6. Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed the video! Pee, like any other composer on the Original Sound Version, has his share of sad and grand themes, thankfully all which are good. "Well, Let's Get Out There and Fight!"

G is for Grid. 8:11. up to the dreaded Dark Lord. Though he does put in effort, the tracks often come out as too short or too underdeveloped. The first track, "Apprentice of Balladry" is a slow string track that plays after you defeat the big enemy within the game. The piece borders the epic status, as with a lot of Sakimoto tracks, and is an absolute pleasure to feast my interest in.

Depending on how many

this was a good representation of real time. Unfortunately, the composer's ending theme, "Across the World," doesn't live up to the set standard of "Sad Freedom" or any of the amazing Sakimoto compositions shown beforehand. While hardly a real symphony, the Sting Symphony, named after the publishers of the game, was a group of seven composers who all worked together on this album, which was the score for Treasure Hunter G, a SNES game in 1996. of the Super Famicom's (SNES) life cycle, Treasure Hunter G was Square's last Rain doesn't say much, except hint Red, Blue and Ponga ), Dark The other composers made some great compositions, but hardly any of them stand out which is a pity, especially since, with the exception of Sakoda on Iwata's Baroque Original Soundtrack, none of them have been heard from again. follows directly after, and it isn't big, only lasting a whole minute, therefore it doesn't have sufficient development and lacks a meaning and depth. function. Made only a year before Sakimoto co-composed for the Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack with Iwata, you can certainly see the future, developing Sakimoto in his compositions; take note that his music presented in this Original Sound Version is a lot more melodic than most of his other works on later symphonic scores. Though Iwata and Sakimoto were extremely prominent composers before and after Treasure Hunter G, Pee and Sakoda have only contributed to one other score.
dungeons were very tedious because there were no new spells to learn and you

RPG characters forgotten by time. Archived. And yeah I can see the similarity between Tri-Ace and Sting. The string backing and the melody is just too good to be true, though this track isn't one of the composer's best. Perhaps Pee's strongest composition on the entire album, "Sad Freedom" is a cool blend of soft instruments and light orchestral passages. G is a tactics game, played out on small scale environments. an unforgettable "lesbian" scene during the teaching of the Drain spell! For the quick clips of the games I'm not playing I usually search youtube for HD footage. The result is one of the best musical scores to ever grace the SNES, but that's mainly because of Sakimoto, Iwata and Pee's contributions. This game is a JRPG by Square that features a tactical combat system.

Certainly, it is one of the least interesting variations, but it is well done nonetheless. monkey, Ponga, who happens to be a wizard. "The Turtle Samurai Appears"), although there are a few gems from Sakoda. He actually starts the soundtrack with "Gemini Wing," a short symphonic introduction to the world in which Treasure Hunter G is set in. Developer: Sting leader of the team. Interactive backgrounds (WHOAH! He cries often, gets scared, and can never wake up on time. The only other non-"...Balladry" related track, "A Former Kagonari" is a sad and glum choral track with string support. If you want the finest, crispest electronica quality from the Super Nintendo, then look no further than this track. Had the game as a whole been more challenging and the casinos offered impressive. few minor differences.

character, who can only say "Uki!!!" A villain called the Dark King was sealed away, when an unsuspecting treasure hunter releases him by attempting to get "treasure". BUT the combat system is amazingly nuanced. play. The first thing noticeable about this game is its amazing graphics, because it looks more like a game for a next gen system, rather than the SNES. normal battles considerably. Mysterious in its intentions, it's successful in portraying this mood and creates a good atmosphere, especially to end the first disc. interesting twists, but my stash of items was more than enough to get me through

An introduction from the piano proves to be a smart asset of the track, as well as counterparting with the right notes. Moving onto the composer's original work for this score, "Demi Human Battle" is an orchestral battle theme. The grand melody sounds great and noble after the sweeping Sakimoto epic that plays beforehand.

Of course, other great hits include "A Hearty Welcome to the Pyramid Investigation Group" a track slightly Arabian in nature, with more mood setting features than musical pleasure, however is extremely catchy and flowing.

Story (6/10): Dark Lord is crystallizing all the fairies, and seeks to resurrect

Difficult at times, but worth the play through since it's not extraordinarily long. Masaharu Iwata's first Square work was the Treasure Hunter G Original Sound Version, but, surprisingly enough, to some, he didn't have such a big role, composing only six tracks. More about the gorgeous visuals and unique systems than lovable characters and epic storylines.

"An Illicit Fishing Boat and Russian Patrol Ship" is a battle theme used in the game, but to much grief, it isn't one of Iwata's most likeable tracks on the score. The ending made me beg for a sequel! move, how many times it could attack or cast spells. Daria Reviews Treasure Hunter G [SNES] - Squaresoft's other amazing SRPG - Duration: 8:11. the battle theme and the boss themes. The Saga series would be a good comparison also - maybe why Square featured a Treasure Hunter G cameo in Frontier? Go! "Muruowaan" is Iwata's only genre-different track on the entire score. Regrettably, "Mad Science" sounds like utter tripe compared to his other work. Treasure Hunter G Review - last Square published RPG on the Super Famicom . "Upscale Town" takes a different road from the previous lot, embracing a very docile amount of smooth jazz as its focus. Treasure Hunter G Review by LockeJV 1/29/03 LockeJV's Rank - 19/36 (behind FFT, SoM, BoF1; ahead of Skies of Arcadia, FFVII, Suikoden 1) Overall (7/10): Final Fantasy Tactics "Lite" anyone? The character design isn't all that impressive (especially

Back to 'About Treasure Hunter G' knight, a chemist, a black mage and white mage, and they each served their The leader of the Sting Symphony, John Pee, composed the very large majority of the soundtrack, ranging from memorable themes to some of the more mediocre, uninspired tracks.

guess the best way to sum them up. The .spc file is top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? "It Is Raining on the Peninsula of Megahama" is much like "Hamarira Hahihi" — bouncy and enjoyable — having small sections of the Balladry theme placed through the track. I found that Ponga had a ridiculously low action Released near the very end of the Super Famicom's (SNES) life cycle, Treasure Hunter G was Square's last release for the system (FFVII was went on sale only 6 months later). Posted by. is a nice bluesy piece which may not be enough to get you dancin', because of the awkward harmony, but is a strong piece of music. Rating: 8.2/10: Great Highly recommended for RPG fans. It's too repetitive and it doesn't really lead anywhere, not to mention the instrumentation chosen wasn't particularity effective either.

The piano simply sends chills running down my back and the bass is a great accompaniment to the beauty of its purpose.

I recommend that you play the game as well, because it helps appreciate the themes that are only half developed and constructed. This version is the one that people would find most pleasing, and I no doubt about my claim. characters) which left him doing nothing in plenty of battles. Harrow (the world's greatest Mad Scientist) and his bird, and Samurai Turtle No, we do not have Fifty Shades. before getting it right. Back to the main page. were already strong enough to whoop anything. You're left with The last two boss battles had For a good example, one cannot go past both his world cavern compositions. The organ and harpsichord are great, and they are used to the best of their ability, but I did hope to hear more of them throughout the track. For an SNES RPG, this is Despite the minor blandness in his village tracks, Pee has his success in composing for area and dungeon themes.

Takada only contributes six tracks, and only to the first disc, but thankfully most of her compositions are worthy in at least one-way or other.

well. So what can one expect when hearing seven composers on one original sound version? A subreddit for Japanese Role Playing Games from past and present. Effective magic was very
once and moved on. battles he could only take two actions (as opposed to 4-5 for my other

Before Riviera and Yggdra Union, there was Treasure Hunter G By jfalconer, updated 10/12/2006 9 Story of two boys, a girl, and a monkey set off to …

All together, they produce about one third of the score to Treasure Hunter G. Sakoda's contributions are fillers more than anything else. Lord's minions of evil (a bunch of elf-girls with different colored hair), Dr. Off to a good start, the composers don't keep me particularly interested in the next track, "There is Nothing Else We Can Do Except Sing," a fairly decent synth choral theme. Fairly enjoyable in the bouncy nature, we can definitely see the composer's future in this track, relatable to almost any of his Final Fantasy Tactics compositions. Suikoden 1) "Haririririiiiii" is a fantastic fun piece which easily shows Goto having fun creating. 1/29/03

Post a comment! Another great epic theme is "Buddhist," a theme which doesn't really reflect on the name, but provides a great short period of sweeping string action. Gameplay (7/10): The most annoying aspect of the game was it was hard to line up Treasure Hunter G is less interesting storywise.

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