But not here. But it’s not a complete trainwreck either. In a half hour episode, he might never have returned, but a longer running time means a story that needs to have a back half. “I Dream Of Genie” (season 4, episode 12; originally aired 3/21/1963)In which George P. Hanley is very careful what he wishes for…. Stars Howard Morris, Patricia Barry. Some of George’s process is there, but the result feels extreme. He is a wealthy tycoon with Roger as his chauffeur and Ann as his financial assistant.

An overview of your most recently watched episodes and most total watched shows. Host and prolific writer Rod Serling penned most of the episodes himself. The genie is something of a disappointment; not only is he dressed in modern garb - except for his shoes - but also he offers George only one wish, rather than the traditional three. This is effective in the sense that it’s unusual; for once, we have someone trapped in a situation where something is clearly wrong, and he doesn’t have to spend scene after scene trying to convince everyone around him there’s a problem. There’s the same accident, kind of, only this time, Gaines remains in contact with ground control, and when he winds up back in a hospital room, circumstances have changed. Add the first question. Directed by Robert Gist. Next week: Todd takes a look at “The New Exhibit” and then wonders why “Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville.”. Earlier seasons have had their good, bad, and ugly entries, but the short run times meant that all but the deadliest of episodes were easy to forget.

The premise is a relatively novel one for the series; while we’ve had genies before, this is one of the few times that the majority of the action takes place inside the protagonist’s head with the protagonist’s full knowledge. 0 List of memorable quotes from the first series; 1 The Twilight Zone … And where is the “real” Robert, the one who knows all about the picket fence and being a full colonel? View production, box office, & company info. Howard Morris: George P. Hanley Molly Dodd: May Milton Parsons: P.R. “The Parallel” (season 4, episode 11; originally aired 3/14/1963)In which this is not your beautiful wife…. He takes it back to work but is beaten to the punch when his brash co-worker Roger gives Ann a skimpy nightgown. Followed by a nifty shot of him lying in a darkened room in what turns out to be a hospital. In way, “The Parallel” benefits from the slower pacing that has plagued so much of this season, because the added time gives the premise longer to sink in. Starlet: Joyce Jameson.

There’s a fence around his house where’s there never been a fence before, and the pin on his collar puts his rank at full colonel, which means he either wore the wrong shirt home, or else he was promoted mid-orbit, or else…Something.

The switch to an hour in length and the pitiful and lame attempts at humor. Unfortunately, this is also a low-stakes approach to the problem, given that none of the fantasies have any fallout in real life. The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic. His co-workers don’t bully him, exactly, but they don’t offer him much respect; the gorgeous secretary (who seems to exist only to be worshipped by the men around her) is polite to him, but not much more. While moments within each section are entertaining (especially the last), they never play as hugely necessary. “I Dream Of Genie” (season 4, episode 12; originally aired 3/21/1963) In which George P. Hanley is very careful what he wishes for… (Available on Hulu and Amazon .) But if the fourth season has taught us anything (and it probably hasn’t), it’s that the “Twilight Zone” also stands for that gray space between great and terrible art. Now he’s back in his own world, and, apart from a brief sign that the other Gaines has popped into this world (before disappearing again, hopefully headed home so it’ll be happy endings all around), that’s it.

George discovers she is having an affair with Roger, who is also a movie star.

He imagines being President of the United States. (“Right, so here Stephen King’s first published novel is Cassie, but in my world…”), No one has ever heard of President Kennedy. Most episodes have unexpected endings and a moral lesson. Charlie bought it as a gift to give to the aforementioned secretary, but winds up taking it home instead, where he rubs it, and a gruff, cynical genie with a sport coat and cigar pops out. Ann: Patricia Barry. Air-tight justifications for the impossible aren’t necessary, but internal consistency is. This episode is a comedy about a man who finds a genie and struggles to decide what to wish for, pondering the question through a series of hypothetical dream sequences.

Filled with invention and irony, the stories are tightly constructed, ingenious flights of imagination with often cautionary themes---and frequently a terrific twist at the end.

A wiseacre genie appears from a lamp to a meek man, George P. Hanley. Except, well, something’s not quite right. At it’s most intriguing moments, “The Parallel” comes close to having a whole group of level-headed, competent people addressing an utterly insane shift in their thinking, and trying to cope with the implications that shift might have. It looks great, but when it comes to making sense? Watson: Loring Smith. Still, if you can ignore the clumsiness (and again, that clumsiness doesn’t become truly problematic until the end), there are scenes of interest. It’s hard to shake the feeling that we, loyal viewers of The Twilight Zone, have been here before. Watson Bob Hastings: Sam Joyce Jameson: Starlet Robert Ball: Clerk Robert McCord: Cast Party Member. “I Dream Of Genie” (season 4, episode 12; originally aired 3/21/1963) In which George P. Hanley is very careful what he wishes for… (Available on Hulu and Amazon .) But in the fourth season, when every story plays out over twice as much time, and when few of those stories escape the pitfalls of sloppy scripting or bad pacing, that gray space is harder to ignore. George buys the lamp because it’s the secretary’s birthday. ... 100 Best Shows: Ginnifer Goodwin Praises The Twilight Zone's Jordan Peele. In half hour form, it would’ve been cute, but forgettable.

Hanley is so used to bad luck, he imagines how each of three possible wishes could go very wrong - but the genie will grant him only one wish! With Howard Morris, Patricia Barry, Loring Smith, Mark Miller. Use the HTML below. The genie is something of a disappointment; not only is he dressed in modern garb - except for his shoes - but also he offers George only one wish, rather than the traditional three. Yet in a way, that makes them oddly affecting. Well, maybe not everyone; Gaines is frustrated, but his frustration never rises much above “Where are the damn batteries for the remote?” levels. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Though initially successful, he is paralyzed by indecision when faced with a global UFO crisis. Not so much. Looking for something to watch? The episode starts with Gaines’s wife comforting her daughter about Daddy’s trip into outer space, and it’s unusual enough to be striking that the story begins with characters who aren’t the protagonist. All of our TV reviews in one convenient place. Games Movies TV Video. As George and Attila later take a walk, George settles on power as his third prospective wish. George wonders what it would be like to be President, but the responsibility is too much to handle. (According to The Twilight Zone Companion, there are hints of problems in the bedroom, but they’re buried so deeply that it’s almost impossible to find them.)

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