Now he’s incomplete looking for Brown. It’s all Boswell, all the time. “Personal foul, number 55, defense. Todd Jones, The Columbus Dispatch Sunday Jan 10, 2016 at … He’s surrounded by the training staff as tempers flare up-field. Hill - right up the middle and into the endzone for Cincinnati. the official stats partner of the NFL. An 11-yard reception for Green, a holding call on Gay and a strong run up the middle by Bernard plus a face mask call has Cincy on the Steelers’ 35. Here comes the field goal unit. Toussaint getting some good blocks and making the most of them - this time a five-yard gain up the middle for a first down.

Huge third down play here - Pittsburgh need four.

There goes Antonio Brown - catch-and-run, over the middle, running left, then cutting right, all the way down to the Bengals 10-yard line!

“We won the game that’s all the matters” says Roethlisberger to CBS. After seeing a foot specialist, Deangelo Williams is doubtful for the divisional round matchup at Denver.

Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. The Bengals get the stop and the ball after Bryant’s short reception goes nowhere. Joey Porter, a Steelers’ assistant, also walks out onto the field to check on Brown. In Saturday’s game, from the opening kickoff to the 4th quarter,  the Pittsburgh Steelers had complete control of the game.

Todman, a 25-yard run before Cincy tighten up. @LengelDavid. Now another first down - a completion to Toussaint for another 10 yards.

And with that, good morning, good afternoon and good night. McCarron’s hail mary is knocked down and this game is thankfully over.

( Log Out /  First and goal to go! we dey takin out the trash. Pittsburgh hobbles into next week’s matchup at Denver. IT IS A PERSONAL FOUL ON BURFICT WHO PUT A COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY UNNECESSARY HEAD-TO-HEAD HIT ON BROWN! Now a draw that goes nowhere - big 3rd & 9 coming up.

They pitched a shutout, as a matter of fact. They still have all three timeouts left. Well, it sort of leaves you speechless, but somehow Marvin Lewis is still in search of that elusive playoff victory.

Roethlisberger finds Brown! He finds Bryant on the near sideline, and that means he can actually throw. Ugly. 3rd & 1... McCarron throws it away, and why the were not running I have no idea.

McCarron is blitzed, but he floats a ball over the middle and into the hands of Eifert for a gain of 18 and a first down! Jones is sacked on second down by Dunlap and Sims setting up a 3rd & 17. The NFL should be embarrassed, if that’s at all possible, by one of the most disgusting games of football you will ever watch. In Saturday’s game, from the opening kickoff to the 4th quarter, the Pittsburgh Steelers had complete control of the game. Scoring Summary: 12-58-4:21. r/pittsburgh: Community curated front page of Pittsburgh's place on the internet. He’s the replacement for Roethlisberger - a 2013 fourth round pick.

Roethisberger finds Bryant in the far corner of the endzone - Bryant makes the catch high, brings the ball down behind his back, with one hand and keeps control WHILE IN A FULL SOMERSAULT! 25 year playoff drought and counting. It looks like Pittsburgh will get the ball here, somewhat amazingly. Cincy approaching the red zone. Do you have a blog? Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. He can’t move it...trouble here for Pittsburgh. OK, so here comes Big Ben, presumably playing with one shoulder. He’s been in the middle of everything, good and bad all night, so it makes sense that he makes the grab! Watch Queue Queue Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. We’re seeing the Jones foul now, it seems he punched Steelers coach Joey Porter. AJ Green - a 22-yard catch making McCarron look like a real QB. The Steelers suddenly have life with 1:23 left. Big Cam Thomas has it! Brown was diagnosed with a concussion, so it’s tough to believe he was faking.

It sure as heck looks like it... They’re reviewing the play but this is gonna go to Pittsburgh...AND HERE COMES ROETHLISBERGER! And a nie block from AJ Green to boot. While Porter is on the field, Bengals’ Wallace Gilberry walks over to Porter and rams his shoulder into Porter’s back. Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. Cue the debris as Roethlisberger is carted off to cheers from the Bengals crowd. Brown has four catches for 40 yards, Eifert has three for 33. He’s running, he’s tackled - he fumbles! This is a real drive, and they really gotta go to the house on this one...obviosuly (how is that for analysis?). Ross Cockrell would recover the fumble at the Bengals 9. Jones throws short looking for Brown on the near side and the Bengals make a stop!

Mike Nugent would hit the 34-yarder to close the gap to 5 points. FIELD GOAL! McCarron is looking for AJ Green who has his back to the endzone - jump ball, Green has room, pulls it down, avoids the tackle and runs into the endzone!

Data Provided By Ben Roethlisberger is in pads on the sideline but Jones is still at QB... Mike Nugent is good from 35 and Cincy are down five in need of a defensive stop. They will say Bernard was a runner at that point but we are talking about split seconds here. Brown shot back with a photoshopped photo of Brown at a microphone singing, mocking Jones’ mistake of saying “Grammy” instead of Oscar. I think most Cincinnati fans would have hoped he would have been out this week as well. Somehow Bernard gets up under his own power, and runs to the lockers. Steelers 18, Bengals 16: Recap. Fourth Quarter: Steelers 16, Bengals 13 Scoring Play: Matt McCrane 35-yard field goal. They’re on their 30-yard-line. That is a huge play there from the kid, who was poised in the face of a furious rush.

On Pittsburgh’s next drive, Landry Jones trotted out onto the field.

Still a very long way to go here but Pitt have all three timeouts. Cincinnati goes into the offseason with a bitter taste in their mouth. In December, Adam Jones was out for the Steelers-Bengals round 2 in Cincinnati with an injury. They’re on their own 24. The lone bright spot was a 25-yard-run by Jordan Todman, the Steelers’ fourth-string running back in the depth chart. They missed the call on the field and Bernard is shaken up, understandably. Scoring Summary: 5-52-2:18 . Roethlisberger showed why he’s been so successful as an NFL quarterback on that play. “AJ, remember, you’re the greatest quarterback who ever lived. This is when a SECOND personal foul was called on Cincinnati. McCarron in the shotgun, quickly fires to Bernard who is absolutely leveled by Ryan Shazier - helmet to helmet. Little pass to a double covered Antonio Brown on the sideline.

Do you have a sports website? It looks like 0-7 for Lewis at this moment. Jones finds Brown for seven on the far side. The hit immediately drew a flag amid multiple Bengals’ complaining. Create a free website or blog at Landry Jones hasn’t thrown a pass yet - he’ll have to now. Following the play, he was taken off on a cart into the Steelers’ locker room. Bengals fans threw garbage at Ben Roethlisberger as he was carted off after injury:

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Can the kid miraculously lead the Bengals to the unlikeliest of playoff wins? Pittsburgh has all three of their timeouts, Cincinnati has two. So Pitt have the ball on their 29, because the unsportsmanlike over-celebrating call on the the Steelers is still enforced.

Available for everyone, funded by readers. Bengals call for time, they have one remaining.

It’s barbarism at Paul Brown Stadium.

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