Robin was mentally and physically tortured by The Joker, who attempted to make him into his own image. I loved Tim Drake as Robin in the animated series, and after seeing what happened to him in Return of the Joker, I just could never come to terms with that.

The Joker's back and Tim doesn't stop shaking. Robin was mentally and physically tortured by The Joker, who attempted to make him into his own image. Tim Drake Jr. (Timothy Richard Drake) See Photos. 5 comments . tis canon too.

Batifamilia [Imágenes] - Batifamilia. Tammy Drake.

Later in his life, Tim completely gave up the life of a hero and became a top-level communications engineer, got married and had two kids. Everyone in the world he had inserted himself in were either old, murderous, or just people he didn’t like very much. He had very little respect for his father, and often had to fend for himself. It’s not everyday you teleport to another dimension, meet another version of your family (and then some) and realize, they have it so much better than you. They wanted to go far away, but their wings had long since been clipped by cruel adults.They forgot what light was like.Until it appeared, and a reddish light colored the rest of their worlds. His laughs and crys are done by Andrea Romano. Requests for characters or tags are very much open.Flashbacks of torture, guilt and depression, villainous adoption, hurt/comfort, therapy sessions, mild Gore, BDSM themes/bondage, PTSD and anxiety, disabilities, urine and blood, and human experimentation. Except Gabriel convinces everyone that she is Hawkmoth, the kwami turn her INTO the miraculous box to keep themselves out of his hands, her move to Gotham is in fact a move to a cell in Arkham Asylum and she meets the villain's in 'group therapy' not on the streets. As part of his final joke, Joker molded Drake into a crude version of himself and planned on having Drake deliver the killing blow to Batman. The New Batman Adventures, and Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. He could, but Jason knew the poor kid would be dealing with this the rest of his life, and even then, recovery wasn't a guarantee. Drake accompanied an unconscious Batman back to the Bat Cave, where he stumbled onto his secret. When Bruce Wayne went mysteriously missing, Tim was left to protect Gotham on his own, while Nightwing and Batgirl went to search for him, thinking that Ra's al Ghul had a hand in the disappearance. Tim Drake as Joker Jr. Joker Jr. (or J.J. for short) is Tim Drake when he was brainwashed and tortured by The Joker in Batman Beyond : Return of The Joker.His laughs and crys are done by Andrea Romano. )12 Damian & Dick shop13 Fantasy Setting AU14 Damian has friends15 Bette and Barbara meet16 Dick grieves- Stephanie helps17 TimKon- Sleeping Beauty AU (but *superheroes*)18 Bruce & Damian Bonding19 Duke figures out his new family20 Damian defends Stephanie21 Claire Clover (Gotham Girl)22 Tim's depressed, Jason cares - Cue Road Trip23 The Manor's decent to Zoodom24 Damian babysits Mar'i & Helena25 Villain AU26 Telepathic Tim27 Talia Redemption Arc28 Reverse Batfam AU29 The Malone Family30 Everyone Loves Alfred31 Bruce realizing he loves his family, "Bruce had found me before I had fallen off the edge of humanity yet I am still dangling over the cliff every day of my life. To help him recover, a close friend of the Wayne family, Dr. Leslie Thompkins spent a year treating Tim. A collection of oneshots centered around the Batfam. "He won't-" Tim shuddered, looking at Jason with haunted blue eyes. "We'll help you manage, okay?" General Information Renaming him "Joker Junior" aka "J.J." the Joker claimed Drake as his and Harley's new son, and planned on using Drake to destroy Batman. He let his hand rest in his when he saw Tim was uncomfortable with the squeezing. Their worlds were grey and dark, as if they lived in the deepest darkness. ( aka: me just wanting to write happy f!batfam and shove my hcs in while also making c!batfam suffer and realize they could never be as happy as them.

Don’t think about Robin, about Batman, about dirty buildings with concrete floors covered in a Robin’s blood. He developed a bit of a crush on the girl, who seemed to be living in constant fear of an unknown assailant. He was traumatized of what he saw that night he saw a psychiatrist, Dr. Leslie Thompkins until he was back to himself.

Tim Drake (also known as Tim Wayne) is a crimefighter that works with Batman. He is voiced by Matthew Valencia in The New Batman Adventures, and Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (as a child), Dean Stockwell as an adult in Batman Beyond : Return of The Joker, Andrea Romano as Joker Jr. in Batman Beyond : Return of The Joker, and Eli Marienthal in Batman : The Mystery of the Batwoman. Tim Drake as Joker Jr. dispensed entrusted secrets to the Joker. He asked. I'm not great at summaries lol. After he was restored back to sanity, Bruce forbade Tim from ever being Robin again; he blamed himself for what happened and swore that he would never endanger another young partner. He also faced off against most of Batman's rogues, despite some sheltering, like the Joker, Mr. For months, Wayne trained Drake and had him enrolled in school. Tim stumbles into Jason one night, high on fear toxin.

"It had been a while since he had spoken with someone who was his age, with all his schooling done online for peak ability.

You couldn't just up and 'get better' from this. Freeze at first considered to freeze Tim Drake the surrogate son, but ultimately decided to go after Alfred. Upon hearing a scream of terror, Robin thought he was saving a lone woman from thugs but instead, fell into a trap set by the Joker and Harley Quinn. Renaming him "Joker Junior" aka "J.J." the Joker claimed Drake as his and Harley's new son, and planned on using Drake to destroy Batman. Soon after, they discovered that Tim's father was killed outside of Gotham. In an attempt to find it, Drake left the key to it's storage and a letter while Steven went under the radar to avoid being found. Traumatized children being found by Harley Quinn and saved by her.

He currently uses the superhero identity of Red Robin. This dual existence explained Tim's increased hatred for the identity of Robin. Drake went on his own (maybe even serving full time on a super hero group of his own) and attempted several times to mend his relationship with Batman but it never fared well. May 7, 2017 - This version of Tim combines both the Batman Beyond version (Yes, I am talking about JJ. He doesn't have any close relationships, he can't afford to. The center of it shows a dimly lit road, surrounded on both sides by endless trees and foliage.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then portals start opening up all over Gotham and Blüdhaven, bringing with them alternate versions of themselves and showing them what life could have been like if even one little thing were different. i dont know shit abt her sorry, (get it bc she wears neon and parrots r brightly colored haha), jesus this is getting long and messy im so sorry, i think thats the canon(?) Jason looked at him and went to his side, offering his hand a gentle squeeze. It was convenient, in all ways but social. He'd slipped into his comforting a child voice, his words much softer than he thought, even to his own ears. Drake went out on his own as a hero and attempted several times to mend things with Bruce, only to fail. ?oldid=4507. (Just a lil post-Joker Junior timsteph thing to cleanse the palate.). tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words.

). Sometime after Dick Grayson left Gotham for good to establish himself in another city, Robin was patrolling alone one night. The potential consequences are just too high. Joker asked J.J. to "deliver the punch line" and kill Batman.

We'll help you-" Help him what, exactly? He decided to say. See Photos. Includes many characters from many universes. Joker Jr. Part 7 Batman Damian Wayne Green hill Infiltrated Revenge Rage Surprise Choice is yours Psycho Monster Girls night out What is it? or, canon batfamily meets fanon batfamily.

Not content with just destroying Tim's mind he sought to further humiliate Batman. Blood and laughter and laughter and blood—the laughter doesn’t stop and the blood doesn’t stop and the tears don’t stop and it won’t stop, it won’t stop—. Tim however fell out of contact more or less with Bruce, and like his life as Robin, Tim seemed to resent his former mentor. Batman Animated Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jason discovers Tim isn't nearly as okay as he seems, and that he might care just a little more than either of them thought. tho technically theyre also chinese? During the battle that followed, the Joker gave Tim a gun and ordered him to kill Batman with it.

what looks to be khakis, sneakers, and parted black hair. His love for his son might have been an influence when he stole a nerve gas compound from Two-Face and fled Gotham. Tim was allowed to become the second Robin. Drake Jr Tim.

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