Zeta and Ro look for one of Zeta's creators, Dr. Aroyu, who now works at a Space Lab. Alignment Zeta was almost defeated by Batman, but subdued him.

But when a passenger accidentally plunged a ski into him, he was exposed to the ever vigilant NSA.

Other characters: Bucky Buenaventura | Infiltration Unit 7 | Dr. Selig | Agent James Bennet | Agent West | Agent Lee | Agent Rush | Agent | Andrea Donoso | Bruce Wayne | Batman/Terry McGinnis | Dr. Aroyo | Carl and Dex | The Dolans | Dr. Edmund | Jason Foley | Dr. Jacobs | James Bennet Jr. | Kevin | Casey MacCurdy | Sheriff Morgan | Tiffy Morgan | Wade | Blake | Dr. Boyle | Dr. Byrne | Roland Deflores | Krick | Colonel Lemak | Dr. Myrell | Plug, Meg and Buss | Slam | Sven | Titus Sweete | Dr. Tannor, Season 2: "Wired" (Part 1/2) | "Resume Mission" | "Hunt in the Hub" | "The Wrong Morph" | "Ro's Gift" | "Lost and Found" | "Eye of the Storm" | "Quality Time" | "On the Wire" | "Cabin Pressure" | "The River Rising" | "The Hologram Man" After this rampant reaction, Batman was not fully convinced Zeta could overcome his programming to kill. Animation. En route to Gotham City Hall, Zeta was intercepted by a gang of Jokerz, but he easily hurled them away.

In this spin-off from the blockbuster animated series "Batman Beyond," futuristic vehicles, weapons and technology meld with the touching and humorous story of two misfits who need each other to survive in a dangerous … [8], Zeta decided to call the NSA directly to try to convince them that he no longer had a desire to kill. To prove his innocence, Zeta and Ro search for his creator, the elusive Dr. Selig. Max, however, dared him to corroborate his claims by disposing of his weaponry, and finding a way of self-defense that didn't involve the killing of others.

It is a spin-off series based on the character Zeta from the Batman Beyond episode of the same name.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Infiltration Unit Zeta was built by the government to replace and eliminate targeted enemies. At that point, he was attacked by Batman in an attempt to rescue Max. Unfortunately, as he was leaving, he ran into the real Dolan.

After his first encounter with Batman, he discarded most of these devices, but held on to a laser torch, which he used to perform repair work on himself and cut through metal and wire. Bucky tried to control IU7 with his remote control, but IU7 had an override program installed. [11], Zeta met a young genius named Bucky who had invented a remote control that could control any machine with the proper schematics. Zeta had a holo-projector which allowed him to appear to be anyone or anything he desired, as well as extending it over anyone or anything he is touching.

Zeta was originally equipped with a full arsenal of destructive weapons, such as a grenade launcher, at least six pistols and a plasma cannon.

He is also equipped with a built-in cred card that can generate an unlimited amount of credits, allowing him to pass without suspicion. When a chance to kill Agent Bennett arose, Zeta passed up and made a run for it. Zeta complied with Max's request, and threw away all his guns. In the process, Zeta witnessed Dolan's daughter ride her first bicycle. Capable of transforming himself at will into any human shape and possessing amazing cybernetic resources, Zeta joins Ro, a 15-year-old street kid in her own kind of trouble with the law. Zeta was built by a team of scientists as an infiltration unit for the government. After IU7's attempts to escape accidentally caused the weapons facility to explode, IU7 was temporarily disabled. Batman found Zeta there, and thought that he had come to kill Ro. : The Return of Black Adam, https://warnerbros.fandom.com/wiki/Zeta_(The_Zeta_Project)?oldid=90256.

Zeta is pursued by a team of NSA agents, led by the obsessed Agent Bennett, and is aided by a 15-year-old runaway, Rosalie "Ro" Rowan. [12], While ordering parts from the classified NSA infiltration unit order website, Zeta had discovered that another infiltration unit, IU7, was going to assassinate weapons dealer Roland De Fleures. After a struggle, Bucky's remote broke in half, and Ro used the other remote control to keep Zeta from killing the man, but the man had already confessed. After developing a conscience, Zeta went on the run. This had often led her to want time away from Zeta, but it also had helped her to become less withdrawn. Zeta could go for long periods without shutting down, as his power cells normally drew hydrogen from the air. The story's main character, Infiltration Unit Zeta, is a humanoid robot (synthoid) designed to carry out covert assassinations on the behalf of the National Security Agency. All Site Content TM and © 2020 DC Entertainment, unless otherwise noted here. Zeta and Batman swapped places, and Zeta escaped the building under his guise.

To the Movies • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm • Batman & Mr. In his quest for Dr. Selig, Zeta, accompanied by Ro, returned to Gotham City, where Selig was scheduled to attend to the World Science Symposium. Overwhelmed by with his recent memories, Zeta spared him, only asking that Dolan complete the ruse that it was actually him during Zeta's infiltration with his family by filling him in with what he needed to know. Freeze: SubZero • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman • Batman and Harley Quinn (Part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies) Before Batman could thank him, the facility was raided by the NSA, and in order to evade capture, Zeta plugged a giant laser gun into himself and opened fire. The individuals were then killed. Zeta abducted the High School's top-tier student Maxine Gibson, and hacked into NSA to pinpoint his homing beacon. Full name The Zeta Project follows the exploits of Zeta and Ro as they attempt to prove that he is genuinely non-violent, whereas the NSA agents pursuing him believe that the terrorists he was investigating before going rogue have reprogrammed him for some unknown purpose. Zeta escaped and had managed to hide from the NSA until a laser shot forced him to reveal himself while protecting an escaped runaway named Rosalie Rowan.

They … Web cartoons: Gotham Girls • Lobo It was a spinoff of the Batman Beyond episode "Zeta".

He was relentlessly cheerful, and because of his analytical mind, he did not understand the concept of sarcasm. Background information Infiltration Unit Zeta To prevent his cover from being exposed, Zeta was about to follow his directive to terminate Dolan, but Dolan pleaded for his life, by saying he had a family.

The show was created by Robert Goodman and Warner Bros. Zeta was to impersonate Eugene Dolan, an accountant with supposed connections to Brother's Day, while he was on a business trip. Zeta fought his way out, and was helped by Batman. Zeta was wildly redesigned from "Zeta" for his own show. Ro was hurt in the blast, and was taken to Arlington Mercy hospital. No explanation was ever given for this. Live-action films: Superman • Superman II • (The Richard Donner Cut) • Superman III • Supergirl • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace • Batman • Batman Returns • Batman Forever • Batman • Steel • Catwoman • Constantine • Batman Begins • V for Vendetta (film) • Superman Returns • Watchmen • The Losers • Jonah Hex • Green Lantern • Man of Steel • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice • Suicide Squad • Justice League • Aquaman • Shazam! Animated shorts: The Dark Knight's First Night • Chase Me • Batman Beyond However, when Zeta discovers that one of his targets is innocent, he experiences a kind of existential crisis about goodness and the value of life; following this epiphany, Zeta finds he can no longer kill. Consequently, it is part of the DC animated universe. Batman managed to trace Zeta down in the Department of Health.
Zeta tried to get out of town.

His chassis can resist a high degree of extreme heat or cold air but it can't resist for long. Animation. Then she taught him how to combine physical traits of people he had previously impersonated, and thus creating his own identity. The NSA were still certain that Zeta's strange behavior was a result of reprogramming rather than sentience, with Bennett stating that the "conscience" was just going to be Brother's Day's cover story, so they sent agents out to try to capture Zeta, tracing his every call to Bennet. [3], The NSA were given new orders, to try and recapture Zeta: he was an extremely expensive synthoid and they wanted to reprogram him to work for them again. Six days later, Zeta infiltrated Hamilton Hill High School posing as teacher Miss Martel, having bound and gagged her in her own house, until he was tracked down by Agent Bennet and the NSA. Futuristic Having witnessed the sincerity in Zeta's intentions, Batman allowed him to escape from the NSA. • Joker • Birds of Prey The Zeta Project is an American science fiction animated television series produced by Warner Bros. The Elite • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns • Superman: Unbound • Batman: Assault on Arkham • Justice League: Gods and Monsters • Batman: The Killing Joke • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox • Justice League: War • Son of Batman • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis • Batman vs. Robin • Batman: Bad Blood • Justice League vs.

Television programs Zeta was ordered to stay with Dolan's family and find out the name of the donor. It first aired on Kids' WB in January 2001. When IU7 rebooted and restored his mission objectives, a memory of the weapons dealer morphing into Zeta caused IU7 to switch his mission objective to destroy Zeta. Nationality Soundtracks: The Zeta ProjectBatman BeyondJustice League Unlimited He was bombarded by a flurry of laser beams, pushing him down the roof of the building. Zeta had a holo-projector which allowed him to appear to be anyone or anything he desired, as well as extending it over anyone or anything he is touching.

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