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Grabbing the Engineer's Key will transform Dark Song back to her more deadly "feral" form that you first encountered back at Sehwa High. After a short scene, you'll regain control of Mina in the B2F Parking Lot. Head down the stairs to return to the Lobby on 1F, unblocking the previously locked stairwell in the process!

You'll need a Grip, Lithium Magazine and Replaceable Cartridge to make one; you can get a Grip (pun not intended) from a duffle bag on the far western wall of the Armory. That's because her Slasher form's primary mode of attack is hacking away at your Health until you die, but you still have control of your character and can run away from her at all times. It is the sequel to The Coma: Cutting Class. A freshman student at Sehwa High, and the playable character of the first game.

Question about Inaccurate Data status. When Youngho first talks to her, she basically tells him to "get lost". A guide going over all the unlockables, and even my opinions on them for those who are particularly bored. Unlike your first encounter back at Sehwa High School, this version of Dark Song (whom we'll call the "Slasher") is armed with a deadly knife. This leaderboard rewards players for getting difficult trophies. Remember, Dark Song WILL track you down if she spots you (even between floors! You'll also be able to enter the Evidence Storage (containing a useful Key Item that Shady Cop in the Armory needs if you spoke to him earlier) by heading east from the Generator Room. If you have already had you final conversation with Yaesol and do not have all the required items you will be locked out from unlocking the true ending because any item you have missed would be unavailable as of 3/20/20 i do not know if its was intended or a glitch in the game. Head back east and enter the Staff Gym, keeping an eye out for the Blighted Tentacles along the way. Before we do that however, head for the nearby Armory. Collect all trophies in The Coma 2. While feral Dark Song loses the Slasher's knife, she is far more dangerous in this form because she will instantly kill you if she ever catches you! Save your game at the Book of Memories here if desired, otherwise return to the hallways. You will automatically unlock the Mysterious Student Trophy/Achievement after speaking with Yaesol for the first time inside the Security Room! Go up the stairs, then head west to enter the Cafeteria (watch out for the Clawing Shadow!). When Youngho first talks to her, she basically tells him to "get lost".

Digital. She explores what she calls the Shadow Realm in search of what's most likely a certain "Shade". Platforms Ultra Rare. There is another Blighted Tentacles inside the Staff Gym, so wait for that to explode before grabbing the Chief's Security Pass from the duffle bag on the east side of the room. To avoid being Poisoned, you can let the Blighted Tentacles explode and wait until the toxic gas subsides before walking past. Afterwards I have found the sticky note about the items required to prepare the ritual and went through wormhole in the same room to obtain incense.. Got the incense and could then get to Chance after that. Mysterious Student Met Yaesol in the security room. Immerse yourself in the warped Sehwa district as you encounter an engaging cast of characters, solve puzzles, discover revealing clues, and fight for survival against a relentless psycho. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters will be purchased for 3300 points.

Suffering any amount of Critical Damage will unlock the Tis But a Scratch Trophy/Achievement! To access the Generator Room and Evidence Storage in the left wing of B2F, you'll need to head down via the B1F Staircase instead. yaesol(the coma 2) By MOIDUKDUM Watch. Here is a simple guide for all codes, puzzles, and endings for the Heaven Dust game. When you regain control of Mina after your daring escape from Sehwa High, head east to the police station, speaking with Seho along the way. Enter the Meeting Room and grab the Officer's Keycard inside. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Songreung Police Office. Besonders die Comic-Optik und das düstere Setting weiß sofort zu gefallen aber auch die Geschichte ist gut umgesetzt. You can acquire this Key Item from the Evidence Storage on B2F. Website and all content © 2011 - 2020 PSN Trophy Leaders. Leave the Security Room.

please let me know. The Shade Story: Collected all Torn Pages.

Your only hope of escape is to carry Mace with you at all times! Once inside, examine the journal on the Chief's desk. Head back up to the Officer Lodging on 3F and grab the Engineer's Key inside. Survival Horror Read the note on the locked door carefully; it will provide a clue as to where you can find the Engineer's Key!

Heart of Darkness: Entered The Coma. As she keeps a lookout, she eventually has a run in with Youngsol at the Cafetria of the school. It was released on PC storefronts on January 28, 2020, and is expected to release in Q1 2020 on PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Alternatively, you may hear or even encounter Dark Song on the other floors if you are unlucky enough! While Dark Song is no less deadly with a knife, the silver lining is that you do not need any Mace to escape her in Slasher form! Be warned, you are no longer alone in the hallways, and we're not talking about your ally Yaesol! Game Pretty: Game News, Reviews, Walkthrough, Update and Guide. 59.8%. She is just a puppet of sorts being controlled by something called a "shade". *Disclamer*

He picked up an amulet that Taehoon dropped, which turns out to be a Relic that ends up transporting him into The Coma when he falls asleep during his exams. Go inside and interact with the rubble in the far left stall. This will prompt you to enter the Security Room itself, which you can now unlock using your Officer's Keycard! At this point, you can use the Shadow Telecom to ring up Yaesol for help, but if you read the journal carefully, you'll have a clue as to where to go next! With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. You will automatically unlock the Time Served Trophy/Achievement!

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a 2D survival-horror video game developed by Devespresso Games and published by Headup Games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Topic* Explore the nightmarish district of Sehwa and discover its dark secrets. You can now head up 3F using any of the staircases from 2F. Heroines, forced to confront their worst fears, rarely emerge unscathed. Otherwise speak with the new NPC Yaesol, of the mysterious Ghost Vigilantes, to receive a Shadow Telecom (what a nostalgic looking mobile device!). Night Flight Escaped Sehwa High.

The true survival horror begins here! The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Trophy and Achievement Guide. Yaesol will be added to your list of contacts on the Shadow Telecom! 55.7%. Suggestion Ensure that the Blighted Tentacle has fully disappeared and the gas has fully dissippated first!. The Coma Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Scavenge resources to survive deadly encounters and afflictions. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Otherwise keep going east, and you'll be introduced to a new hazard: the Blighted Tentacles! It is assumed not long after Youngho ends up in the The Coma, she enters too. Steam, GOG (Mac, PC) You will automatically unlock the Denizens of the Dark Trophy/Achievement after speaking to any Noteman in the game for the first time! Save your game at the Book of Memories if desired. Youngho ends up failing at properly escaping The Coma and is rendered comatose and hospitalized in the waking world.

Report a bug Complete refers to earning 100% of trophies for the game including downloadable content. The Shady Cop will let you know what materials you'll need to craft a Taser at the nearby Crafting Table! Blood of Steel is an online competitive game. Once inside, you'll gain access to the first of many Crafting Tables in the game. Contents. Entered The Coma. The Coma Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Otherwise, ring up Yaesol using the Shadow Telecom for help. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Walkthrough and Guide. Dark Song: What sharp teeth you have! if you have any problems.

The experience isn't complete if she doesn't show up at the worst possible moments, but keep your ears peeled; you'll know Dark Song is nearby from the telltale footsteps of her high heels. ), so always be prepared to hide, and complete the QTE Commands as best you can. A Relic’s pull into the Shadow Realm will be stronger if it connects with a location’s tragic history. It was released on PC storefronts on January 28, 2020, and is expected to release in Q1 2020 on PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for The Coma: Recut.

Blighted Tentacles are akin to land mines which will trigger and automatically explode as you approach them, leaving behind a cloud of toxic gas which will Poison you! Trophy/Achievement How to Unlock ; Vicious Sisters: Start a New Game. January 28, 2020 (Steam, GOG)September 4, 2020 (PlayStation, Xbox One, Switch) This hotspot will NOT appear until you speak with the Shady Cop! Once inside the police station Lobby, continue east (past the locked B1F Staircase) until you reach the first open stairwell leading up to 2F. Collect all trophies in The Coma 2. Grab the Songreung Police Office Map off one of the tables.

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