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I did the Wonderland meme with Stariaat! Hogwarts is a magical place, but it also inspired legions of Harry Potter fans in their meme-creation efforts.

But nope.. nope.. Marvel is actually calling characters that, and they are "taking it back, not seeing it as an insult, they are teen rebels!". Every John Wick fan should check out these hilarious memes featuring the famous assassin played by Keanu Reeves if they feel like having a good laugh. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

With several inside jokes that only Marvel's Agents of SHIELD fans would understand, these 10 memes are absolutely hilarious.

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Marvel was officially dead to me when they not only made Spider-Man and Deadpool buddies, but gave Deadpool an arc where he stops killing people and becomes pretty and sane because he "finally feels good about himself".

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At least they look human. Make wonder twins memes or upload your own images to make custom memes.

wonder twins | HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You know what confuses me the most about that character? 10 Funniest Wonder Twins Powers Activate Memes That Make Us Laugh.

Of all the memes to come from The Simpsons, the Lisa Simpson Presentation may be one of the best - and most versatile. I was sort of hoping it might be Breitbart Man or Fox News Nemesis. Memes have gotten quite creative depicting Marvel moments, so why not appreciate their humor? I did the Wonderland meme with Stariaat! How would that help her? Comics are officially dead from the big houses. So much so it inspired these 10 hilarious Michael Myers memes. 5 months ago.

John Carpenter & Debra Hill's slasher Halloween is iconic when it comes to horror. Only Sex and the City fans will appreciate these hilarious memes. They could still turn it around.

Snoop Dogg’s meme also targets Terrence K. Williams, Darrell C. Scott, the Hodge twins, David Harris, Jr., and Diamond & Silk. I've been seeing this all day, but I honestly thought it was a fucking joke.

Like they wouldn't be given swirlies and shoved in a fucking locker within about 12 seconds of "taking it back".

I've been seeing this all day, but I honestly thought it was a fucking joke. This meme is used frequently on message boards when someone wants to express amazement at something, as there are few better ways to say "Wow, that's amazing!"

Game of Thrones and The Witcher have their obvious similarities and differences, as highlighted by these hilarious memes comparing the two. There you go :) As they encounter the locals, they are (naturally) mistaken for monsters causing them to retaliate.

The Wonder Twins were no exception to this when they appeared in Extreme Justice #9.

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