In 51% of cases, they worry about work, even on a day off.

You work so much it has negatively influenced your health. Moreover, as mentioned previously, a share of 63% of Japanese employees simply feel guilty about taking annual leave. The same HBR article showcased a study from 2010 that covered 763 employees from the Dutch branch of an international financial consulting firm. (1997). Hard workers can take breaks from work while workaholics can’t. To develop this scale, the researchers studied 16,426 working adults in Norway, based on 6 main criteria: The Bergen Work Addiction Scale consists of 7 declarative sentences you can answer with: Never / Rarely / Sometimes / Often / Always.

Is Workaholism Even A Real Problem? Moreover, an average American works 4 hours per week for free and spends an additional 4 hours per week just thinking about work. If you think you’re a workaholic, there are mental health specialists who can help.

We already touched upon the correlation between workaholism and health in the section that dealt with the difference between workaholism and working long hours. You think of how you can free up more time to work. But, for workaholics, enough is never truly enough — the goal is never fully reached and they never feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with objective success.

According to the same study where a group of psychology researchers surveyed 16,246 working adults in Norway (which was the same study used to develop the Bergen Work Addiction Scale in the first place), there is a link between workaholism and certain psychological disorders.


Balducci, C., Avanzi, L., & Fraccaroli, F. (2018). Burke, R. J., Matthiesen, S. B., & Pallesen, S. (2006). The fall-out from these excessive hours means that little energy is left for family members and for building close friendships. Real workaholics have few (if any) outside interests. But, only 28% of them claim they work so hard because of financial necessity. This is the so called “workaholism”, a term coined in 1971 by psychologist Wayne Oates in the book Confessions of a Workaholic: The Facts about Work Addiction. Afterward, they go back to their normal work routine. Thousands of jobs from a variety of niches. Despite numerous books and magazine articles on the issue, however, there's a simmering debate in the therapeutic community over workaholism. But, we should resist equaling workaholism with having a great work ethic, working hard, being dedicated to work, loving one’s job, or occasionally working long hours to beat a deadline. However, working long hours doesn't necessarily mean that you're a workaholic. Sadly, figures show that only 4% of employees actually left work at the agreed time on the first Premium Friday, indicating that the abolishment of the workaholic culture in Japan is still a long way to go. According to Malissa Clark, an expert on workaholism dedicated to studying this type of addiction, there are 4 leading causes we associate with workaholism: The motivational causes: Workaholics don't work because they enjoy the work — they work because they feel like they should. Here are some key differences between hard workers and workaholics: An interesting way of understanding the difference between hard workers and workaholics is found in the research of E.J. The children who search for attention and acceptance may receive accolades for their performance, but rarely for their sensitive, forgiving, and generous natures.

Life satisfaction, physical health, and emotional health start to decline.

On the other hand, there are many people who put in long hours, but still give back to their loved ones and enjoy outside activities when they have free time. ( Aziz & Zickar, 2006 ), The real value they represent for the organization they are working for, The real importance they hold in their organizations. All day and all of the night: The relative contribution of two dimensions of workaholism to well-being in self-employed workers.Work and Stress, 22, 153-165. (1971). There is no significant correlation between workaholism and work performance. One U.S.A Today poll that covered the time period between 1987 and 2008, has identified what people sacrifice in order to stay on top of their work, and maintain the feeling of busyness. Also, 23% of UK employees who do take time off for vacations still check their emails, while 15% simply continue working in order to stay on track with their work obligations and targets.

Workaholics are also less likely to be productive overall — the stress-induced health issues and other problems that come with workaholic tendencies are more likely to make productivity plummet over time, rather than help increase it.

Those with different talents, interests, and less competitive ambitious goals often face indifference or even disapproval, and as a consequence their self-confidence and self-esteem plummet. (2008), there are two main components to workaholism: According to Malissa Clark, an expert on workaholism dedicated to studying this type of addiction, there are 4 leading causes we associate with workaholism: You may think that you are a workaholic — but, perhaps you are just a hard worker with a good work ethic and work engagement who occasionally works long hours. The internal chaos which is experienced by stressed-out workaholics brings self-doubt and confusion up to consciousness. To cap off the workaholism-related situation in the UK, as much as 97% of people surveyed take additional work home and fail to leave work on time. Clark, M. A., Lelchook, A. M., & Taylor, M. L. (2010). Aim to have a good work ethic. A conceptual view of workaholism and implications for career counseling and research. 57% of respondents to check their emails during the weekend, 30% of respondents to check their emails throughout the night, 20% of respondents to check their emails while in bed.

In 45% of cases, they skip their lunch breaks at work, while the same share feels anxious if they don't know what's going on at work. Not a big difference, but still, an existing one — high-engaged workaholics are at a lower risk of health issues than low-engaged workaholics. Her demands for attention and for sharing responsibility at home bounce off his inflated arrogance, and their destructive power struggle accelerates. In 39% of cases, they check emails first thing in the morning. Elowe, J.

“It’s easier to be a workaholic than to have a truly balanced life” – Quentin Bryce. Working ourselves to death: The high costs of workaholism, the rewards of recovery. Hard workers keep work in check so they can be available to their family and friends.

India, but also New Zealand follow closely, with 5 days unused, out of the 20 days received. European Journal of Personality, 24(1), 3–17.

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Journal of Organizational Behavior, 28, 111-136. We met a woman whose employer gave out a Most Dedicated Employee award every quarter.

Finally, if you’re using alcohol or substances to cope with the pressures of work, seek out a drug and alcohol specialist. Your work-life balance has been destroyed. Some of them aim to put their minds at ease by working while vacationing or by simply leaving their days off unused. In this chapter, we'll talk about how you can address your workaholism, or advise others to address it. Even so, researchers have aimed to further explain the term.


Other initiatives include assigning "embarrassment" capes for people who work overtime, as well as campaigns to introduce Premium Fridays (the permission to leave at 3 p.m. on the last Friday of the month). Personality correlates of workaholism. Paranoid thoughts make secrecy and privacy vitally important. Denial allows the workaholic to blame the other parent who “can do nothing right.” This dynamic is yet another opportunity for what I call the Terrible Twist, a projection of blame defense mechanism used to distort the reality of the person who is actually personally responsible in any given situation. An addiction to work.

The quantity time that is so essential for close spousal intimacy, and the chance to model for the children a parent who is “fully present” and reliable goes missing.

Instead, aim to be productive, and organize your work in such a way that you finish more in less time, but also with less stress. We already talked about how working long hours differs from being a workaholic. According to Scott, Moore, & Miceli (1997), there are three main characteristics of workaholics: In the years since Oates, other researchers have gone to define workaholism as: In recent times, the "addiction" definition has been given the most credence, especially in the work of Andreassen (2013) and Sussman (2012). Look for someone with professional training, such as a licensed social worker, psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist, who specializes in work-related problems. Workaholism is a topic that many people don’t want to talk about.

Confessions of a workaholic: The facts about work addiction. Workaholics work because they have nothing else to take its place. 20% of respondents stated they spend ~10 minutes on lunch breaks.

They are preoccupied with work, even outside working hours. Moreover, although Mexico has the highest number of hours worked per week (41.2), coincidentally, they also have the lowest GDP per hour worked ($20.3).

HRM perspectives on addiction to technology and work. The truth is that in this poor economy, many of these people are working extra hard just to keep their jobs. Oates, W.E. In this chapter, we'll talk about what these effects are.

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