Requests for personal information should not be made here (read more). There are remarks from the applicant for which I mostly I would not make a further annotation but for this occasion I think maybe it is important. Like Reply.

[closed] Ask Question Asked 3 years, ... so it is a natural and obvious question to ask "why do you make so much of it, then". It is about preserving the experience which has been accumulated over decades the political leaders spent in various public posts, so it continues to work for the country. It may sound like a lot to regular breadwinners but really isn’t much given the responsibility they have for the entire nation.

If that is so, then either his reply was not made on the Right to Know website and it is not possible for another person to see these replies, or else something went very badly wrong with the Right to Know website and the reply from the applicant to the Department of Treasury has been lost and the next reply from the Department of Treasury to him has also been lost.

Although Singapore has a president, the country’s parliamentary system makes it so that the Prime Minister is the leader of the majority party and has executive authority leading the cabinet.

Because of this stability – and because the financial reward for the service is nearly as high as it could be in the private sector – the incentive to abandon the career is small. ... Prime Minister of Australia… But it is not a valid request under the FOI law of your country.

All the talk about waste in welfare should first look at what current and retired politicians are paid.

It’s not a salary level that guarantees complete comfort. So the original request is unenforceable and the Department is not under an obligation to provide the information. 3. mailto:[email address]. However, I would like to know whether or not the figures quoted for ex/retired politicians in the respondent's links, are subject to Income Tax? If you believe this request is not suitable, you can report it for attention by the site administrators, To Department of Finance I wasn't aware of time limits for Posts. My name will be first on list please.Hellyn.

food for thought . At the end of the day he did get his meaningless paper (JCPOA was merely a political declaration, not a legally binding treaty) and considers it a milestone achievement, despite the fact that it only enriched a theocratic, terrorism-supporting regime just as it was starting to support the Houthi insurgency in Yemen, opening yet another front in his proxy wars in the Middle East. Singaporean cabinet members are the best paid in the world.

If not, why?

Regards Phillip Sweeney, hi John GuppyI contacted Dr Dale Kerwin the other day after seeing his post hoping to get a petition with weight behind it) but he said he didn't actually write the info:"I must apologies to you, the email was just a chain mail sent to me and I sent it onto a couple of friends who have posted it out to others and it has gone viral.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Yet in section 11 ("Right of access") of the Act, we see that it says "(1) Subject to this Act, every person has a legally enforceable right to obtain access in accordance with this Act to: (a) a document of an agency, other than an exempt document ..." and that is not what is requested in the original letter. The amount of money they are costing us is injurious for sure. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

For which I can say to you in Australia at this time when your Attorney General wishes to deconstruct the Office of the Information Commissioner ( ... "Masser af held!". within 14 days, your FOI application will be taken to be withdrawn. When politicians were paid, the poorer could become politicians too so would make decisions benefiting everyone, vastly improving the living and working conditions of the working class. I have followed Mr. Guppy's original question only this very day and believe his question has been answered. Everywhere in this world, people are paid proportionally with their competence and responsibility. At 55 or 60 they can access their savings held within superannuation.

well Brother Ian you are full of surprises as you e-mailed me twice to sus me out before you made "comment" on the forum then you make claims that are completely out of order , If you beleive that my question has been answered Please give the answer to everyone else because we have certainly Not received it , I don't know if you are operating under the directive of the Freedom of Information Dept or right to know or you have your own agenda , we are pleased that you have chosen to make "COMMENT" but please contain it in the spirit in which it is being persued . Perhaps the most important example Singapore sets is not in the amounts paid to the country’s leadership but how stable, reasonable governance dominated by one party over many years, allowed to transform political positions into a lifelong mission. by marie by Chris Butler The base salary for backbenchers has been a world-leading $195,130 per annum since July 1, 2014. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Because of this huge discrepancy there’s a significant incentive to trade favors. I'm wondering whether any of these pensions are going to be subjected to means testing or whether the considerable entitlements (office, admin etc) will be reviewed as part of the budget tightening. . Lets support and follow more independents and try change from the inside.

And yet politicians – even in a country like USA – are paid about as much as a mid-level employee in private sector. Sorry Joe Hockey and your cronies your days of free money is limited.

I did the same as far as requesting information and got the same two step shuffle. hello I'm Eli Sky and have been vexed by the question of how much welfare tax payers provide to politicians. So how can he afford it? I will say it again.

Yet disproportion in responsibility is quite enormous – in the opposite direction.

3. These cookies do not store any personal information. Should this information not be that which you require, DoFD has requested

In other words, half of the CEOs of the largest American companies make at least 60 times more than the top ministers of the federal government – or 30 times more than the US president himself. Given that both governments and parliaments in America or Europe have a tendency to change every few years, how could past ministers be used by their political opponents who have taken over?

. by Julie Bingo The handbook describes a very generous scheme. I say, "good request" because I mean that it must be a request for the correct documents and not a poorly made request for "information". Drug Enforcement Administration was forced to drop its pursuit of Hezbollah’s drug and weapons trade, which yields the terror organization est. Truely, what we need is a prime minister from the people, for the people. Back to the drawing board :/. is meaningful. I did some research last year and found that the CSS has annual reports, with a bit of scrutiny you can find some figures in these. The request fell on the face when the applicant, Mr John Guppy, did not reply to the response from the Treasury. Have a look at all the Information requests that bear fruitless answers here. who states that " I have followed Mr guppy's original question and Beleive that it has been asnswered ". He's done his JOB. For God's sake Guppy, get off your paranoic pedestal! March 08, 2019, To Department of Finance 1.

Response? Save yourselves millions you miserable Cretans and give every person who is about to retire a gun and 1 bullet so they can blow their brains out and you can save millions to keep you'r coffers full till you'r demise. Success is always uncertain; only failure can be guaranteed. In addition they all have staff while in office that we end up paying for.

I have just read through everyone's comments, signed and donated to the petition. At present there are if I'm correct 7 ex prime ministers still being paid what they received when in power. Will be very successful. Hi Amandjl, In responce to your Question " Has anyone asked the question WHY they get paid after they "retire" from Government".

If the dance-steps of the hither and thither between a Department and an applicant are not danced strictly according to the steps described in the FOI Act, then a failure is also guaranteed.

Please continue to treat my request as a request under the Freedom of Information Act." Hi Folks , I did add an annotation with an answer for you all on the findings of politicians pay, but it didn't come up or was blocked, so will tyr again.a lot of the relevent information on Politicians wages ,Past & Present can be found on Dr dale Kerwin's internet page Secondly, knowing that a personal brand is worth a lot – and stays with you beyond your term in office – it incentivizes politicians to take care of themselves more than of the country. I read the enthusiasm in every post to this seemingly simple request.The one thing I do notice every time is the runaround from every contact that could give the relevant answers. Is it prudent to pay people who write the laws of the country, who manage its economy, future pension system, defense, internal security, education, science… so little? 1.

We frequently receive feedback on social media lamenting that politicians are paid too much. Politicians paid so much because everything is in their hand when people raise the issue to increase the salary the politicians increase their salary they pass only those bills in the parliament in which their salary increase and that's the big reason why our politics go down day by day ……now politicians are hunger of power and money in earlier days people joins politics to serve themselves to the nation but now the trend is they join politics … The applicant says, and I must believe him, "I did answer all annotations e-mails & correspondence ". I have had enough!

Has anyone ever asked the question WHY they get paid after they 'retire' from government? In other words – the nation should sponsor their carefree existence in exchange for complete focus on the service they have to perform for it. People are struggling and the politicians just get richer and richer.

I followed the links and saw entitlement payments, but none for pensions.

I have been informed that a previous Prime Minister, 86 as I write this receives hundreds of thousands of untaxed dollars annually, once again from a "Grateful Nation". by Ernest Sabiston It seems the privilege of governing the country is really a pension plan as I've heard it put. The Treasury, Langton Crescent, Parkes ACT 2600, Visible links Through our research we learned that members of parliament can earn an additional income for taking on extra responsibilities, for example chairing a committee or becoming a government whip. Median internship salary at Facebook is $96,000 – or up to $190,000 for a production engineer.

Does it seem reasonable (or safe) that former ministers, cabinet members, chancellors, prime ministers or presidents become guns for hire to advance the agenda of foreign dictators or lobby for interests of private corporations, making use of the experience and networks acquired during their time in public office?

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