But one of the advantages of the podcast is it can be a little more nimble because it's a little easier to put together. HUENINGKAI: I've never tried disco before, so my choice is "Blue Hour." As a leading fourth-gen K-pop group in a world that is increasingly paying more attention to the genre, how do you think you stand out from others in the industry? Throughout Blue Hour, a sort of pitstop on their next journey, TXT expertly address the conflicts of reality and reflect on the current need for a pause in real life. Your album, for example, has a track called "Own It," which is basically a self-empowerment anthem. Why did I feel like that?" © 2007 - 2020 6Theory Media, LLC.

I fell into it in many ways. In many ways, you are now on that opposite end where you're inspiring a younger generation of rappers, artists and fans. I hope our fans, MOA, will like it! But here, to really immerse the audience and give a really full picture of what the song was, having those other voices in there was really important. But also, there's a lot of rockers that have had that crazy-ass voice. A fitting next chapter, the EP dips into various genres new to TXT, including disco, dancehall, nu gaze, future R&B and pop-rock, while telling a story about boys who are forced to stand at the brink of the real world during the blue hour. Read: SuperM Talk 'Super One' & Finding Unity In The Covid Era. Featuring instantaneous heat up for your 710 wax for full flavor dabbing vapor sessions. Why did you choose this chord progression?" [CDATA[>*/ (Last week [Oct. 15], Netflix unveiled its next slate of guests for the show's second season, set to debut Dec. 15: Dua Lipa, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails and Natalia Lafourcade. I feel like the world needs women's music to heal as well. Because even before we opened our digital channels, we had been to Los Angeles and actually met [producer] Rami and really liked what he was able to do for other super-popular U.S. artists; we wanted to be able to work with him in order to help bridge the cultural gap, so to speak, between [us] having grown up in J-pop and then wanting to maybe appeal to a broader global audience. That really kick-started my career, because for the first time in Korea, I was asking very straightforward questions. I am super excited to perform this song in particular because there are so many standout dance moves. google_ad_height = 250; Find some of the greatest news in Entertainment at AmoMama, The 420 sales team at 420CouponCodes.com provides free access to the largest database of 420 sales in the world and provides shoppers the ability to In the middle of the track, she floats into soft R&B coos that can still cut like rusty blades. In an interview with The World, your bandmate Sho Sakurai spoke about the group's evolution from a "boy band" to a "man band" throughout the decades. You're a crazy person. And he quickly responded "yes" on them all. RJ Frometa

You found the name for your new album, Nightmare Vacation, while you were on a trip to Mexico last year. Let's get lit." Nam has since worked his way to become one of the most recognized names and faces in Korea's mammoth entertainment industry today. Some days I'm not. Born and reared in Atlanta, Ga., the breakout Korean-American singer had hopes of being a performer. As you may or may not know, physical CDs still sell extremely well in Japan. What needs to stand out in a song in order for you to develop it for "Song Exploder"? I want to hear what the individual tracks, what the individual stems sound like.

ARASHI - Whenever You Call [Written & Produced by Bruno Mars, D'Mile] Discussion in 'J-POP' started by Meisterk, Sep 18, 2020. "Dreams" and "youth" are key elements. I think this is an album that is, hopefully, just going to continue to help progress my music. I remember music was like, "OK, we like her. GRAMMY.com spoke with Eric Nam about his new mini-album, The Other Side, his double life as a host to Hollywood's elite stars and the urgent need for dialogue and social change within the entertainment world and beyond. LiSA sings on the beach in PV for 'Homare'. What were your thoughts and hopes while creating this album under such unique circumstances? Do you consider yourself confident? Not really. It's about trying to figure out what gift to give to someone—someone very special. I never deal with a lot of other things. It's no wonder he was declared one of GQ Korea's Men Of The Year in 2016 and featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2017. But you love life, right? I don't know how to say that. Oh man, so many. That's kind of where I start. They were putting me on TV to become a reporter for international people coming in. And then we just started the process of collaborating. The TXT boys also wrote lyrics for some of the songs on the EP, including "Ghosting" and "Wishlist," proving their artistic growth and telling an authentic story for teens facing the pandemic. Written and produced by Bruno Mars, "Whenever You Call" is a medium-tempo ballad with all-English lyrics.Bruno, who learned that Arashi will be going on hiatus after this year, wrote this song after listening to their songs and watching their live performances. How has the reaction been so far? But I also found it challenging in terms of content, because the only thing that was on my mind is everybody being locked down and the realities that we're living in. What we've really tried to do through this EP was to deliver a story that only we can tell. While this was certainly not planned originally, I actually am really touched by the fact that ... not only is it a song for us and the story of us going on hiatus, saying that we'll still be with our fans, but [it] also really speaks to what is happening right now—the fact that people aren't able to get together, people aren't able to meet, family is not able to come together for important celebrations, etcetera, due to what COVID is doing to everybody.

You don't want to die. I said, "Let's give it two to three years. What can we expect from this new era with Blue Hour? “We originally intended to go to Los Angeles and work under his vocal direction in recording, but alas with the current COVID-19 situation that was not to be…Through many discussions and his advice on how best to handle the nuance of the vocals, we were able to finish it anyway. We also had chances to work with dancers this time round, so it's all very new, refreshing and different. I always try to make "Song Exploder" a show that reflected a broad range of genres and artists and backgrounds. "Why did you decide to make the song this way? Where would you like it to go and what needs to happen to take it there? You don't even need a person to listen to this album with. Why did you decide to enter the U.S. market now? What was really, really striking to us was the fact that there were artists who were winning GRAMMY awards and who had never actually sold a CD before, that the GRAMMYs were being evaluated now based on streams and that people were really enjoying in massive, massive numbers the music of people who were putting digital first. What is "Whenever You Call" about? [Laughts.]. The show's inaugural four-episode run features Alicia Keys ("3 Hour Drive"), Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Wait For It" from "Hamilton"), R.E.M. But fashion was really like, "Oh my God, hop out." I felt like I dealt with a lot of that during [my trip] in Cabo, [Mexico]—just a whole lot of minding myself and growing up and realizing that can't nobody makes choices for me. With films like Parasite and groups like BTS catching major attention and support in the U.S. and across the world, K-pop and Korean music and pop culture have become true global cultural phenomena. Why did I think that? I'm the one of the few active people from three seasons of that one TV show. And since then, we've actually remixed a lot of our classic songs with the help of major mix artists and other American stars in order to give our songs that have been such hits in Japan a little bit more of a Western flavor, all of which have been posted to our YouTube channel. His music choice is kinda cute.

As a person, I want to mature into a good adult. I want to know what the ideas were that inspired all of these things that I'm falling in love with. There's no way everybody feels good every single day. He was very kind to be able to give some of the advice and support and fine-tune the song based on his deep and thorough knowledge of what we were able to bring to the song and the vision that he had that we would be able to bring to the song that was the inspiration of why he wrote the song in the first place. So I was a little stressed about that, but then I realised this is something that everybody is feeling right now. I think the best feeling that I always get from finishing working on an episode is something akin to that. TAEHYUN: I worked on "Wishlist" and also "Ghosting" with SOOBIN. This EP dives into many genres and shows new and different sides of ourselves. That's kind of how 'Paradise' and 'How You Been' came to life.". Even At The 'Top' Of The Rap Game, YoungBoy Never Broke Again Still Isn't Satisfied. With such large shoes to fill, TXT have refreshingly forged a path distinctly their own, finding a unique voice along the way. /*-->