The product is great! As mentioned before, the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue are fully made of both organic and recycled materials. I NEVER received any compensation from this awful company.

It was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. What if I dont have the money to cover those expenses?My fault; yes. You can unsubscribe at any time. While they’re supposed to be cool and “hipster”, as they should follow the latest trend when it comes to fashion, they should also be comfortable for everyday wear, especially for people with really long daily routines / daily commutes. As such, remember to only use a damp cloth to periodically clean them by using either a specific product spray or a colorless leather paste.

They are super, super comfortable to wear, even after a long period of hours wearing them and walking around. I'm really impressed with this product and what the brand stands for.

At the end i got the bon and a pair of shoes that fit :) they don’t hurt, look very good, let‘s see how long they last...I wear a EU 38 Nike, New Balance and Doc Martens, 37 Birkenstock, and it‘s a 38 for the brand Saye, not a bigger size as told on the website.

As I said, maybe I just have to wear them more often.

Now, moving on to the Modelo ’89 Blue’s outsole.

EXPRESS FREE SHIPPING 24H-72H. After all, what matters most is not our name, and dare we say, not even our sneakers (even though they are pretty darn great) – but it’s … The Aqua-Vu HD7i Gen 2 Underwater Viewing System features a 1080p HD Camera w/ adjustable IR Lighting, a 7-inch 2200 nits color LCD and a 75 ft cable. SaaS, Android, Cloud Computing, Medical Device), Where the organization is headquartered (e.g. So...yes!

For $599 at your local Walmart, you can pick up what I consider the best valued treadmill for your money on the market today. Delivery was fast (one week from placing the order), they look just like in the lookbook/pictures online and they fit perfectly. The Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue are comfortable and fashionable sneakers that are fully made of both organic and recycled materials, making these the perfect choice of footwear for anyone that has adopted an Eco-Friendly mindset. I also feel like they will keep up for a very long time too. Thanks for your feedback ❤️. Just like when we were Wado, we will continue to stay committed to become a zero-waste brand, we’ll keep fighting for fair production working conditions, keep planting trees, and will work harder than ever to fight against deforestation.

It’s also worth to mention that as these shoes are fully made of organic and recycled materials, you’ll obviously want to maintain their smooth leather in the right way.

well finished. You may exercise your rights at Made in Portugal using Organic and recycled materials. I have them for about half a year and the feel like a second skin after wearing them in (takes about two weeks, because the there made out of more firmer leather). I have the white ones.

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