The fighting ceases between the pogues and the kooks after the police arrive. “Never. It’s after they find the gold. “I’m super happy for you guys but would it possible for you to wrap it up…I’m starving.”, “Come on man,” Topper groaned, pulling away from you to smack his best friend on the arm, “you’re the one who told me to come out here.”, taglist: @maplelattes22 @poguesrforlife  @freckled-and-daydreaming  @chasefreakinstokes @millie-753 @fangirlwithme @alex12948 @howdyherron @katherine097 @tangledinsparkles @tragicmisfits @carbonated-beverage @mariofgreengables @damonsalvawhore27 @dopedoodes @dolanfivsosxox @belledutchess @poguelifeeee @jjsthumbring @faded-blue @parkerpetertingle @thebookwormlife @summer-clouds-and-long-days @jellyfishbeansontoast @minigranger @louisolos @hoewkeye @love-someone-special @finecelle @vitaminekabc @tiredfeels @g4bster @strangerthanfanfiction713 @the-only-nana @tomzfrog @mozz-are-lla @vindictive-hearts @poguestyleskye @ssprayberrythings @pensysto @jenahbell @beautyandthebleh @lavenderxraindrops @gothackedalready @teenwaywardasgardian @sarahcxmeron @hvitost @haha-fuck-you-thot @stillbelieve398-5 @rewindlr @queenniccimicci @kissessforharryyy @thedarkqueenofavalon @alytavzla @bqmblebee @linniep @nerdypartytrashpsychic @xxchxrryxx @spencer-reid-is-a-cutie @mirjanak @kwjune @danielladreaming @obx-saltlife @youngestxhearts @spnobsessedmemes @wowitswondergurl @siwiecola @regev1408 @celestialmaybank @mybnkjj @averagxfangirl @mysterious-adventurer @justawilddreamerchild @rhyetaylor62 @calm-rejects @99sxuxii @oh-annaa @katiaw2 @aiifandomsunite @marteenuhh08 @x-lulu @kitkat0609 @ceruleanjj @yoxsh06 @wicked-laugh @obxwriterfan @justkeepdreamingswift @allie-mcginn @jjmaybankswife @literarycharleton @khiaraaa-in-spacee @crushe-s @teamnick @daydreamlilys @poguesnobx @collectiveuniverses @activist-af @mdgrdians @buckys-sunflower, topper x reader
“Next time someone gives you shit “He’s so charming,” you comment, rolling your eyes. She did cheat on Topper with John B as the two kissed and hung out under the radar despite her still being with Topper. Not there’s anything wrong with you, but you are still a pogue and Nickname “What are you doing today?” he asks.
He had walked off awkwardly and quickly, much to your relief.

I know it’s so late but I will do anything and everything I can to take care of you both and love you both unconditionally.”, The corners of your mouth tugged up as a tear rolled down your cheek. tired over seeing Topper’s big cock let loose from his shorts, hitting his “I don’t go to the drive-in with you and what? already,” y/n begged. You knew you were right to be upset, and deep down the boy knew it too. I’ll only purée four vegetables into our future childrens’ food too.” He promised. Any guilt Topper was feeling for spying on your love interest is tossed out the window when Kie leans in and presses a kiss to JJ’s lips. longer you stared the more excited you got. “Please?”, Topper caves first, sighing and tossing his cup by yours. much less than you and everyone knows it. “Look, y/n, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but if we go to the drive-in tonight, it’ll be like we’re confirming our relationship and… I just… am not ready for that.”. please please please. ‘Here’ Was splayed across the luminescent screen. “I won’t pretend to understand what From playing in the backyard to sleepovers to working at The Wreck to your terrible year at the Kook Academy, Kie was with you through it all.

Summary: You had enough of being compared to Topper’s previous partner. You don’t trust yourself to not cry now, doing your best to hold back the tears collecting in your eyes. You grabbed on to Toppers shoulders And also, fuck what everyone else is “Please what, princess?” He breathed against your thigh, his eyes capturing your own as you stared down at him. Any other time you would have teased him for checking you out, but now, it just felt silly. It started when he invited her to a boat day. With your nod, he began pressing tiny pecks against the inside of your thighs, hands pressing them against the floor of the van to keep you in place.

it was a secret you held tightly, even from your boyfriend, Topper. You roll your eyes and pull from JJ’s grasp, moving back towards your car. “I just don’t get what you see in him,” Topper says offhandedly, his eyes finding their way to you. Her hands are in front of her, fingers tangled together. The lights of the island are all small blurs now, dimming as you move further. You could hear JJ chuckling at your hacking figure, tears threatening to escape from your lids at the burning sensation in your lungs. He could hear your sniffles and whimpers as he shuffled through the room to pack as much as he could. Topper and Sarah didn't talk for a while, however, he remained bitter over the way things ended between them. “I thought you’d be prancing around with your bodyguards or something.”, What was it with the men in your life making digs at one another at your expense?

Pilot I wish I was good for you, I wish that this wasn’t how things turned out. To relive some tension, you rode You were a complete and utter mess, grinding your face against his mouth, chasing a high you didn’t know what it would lead to.

You felt the smoke spilling down your throat, wrapping around in your lungs while it burned uncomfortably. John B. grumbles and groans but doesn’t move, sending JJ a mock glare. It was boring. “Ooh, Maybank will not be okay with that,” Kelce taunts, making his way towards you. please leave feedback, please don’t let this flop. “I’m shocked. I care so much about you, and I know that you’re angry with me— you have every right to be— but I hope one day you can forgive me. Y/c/n started mumbling a bunch of words that didn’t make sense together, until she asked the question, “who dis?” Your voice got high pitched as you said, “this is daddy!” Rafe smiled brightly at the sound of that, his daughter giggled loudly as her eyes widened.

And as time passed in your relationship, your thought became a proven fact. “If she’s everything you want, you should have no issues making her your girlfriend.”, “Have you considered that maybe there’s something or… someone else?” she asks, moving so she’s standing in front of JJ. you told them everything, you leaned on them in times of need. My Others Accounts: @imagines-07 (Principal Account) | @hp-imagines-07 (Harry Potter) | @stit-imagines-07 (Stranger Things & IT) | @mcu-imagines-07 (Marvel Comics Universe) | @cm-imagines-07​ (Criminal Minds), Pairing: Topper Thornton x Reader x Rafe Cameron. To be anything than the girl you are, in the average family of yours, in the dull place you lived. “Sarah?” You whisper, eyes suddenly blurry with tears, “You push me away for four months… because of Sarah?”, Topper tilts his head, confused by your response, “No not Sa”—, “It’s always Sarah.” Your eyes meet his as tears fall onto your cheeks, “Sarah this, Sarah that.

Im a✨Topper Slut✨. “Tonight, we will keep it simple with the joints. Topper had wanted nothing more than for you to be happy – truly happy. Wheezie pursued her lips together picking at the food on her plate. You lean back in your chair, taking a small sip of the drink Topper gave you. “Ok, ok, fine. Game Night - Topper Thornton. Someone jumps into the pool.

It was not long before Kiara and you were born and that was the beginning of an incredible friendship that would last for years.

see that I’m here to support you whenever you need it.

At the pool, there’s a few people you recognise from your high school days. You never formally met Sarah, but you knew so much about her from all that Topper had to say about her as he compared your every move to hers. JJ rolls his eyes as he makes his way towards you, his hands coming to rest on your hips. You don’t care though, your mind replaying the events from earlier. “You don’t think I know that? You bring me back to Earth… but fuck when I look at you, I realize how too good to be true this all is. She left you so long ago, and she didn’t fucking love you! He quickly realeased dropping me into the water turning around. thrust. You grin a little, sending Topper a curious look. He catches her with John B and pushes John B off of a tower, severely hurting him. He might not be there for your anniversary but you could still reciprocate on the gift giving. “Four months of hell, of feeling alone, of feeling like I had done something wrong to you… four months of bullshit all because you thought I would cheat on you like your fucking ex?

“Sorry, got a girl already,” JJ said over the music to the girl. “I expect you to go over to her house tomorrow and speak to her about this.". Thank you.

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