I'm taking over, its over. On much bigger beats than you've gotten from your big bro/ I Love being better but I hate having to prove it/ The situation stays the same and nothing ever changes/ I hate that my tempers so short when the days long/ You must like to pipe brown/

Y.K.W.T.I, When one door shuts another opens up/ "Give It Up", everything from your gwop to your rings Trying to stay afloat as life goes overboard/ If you like Stig Of The Dump, you may also like: supported by 37 fans who also own “Kubrick”, Soooo hot album there!

spark the piff let it coirculate my system/ Headed for the battle ground like "I ain't ever backing down"/ And yeah I hate being a pessimist/

I blow smoke into the sky for the hustlers/ So if i'm not your favourite rapper then im probably theirs. You don’t want beef when you see me, pipe down/
If you like Stig Of The Dump, you may also like: supported by 21 fans who also own “Mood Swings”, Syntax with the lyrical attack make your head rack, well I smocking that fat crack in a big sack Sam Bauress, supported by 20 fans who also own “Mood Swings”, This song changed my music variety entirely but to be honest the entire album is amazing and not to forget all the bands that feature with Sinners are great as well highly recommended Drew Diamond, A Slice Of Fried Goldby Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana, supported by 18 fans who also own “Mood Swings”, Bristol’s The Allergies deliver a big, booming, soulful album full of classic-sounding breaks, head-nodding hip-hop and sizzling funk.

Ive had it with you guys tryna swipe at my crown/ My shits gritty but still all of it true/ SCRATCHED HOOK "Its economics............... can't stop it", Its Time for dirty, stinking, filthy, rotten, belligerent one/

Every day I edge closer to going nuts/, Hook:

That’s why I take stock at the start of the week/ Rapidly losing sanity, under the sword of Damocles/

I live with the agony of truth like it was meant to be/ So many lust the fame, while I fiend for some clarity/

Until they wake and realise where they are again/ Hate life, hate rap, hate white, hate black/

Try hyping ill stand my ground/ So pin ya pin ya ears back like face lift/ Kai's on some next shit, You guys are pathetic I Love being better but I hate having to prove it/ Lifetimes finite, so everyone meets defeat/ “Ouch” and yeah it feels real good/


Oh shit, get word to the dj/ Im a black sheep, bad seed, all round scruffy clown/ So pin ya pin ya ears back like face lift/

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ?/ Project Goon, You never seen a rep thats so deep/ Im the god damn king with the mic in a closed fist/ Bandcamp New & Notable Dec 9, 2019, Gritty hip-hop full of introspective lyrics and dirt-encrusted beats.

Spitting venom while im swigging a cobra/ So fuck a manager, a major and a marketing scheme/ Dying to let you muppets know how my shoe’s taste Fuck Street Fighter I got game/

I'm stupid def, i got riggamamortis/ With skills to burn a rapper up in white hot flames/ #sp #resone ezfrag, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Irish Rapper Denise Chaila’s “Go Bravely” Confronts the Complexities of Identity, On “Miles,” Blu & Exile Strengthen Their Chemistry and Revisit Their Roots, A Look Back at Gangsta Pat’s “Deadly Verses”, Exhumed and Gruesome's Matt Harvey checks in, with jams from Cannibal Corpse, Midnight and more. Nah, why am I lying I just baked with munchies/ What's the matter you sound a little threatened mate/ I hate being slowly overpowered by my violent side/ If you wanna get rich play the lottery/ Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax, BVA, Datkid, Jam Baxter, Ed Scissortongue, Mr Key, Fliptrix & Leaf Dog by Dirty Dike, released 13 May 2013 So big its got its own dick and its still bigger than yours is/ Nocturnal workers burn their herbs after dark/

Hook Then spaz out like the riots in Brixton/ "Yeeah" only go clubs to stare/ Lets get battered and act like dicks/ King Kai, im spitting on paupers/ NO ONE im fatter than a wideboy marker tip/

The rest of you fuckers can ride my diction/ I hate seeing worry in mothers face/

Hip-hop heals in Canadian MCs' guide to evolutionary medicine and the Darwinian roots of disease. I pack flavour like fat bag o brannigans/

Well I guess that explains why I hate being by myself/

See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "jehst" on Bandcamp. SCRATCHED HOOK "Its economics............... can't stop it" Step on toes & claim everything's air/ Find us on Instagram - @eltoppoband, The Dublin trio melds post-rock and jazz, adding electronic touches, for a signature sound that's energetic, spacious, and resonant.

While trying to figure out the game like Micheal Douglas/

You want a pop your in the wrong place/ Cop shops are full up, but pockets are empty/

"The more things change the more THEY stay the same".. As featured in the Official video, a T … As the beast prowel freely to steal their next victim/

Like What, like fuck every rapper but me/ Just one hot phrase and a songs Flambed/

See i'll always stand out from the cot to the rocking chair/ We all fiend for things that we cant have/ Hate me ?

This isn't battle raps, its me just being honest bitch/ Think your nice?

Wasting paper getting wasted fuck stacking the chips/

Even gagged & bound, i'll throw fists that smash your face/ Ten years deep yet its still in its infancy/

Shut your mouth & keep schtum or get ya whole camp boobie trapped/ "Fuck You Mu'Fuckers/ Nothing in life is a sure thing. Rise Of The Foot Clan,

Hate love, love hate, I think im gonna lose it/ You dont even get respect from your own peeps

Where times are hard, nobody wants to let ya forget it/ Sweat Shop 4.

Dope like the smoke that they smuggle in from Marakesh/ Sick flow schitzo, pissed living in diss mode/

I bring heat like an arsonist/ I DON'T THINK SO/ The next pay cheque will help me wrestle with these frigging bills/ Errr time i drink im drunker than a Mu' Fucker"

It should be obvious bloodrin/ Free Sh!t...... [FREE D/L], And battle scars are rapidly camoflaged by the concrete

Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 1, 2020, The Rap Guide to Medicineby Baba Brinkman, Hip-hop heals in Canadian MCs' guide to evolutionary medicine and the Darwinian roots of disease. But you don’t wanna see me switch/ You gotta keep up the bravado/

Suave ass narcissist im the top boy/

An album that revisits sonic textures of yesteryear, mixing live instrumentation and sampling to include jazz, fusion, rock and soul.

Never back down, keep pushing forward/ I Love being better but I hate having to prove it/ No time to sit n chill, i keep spitting til’/ supported by 17 fans who also own “The Landing (Part 2)”, best split prophets album in my opinion!! Hi, my dick is enormous/ Out of it shouting “Tarahtid Bumbaclaat”/

But if your hating catch a dick in ya throat/

Fuck Street Fighter I got game/ Arrogant?

"Give It Up", now gimmie that gash/

I live in a world of acid rain & rancid greys/ Where night life's vibrant and rife with trouble/ When ya chips are down don’t back out/ You want green your out of luck, but look for brown & there's plenty/ Don’t hate me cos im doin what your wishing you could WIFTY,

l will be getting ready when its crunch time

"Who's surpassing this?" Call me out, shit I wish you idiots would That’s why I play fiddle, sign on, show no remorse/ But in the cold light of day i see it clearly/ Comatose midweek, alive on a friday/ Breath in let the beat drop its nothing but/ "FIRE"

My eyes stay redder than my letters are/

Hook x2 None of you suckers are moving at my crews pace But hate it when Im serious and heads aren’t as into it/ Forgetting 'bout the routine they go through to make a wage/ Cuts to end by DJ Manipulate.

Grey matters got a slacker penning better bars/ So then i tried to drown myself inside the fountain of man/

The big city, wear depressions generic/ But got the swagger of a blagger so I say what I like/

Its too late, sonny im running the fucking UK I'm never sober, i told you

Live EP recorded at Exchange Street Studios by Ben Gonzalez.

Resistance is futile, there's nothing to do/ I don’t care what you think/ Or else i'll beat you expending energy left in me/ Get all 17 Stig Of The Dump releases available on Bandcamp and save 25%. British shit like fat yatties with broke teeth/

your honestly wrong mate/ Hell bent on again ahead man Disgusting like the fat man having sex/

Pointed, topical lyrics and bright musicianship; a resonant collection of electronic, soul, hip-hop, rock and dance. Experimental indie math rock that's playful in spirit and wonderfully complex in execution. And hate it when I hate myself and people say to stay strong/

Its too easy. A lullaby full of car alarms and sirens/ And yeah I love when I go on tour/

You know she aint flat like an ironing board/ Guess whos back in the mother fucking yard/

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Kubrick, And everyone escape with a little bit of R.E.M Cos im back with an old school track for ya playlist/

Hook. Stanley Kubrick was a master of the hidden narrative, a virtuoso of subtext and composition with an obsessive attention to detail.

And if I got my eye on a broad.

Cos im too busy getting pissed/

Got the whole the globe like “that’s my shit"/

An exodus of bodies, who's eyes are lifeless/

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