royal, for instance: when Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson’s legs don’t work anymore, at least what they’ve done for skateboarding and their ideas can continue with something they can fall back on.

The company started more than two decades ago and was founded by Johnny Schillereff who wanted to build something so that it can bring some awareness to this community. Another tip skateboard brand based out of California is Zero. Palace are currently working on a full-length video.

In 2013 Louie Barletta took on the role of enjoi brand manager following the departure of long time employee Matt Eversole who cited disagreements with the owners of Dwindle Distribution for his departure. Tommy Guerrero has described this process as, “Happening in a variety of ways…most of Mark’s art that arrives are collaged, a bit from a napkin a bit from a shopping bag – literally. enjoi released their first full-length video ‘Bag of Suck‘ in 2006, winning TWS magazine’s video of the year award and cementing Jerry Hsu‘s status as one of the best street skaters on Earth. Brighton-based skater Ian Deacon’s brand Bash skateboards emerged as Deathbox’s sister brand with a post credits section on Deathbox’s ground-breaking ‘Spirit of the Blitz‘ video (1991). The mysterious Jimi Britches is in charge of team management and logistics and former Alien Workshop filmer Benny Magliano in charge of visual output.

Death have released three full-length team videos since their inception – Death – Squadrophenia (2004), Death – Escape from Boredom (2005) and Death – Better than Life (2007). With an original team featuring street skating originals such as Guerrero and Thiebaud alongside technical pioneers of the early 90’s such as Salman Agah, James Kelch and Henry Sanchez (before his move to Blind skateboards) Real began life as a skateboard brand on the forefront of the rapid progression within early 90’s skateboarding. We feel that skateboarding has much more to offer than being only a sport. With street pioneers Thiebaud and Guerrero at the helm, from the very outset, Real was clearly destined to be a brand which led where others followed. However, with a global slump in skateboard sales in the late 80’s/early 90’s, the rise of street skating and the concerted efforts of upstart brands such as those from Steve Rocco’s World Industries umbrella to unseat Powell-Peralta from its market position, the brand began to lose traction.

With that said, there is a lot of information contained herein, with historical and biographical over views of each brand featured, plus information on the products they offer, their team riders and their cultural output so, without further ado, put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of something and prepare to dive in head first. “They built the industry before they built their business. Their boards are very versatile and can be comfortable for riders of all skill levels.

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