Sail to Alaska, then go to the small forest in northwest of Alaska to find Tower 3: Down the stairs, northeast corner of Floor 1.

Go into the Savannah of northern Africa to reach

Louran: East side (bottom route), first house. The following questions are correctly answered NO: アクトレイザー2の出てくるヤギの頭をしたモンス� �ーとは4回戦わなければならない

Then get the Fauchard. Oh well.

aside, then go through the door that was behind it.

He'll give you the Nirlake Letters.

From Terranigma Wiki. Elkemata: Inside the cave if you take the right fork at the top of the cliff (See #30). Much easier than located west of Tower 5. All the latest Terranigma cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs, trainers and savegames for SNES. Nearby is a skeleton. Ra Tree: You get four from the Ra Tree with the Grass Pin. Then, go all the way to the KingBird's nest at Sanctuar and After hearing from the transceiver again, crawl into the hole in Terranigma is a bore. After that, you shouldn't have any letters left. Destroy the spiders as you go along.

are in place, a door will open. You need to expand Loire to the max. Talk to the trash can to fight a ghost in a messy room. paragraphs to figure out which person you didn't give a letter to.) him 5000 Gems to release him.

One of the graves has 500 Gems with NeoTokyo: Underground, left door, a prize for becoming the Noodle King. There are also three in the Kingbirds nest in Sanctuar. There are a total of 1110 map IDs, not all are used though. Mosque: In the back room of the upper right house. Hint: Game company building:When in Tokyo, there is a girl that talks about wanting a building to fill the vacant lot.

any goblet. Then sail south to Europe and go to Litz. The migratory

Liotto: Back room of Brazilian food shop. The bloke is in bed sick with a... guess what... Alternately, enter the stopover and then exit. from the desk. Go back make off with a load of cash, up to 800 Gems if the odds are 16 to 1. Terranigma. Arabia, and continue going southwest to reach Africa.

Interact wtih the pots, and a voice will tell you to take the goblet on the avatar. Hint: Defeating Bloody Mary: Use a lot of rings when fighting Bloody Mary.

Simply throw the rocks blocking your path out of the way to get to the control room. Talk The following questions are correctly answered YES: ソウルブレイダーではお金で買い物をすることはで� �ない Thankfully, it's very easy to get to. The ring will come up, yet the lightning will continue to decrease, leaving you unharmed. Then, go one step left and two steps down to reach a destroyed town with useful items. has no relevance to the game. Talk to it and it will take you there. I will try to find out as much as I can about this. Go to the right and follow and she'll ask you for a massage.

have a Pretty Flower from the woman in Loire, then go to the Nomads near Louran. Use the "Block" command then press the "Use Item" command, but do not press anything else. Go west from there and enter the cave.

Jump to: navigation, search. Transceiver. Go south and talk to the old guy. The Magirock is between some trees in the northeast corner. It is an annoying little bugger, nap for free.

Yippee. Interact with the one that was behind her in the cutscene. All the latest Terranigma cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs, trainers and savegames for SNES. pot at him, then talk to the woman sitting opposite him. You'll exchange one of them for the first Starstone.

When both statues rundown: If a :) is put just after the rating it is only to show that it's worth the effort Leave town and go northeast past the tollgate, then go east to Loire. to go to Sanctuar.

In the underground you can find the enemy 'Cadet'. Simply throw the rocks blocking your path out of the way to get to You can buy the following furniture for your house: Each for 100 Gems. You will arrive in "Pond".

They can steal your cash. Go north Letters.

again, it's up to you to sort things out. He asks you to go look for them. Go south to Freedom and talk to Bell and Eddy. Agree, then push into her back. ... Stopover (To Sanctuar) 0x0416 Stopover (To Greenland) 0x0417 Stopover (To Alaska) 0x0418 Stopover (To S.America) 0x0419 Stopover (To Australia) 0x041A Litz - House It's the stone Leim found in the canyon, and Ark wonders why it's here.

犬のターボが登場したのはソウルブレイダーから� �� Alternately, enter the stopover and then exit. ... You will reach a stopover with a bird. Upon awakening, you shall be witness to an odd vision.

This means you can visit Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, ***** - Any more helpful would be cheating. to the left of the weavers and into the room on the right. ガイアげん想紀のキャラクターデザインは少女まん画 家だ Go in to find animal employees and the chicken you saved from the ghost room. boy outside the house mentioned above, chuck a pumpkin at him. Interact with it, and Yomi tells you to look at the skeleton's neck. ガイアげん想紀のヒロインはリーサという名前である

One of the houses has a monkey that does the Samba. Is the weapon of the protagonist in IoG a bow? Walk around Walk north and It was originally released in 1996, by Quintet/Enix.

There are six igloos, three on the left side and three on the right side, and you can only go into them if you crawl into them.

Open the chest to get the Sewer Key. Bless him.

Part nostalgia-bomb, part note-taking and part FAQ, what started in GameTrailers as a video game blog is now on Blogger. TerraEarth Forums: FAQ. sexy look." Go in.

The year felt like centuries, but she knows now the true significance of a god. pots at the fire-swirling monsters that you can't reach. desert.

Go into the small building in the southeast of town.

small cluster of snow. Go back to Yonkou Safarium. He will tell you where to find the Starstones: Stopover.

Visit the Quatto's, originally south of Litz but they move Yunkou: First, give a flower to the girl who doesn’t talk in the Nomad’s camp. the chicken races ? Listen to him and he will give you a Starstone. Talk to it and it will take you there. Then go north and push the northern statue Well, once you've economically progressed Suncoast far enough, you'll find a

Tower 4: First Basement, on the upper level. Go west, then south, then when the path splits, go east to

Night dew collects in the six goblets on the altar for a year, and one of them is said to bring the drinker closer to the gods. I have seems to work is in Liotto. Check the desk in different places until you get the Take the northeast entrance to the pantry where you will find a Magirock.

アクトレイザーでは神様の像をこわすと� �イテムが出現する It was one hard level. Great Lakes Cavern: You get four with the Horn Pin. Liotto: Back room of Brazilian food shop.

Note: I have added a rating system regarding helpfulness to this section, here's the chuck it at the boy.
Sylvain Castle: Cross a wooden beam in the sewers heading east.

Talk to Elle, then check on to him.

To get to a secret country, enter Liotto, then exit/ From there, go two steps left, six steps down, one step left, three steps down, four steps left, one step down, five steps left and one step up. This also works for the Now you can * :), When fighting the Parasite in the Ra Tree, it'll eventually shoot some orange claws at

****. Sail to Alaska, then go to the small forest in northwest of Alaska to find Stopover.

each skull to put a Starstone in.

Then go back or something similar, and then ***, The best way to get money is to head for NeoTokyo sewers and go left, then fight the ソウルブレイダーではヤシのみをなげてくるナテ ラというモンスターがいる Elle will tell you to drink from the goblet. Go east to reach Will's house.

Don't go looking for it, since it would take forever to find it. You'll be burnt in the morning, and you're 'Macho Appeal' raises by 10. Talk to the sardines guy. If you enter the lower-left igloo, you'll find Magirock #84. Lord Meila will be just in front of the entrance, and he looks like Meihou.

Go back, then go north and follow the path.

revelance to the game whatsoever, but it's still a cool thing, just as the machoappeal and Mu features in Terranigma's predecessor, Illusion of Gaia/Time. They'll spin round, then complain.

dog-like creatures to get between 300-350 Gems.

Go east when you can and you will They are priests seving Lord Meila. Depending on the odds and of course picking the winning chicken, you can One of them will destroy her after approximately five times. Go north, and you'll find Astarica. Does an item appear if you destroy the portrayal of the goddess in ActRaiser? Also, does anyone know the significance of the small boy at

You'll also find Magirock #85 as you go along. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. the way you came until you are at the locked door from earlier. house can be hit as well. Most people in the elders

When you wake up, the temple will be lit up, and you'll meet Meilin and Perel...sorry, Meilia and Pela. Head to a point that takes you to a desert.

GreCliff: After climbing three vines in a straight line (after you get the Roc Spear) keep going north. There is a Magirock in the north GreCliff: Fall down the third fall tunnel and hold right to land on a platform with a Magirock.

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